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Amnesia Scanner just dropped one of the more captivating releases of the year with AS LIVE [][][][][]. Ostensibly capturing a live performance from 3/15/2014 (see: cover art), the 23-minute set positions Amnesia Scanner as a force to be reckoned with. Little is known about the producer: s/he produced Mykki Blanco’s “Booty Bamboo,” seems to have ties with UNO NYC, and has been releasing a bunch of thematically consistent videos since late last year (many of which didn’t make this set). But nothing really prepared us for this exhibition of sound, where HD explosions and reversed cymbals meet F2M drama and dance music caught mid-stream, with digital shards of glass stabbing you as you’re violently jerked around its sterile world. It’s a hyperextension through the digital muck: aestheticized chronos, sentient beats, all dynamics: noisy, disorienting, & exhilarating, running on its own cold, mechanical inertia: the moment when you realize the security camera is no longer for your security at all.

Download AS LIVE [][][][][] here, and stream the whole thing here:

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Feel that bubbling in the back of your brain? It’s okay. It’s your friends OWN BOO. And not “Their own, boo.” But them psych’d out rippers from Italy, OWN BOO. No? Dumb play on words? K! But not only do they get spastic and colorfully retro in their video for “Edie,” as the music twinkles right along, but it appropriately matches the track’s sound in time-travel. This video gives OWN BOO that old-school psyche feel to their music, as “Edie” reverbs back to around 1969, grappling every bit of wigging out, and brings their new self titled cassette to the modern era via Mirror Universe Tapes (PRE ORDER HERE!!!!)

Aside from this fantastic video, I’m proud to provide (below) the four-track C33 album stream via the Mirror Universe Tapes’ Bandcamp. And since you can’t REALLY take the internet to the beach, or at least that should be the least of your worries when sanding-out, listen to OWN BOO’s new four tracks below while you await for the tape’s arrival!

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“Som Hassel”

Helllll yes! 555 (Food Pyramid’s Christopher Farstad) is laying out the straight BEAT against synths set on stun. Like baby steps into the pool, “Som Hassel” notices your frigidness to the body of water, and before you know it, your head is two feet below the water-line, as 555 straight up tossed your ass in! And in less of a drowning sense, but more flailing, “Som Hassel” makes big splashes utilizing a plethora of sounds and shapes. Shapes? Uh, yeah. It’s like watching a plant grow in fast motion to sped up “classical” music.

Frantic is more of a subtly to 555’s “Som Hassel,” so it could sure put you in a “Let’s get to work” mood. Oh, SICK. Our pals at Decoder also scoped out “Som Hassel,” along side the other single “Killing Joke.” Listen to “Som Hassel” below, head to Moon Glyph NOW NOW NOW for the new Nine Gates tape from 555, and enjoy the movements!!

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Jay Curry


Similar to E+E, Jay Curry is cookin’ up a vat of maximalism, and you’d be surprised if Bootleg Tapes DIDN’T pick up his brand of smooth jazz gone rythm & blues. Just look at the intensity of that SoundCloud shape-wave below. And if that ain’t visual enough for you, scope that album art. The green and hush blue tones. Scattered, but never-the-less linear. That hazy Sunday morning (afternoon?) vibe. It’s all the perfect package for Jay Curry’s style.

Here in “W_O,” the West Coast transbeatist Jay Curry layers multiple levels vocals and lush instrumentals that swirl within 2 minutes and 22 seconds of pure nirvana. And it’s like the rythm (sampled) section makes the lyrics way less harsh. Weird. AMAZING. Also, this ain’t the first time Jay strayed away from his previous lite-jazz flavor of beat-slamming: the fellah been producing big deals with A$AP Rocky & A$ton Matthews on “What You Need too.”

Jay Curry’s S/L cassette is out on Bootleg Tapes this FRIDAY! Scope “W_O” below in the meantime:

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Acrid Lactations

The Rotten Opacity Of It All (All This Rot) (Excerpt)

“Beneath every audible and jointly recognized utterance is a world of unheard, unthought and accidental aural excretions.”

He says each word with a steady, privately educated surety, confident of his critique.

“This is the realm of unsound and unmeaning; the radical potentiality of John Cage’s collapsed binary between silence and noise, the burbled inanities of Lars von Trier’s Idiots.”

The group listens intently, straining to hear each delicious syllable, crowding closer to the acrid aroma of his extinguished smoking pipe. His goatee fizzes with excitement.

“Those who wonder ‘how does it sound’ or ‘what does it mean’ are nothing but reactionary amateurs in the business of understanding. From the first mourning mews of an orphaned Velociraptor, to the impending dread of a robotic alarm clock ringing in the distance, life-forms on planet earth have basically never understood anything, let alone been able to express it.”

A wave of gasps and yawns passed through the group, all eyes set down.

The silence stretches out like ash from an urn tossed in the wind.

“But if this is so,” a new voice whispers, barely audible above the breathing of the group, “How then can we understand what you’re saying, how can you express it?”

“My dear. My dear,” the man responds, “of course you can’t, and neither can I.”

Glasgow’s Acrid Lactations are Susan Fitzpatrick & Stuart Arnot. They have a newish CDR, The Rotten Opacity Of It All (All This Rot), out on Chocolate Monk. The above audio is an excerpt from this recording.

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