Jennifer O'Connor

“Where Is Your Heart”

After having helped Orange is the New Black’s fictional band Sideboob write a few songs (along side her new band, Adopted Highways), pimped tracks for Marc Jacobs’ International web campaign, and personally co-wrote a song for the latest season of Sons of Anarchy, Jennifer O’Connor continues her glory as an infinitely inspired musician with her new single “Where Is Your Heart.” Coming out on that digital grind July 1 via O’Connor’s label Kiam Records, “Where Is Your Heart” goes into some deep new wave rhythmic zones and vibes out an anthem. As the vocals luxuriously drive the song, the instrumentals are exactly in the passenger seat, navigating around the curves O’Connor implies both lyrically and melodically. I’ll bet you couldn’t guess what they’re trying to find, either… (hint: scope the title) …I just finished the second season of Orange is the New Black, so I’m a bit snarky. ;)

On the flip of Jennifer O’Connor’s “Where Is Your Heart” digi-single is the equally pleasant, but much more solemn track “I Do,” backed by some lightly tapped piano keys. But you’ll have to buy the digital to hear it! And you can constantly jam O’Connor’s new single “Where Is Your Heart” below as you wait for BOTH tracks to pop on digital at the crack of July:

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Parallel Lines Converge

The foregrounded buzz of an unconsummated XLR marriage.

Why so gender normative, audio leads?

The parodic crumpling of what I believe is known in dance music circles as ‘the dubstep lurch.’

Get dancing, frat boy.

The corrupted meandering of a casio keyboard left on ‘demo mode’ in the rain.

I can see your fingers are not touching the keys, dufus!

Not so much a collage, more paper-mache with the glue still wet.

Don’t have a hissy fit now Junior!

These are the phrasings left squabbling in the murk of my notepad whilst trying to describe the new oMMM record, Parallel Lines Converge, a regularly unsettling but equally immersive piece of sonic sci-fi; the sound of a weed chongin’ alien race having an interstellar jam with the detritus of supposedly defunct human technologies.

Fittingly, it’s the first release from weekly NTS radio show turned label, Alien Jams.

Grab it on Vinyl from their Bandcamp.

• oMMM:
• Alien Jams:

United Waters

“Out Of Flight”

Fucking-A RIGHT new United Waters LP poppin’ off, and as part of Bathetic Records’ new summer batch coming out next month, the tunes make it just in time for melt listening. Backed by Chris Shields and Patrick Cole, legendary Mouthus man, Brian Sullivan forages through eight of the deepest cuts ever set to vinyl. Maybe. But if “Out Of Flight” is any proof of their continued struggle and effort to sound as lackadaisical as possible, then you’ve come to the right lounge. I wrote it, yeah, and I will again: United Waters is straight up lounge rock. So much so that I can imagine this is their inspiration for their music.

Thinking ahead, here: I’m outside, drinking G&Ts, got that young Sunburner spinning inside on my new U-Turn Audio, speakers have been brought OUTSIDE, it’s (of course) a Wednesday ‘cause I said “FUCK WORK” that morning, my dog is catchin’ all SORTS of rays and bees, the kids downstairs are trying to dance with “Out Of Flight” but are having trouble because they’re one- and two-years-old, and the LP stops (as “Out Of Flight” is the last track), so I hear childish groaning from my second floor apartment steps. Maud goes down and licks the kids and they laughing, as I RE:flip Sunburner, and now the kids are dancing with the dog on the steps which is dangerous, but United Waters will save em all!

Scope the single below while you wait on your pre-order of Sunburner by United Waters arrives:

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"UNION" — as well as the rest of Yagi’s SOTO — has a downcast feel to it. The vocals moan from years of hiding, the drums self-consciously stumble along, and the horns are so far off you hardly even notice them. But a hopefulness persists throughout, and after hearing those keyboard ascensions, you’ll see what I mean.

Reminds me of a drizzly walk home at night. It’s cool enough that it feels good to be outside, but still damp enough that it’ll feel better once you’re inside, dry and relaxed. The walk’s still on, though. Gotta get going; gonna be a long one. You give nods to the few people you pass, avoiding too much eye contact. Orange lines of light from the streetlamps grant brief insight to where you need to head. And you adhere to the guides, mad at a route but happy for this route. Keep going. Things will be looking up soon.

Hand made and each with a unique cover, Yagi’s SOTO feat. “UNION” is available now. Grab ‘em up while you can.

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Du Pt.3 “DUNE” mixtape

GOBBY! GOBBY! GOBBY! This Gobby guy is totally insane. Here, he’s got a loopy, fractured, surprising, altogether jaw-dropping mix that mirrors the innovative fucked-upery of his own radical productions (last heard on this year’s Wakng Thrst for Seeping Banhee). Inscrutable song titles represent the music well, a chaotic mash as random and as intriguing as the jam-packed city streets of UNO’s NYC denizens. Chipmunk vocals, stretched rappers, even fucking Owl City for God’s sake (just to make you wonder if you are actually the one who is hanging loose in terms of sanity) all make an appearance on this nutso mixtape.

Check it out here:

• Gobby:



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