Dancehall Minimix 2014 [unreleased 100bpm jams]

All this year, I’ve been fucking with mixes and track-long releases: TCF, AS LIVE [][][][][], Eco Reject Mixtape, POPULOUS, CHITOKYO MIXTAPE, Western Beats, SWIMTEAMRADIO 003, DAMSEL in DISTRESS. Guess which just made the list. Yeah, you’re right, it’s Angel1’s newest Dancehall Minimix 2014 [unreleased 100bpm jams]. And only TWO PEOPLE commented on this bad boy thus far in SoundCloud. What’s the world coming to??

Grimed out, beaten, stretch and squelched, blipped, bumped, thrashed, torn, and all-around Angel1’d, Dancehall Minimix 2014 becomes something more than just another 15-minute mix on your thumb-drive, but it infuses yourself to something so intangible – as is SOUND – that molecules and matter is of surroundings, NOT speakers or headphones. Mostly, it just comes down to the imagination of being in that living room with Angel1 himself, right after he said, “Y’all gotta check out what I just made…” Wouldn’t it be just beyond what you want in life. Something so instant that it surrounds your life entirely and your Dolphins into the Future levitation moment occurs.

• Angel1:

Macho Blush

“Sugar Coach”

in Sensing
Tracing the Track
Solar pastels
Video 8 World
Mysticism; carried over
overlap of
Thunder Theater
(the Rattler of Reality):

• Macho Blush:

Ben Seretan

“The Confused Sound of Blood in a Shining Person”

Aye, y’all. The fall is coming WAY too fucking fast upon us. Suddenly, after one weekend at the beach, the next you’ve a jacket on and hot-apple cider in-hand as there’s a fire pit lit in the backyard, and dead leaves are falling in only to spruce up the flames. Thus, it’s about time for listeners to get a bit more sentimental in sound and lyric with Ben Seretan’s second single “The Confused Sound of Blood in a Shining Person” off his new Self Titled album. Out October 28, this double LP is equipped with lite-shredders like “Light Leaks” and the heavy-feels of “The Confused Sound of Blood in a Shining Person.” And ain’t nothing going to give you a bit more warmth than what you already got.

But the video itself is a funny commentary on standard ego’d-out music videos of people “feeling” their own brand of art. Which is chill, but Ben Seretan (obviously) makes it chiller because what else is there to say that what the music provides in itself? Is it good time to get WAY INTO what you’ve already spent hours on creating (like a song) or is it more posi to take advantage of the time a music video provides and comment on how lame this shit usually is by standing there looking back upon the looker? Mm – Ben Seretan is stark in lyric, sincere in voice, practically visual, and brilliantly ready at the pick-and-strum. It’s a pleasure to be blessed with a track like this so early in the season. STOKED at what’s to come!

• Benjamin Seretan:



Coming this October, with the terror of a thousand ex’s in one voice message and freight of being pulled over driving blasted high by a cop around 3AM, is the new release by Chicklette. Produced by DEBBIE DJS DALLAS, Chicklette’s first taste of the album licks off with the track “Predator,” which confuses testosterone EVERYWHERE with questions of brevity and bravery in terms of dominance and basically… who’s on top. Obviously, the answer revolves around this ex(??) lil-Angel in America’s (a.k.a. Moppy Pont) interest in continuing her progress as a solo act (now), with a follow up to her last tape on Goaty, The Loneliest Bitch. And where better there be a home than on Italy’s own, Dracula Lewis haunted label: Hundebiss Records.

Thankfully, the track is fucking bleak and miserable and daunting and pretty much EVERYTHING you HATE about the cold weather coming soon, thus, it’s assumably exactly what Chicklette had in mind with “Predator.” Holy SHIT I’m expecting it to fit in with the new Dracula Lewis mixtape and Swen Leather LP. Digging this faux-bubble-gum punk aesthetic she workin’ with now too. One time, two or three years back, I wrote Angels in America an e-mail about how much I love their brand of dread via sounds, and all I got in reply was, “Why?”

Find yourself asking the same while listening to Chicklette’s newest track “Predator” below while sitting alone in some place damp and cold:

• Chicklette:
• Hundebiss Records:



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