Black Zone Myth Chant

Straight Cassette

Don’t give a shit if Black Zone Myth Chant’s Straight Cassette popped off a few years ago, it’s still before it’s time. However, it’s being rereleased on straight LP to all y’all who remember High Wolf’s old label Winged Sun Records, and missed the release on CS and CDr. Though, currently it’s out for digital purchase so you can take it anywhere, or you can slave yourself on the Bandcamp stream (below) before it’s ready to spin this September 25 on Laitdbac Records. Either way, I’m pretty fucking sure this his just another High Wolf side-project kept secret/mythos’d. But you don’t know, and I don’t wanna know, you know?

Enjoy Black Zone Myth Chant’s Straight Cassette below via Laitdbac Records, and grip the vinyl of it September 25.

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“Thoughts of a Man”

“We signed up for this right?” said every Divorcee to their anti-counter-partner. Here, Divorcee is a little bit different. In cooperation after their break up, Yoni Wolf (of WHY?) and his ex-girlfriend, Anna Stewart, team-up once again, but under the roof of SONG, and not romance. Through Divorcee, Yoni Wolf decides to access his more musical side, stepping out from the vocal-light, and fronting on all the instrumentals and background music, letting Anna Stewart croon out serenely serious and raw lyrics over it all. And what an authority she commands, bubbling at the brim in “Thoughts of a Man,” yet patiently composed, ripping on the man (Yoni Wolf, potentially/assumable) that put her in this state of writing.

Yet, it’s a beautiful thing to celebrate something that most-likely harnesses loads of negative energy. But what’s the best way to actively expel negativity? Sing as LOUD as fucking possible on the ride home from wherever it is you felt an exit was needed. You try it. Listen to Divorcee’s “Thoughts of a Man” for the ninth time. Nod to Yoni Wolf’s bass licks and steady drumming. Memorize Anne’s lyrics. Feel free to shout them, if need be. It’s all about the release, which is what Divorcee is doing on a six-song Self Titled EP out on Joyful Noise Recordings next Tuesday (August 5)!! Enjoy it on your way out:

Also, just to throw it out there, the promo photo I used above is not only brilliant, but no SHIT Anna Stewart broke a leg singing on these tracks! Mend it, girlfriend.

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Paolo Henrique, RD da NH, & MC GTA


There’s something so obsessive and wild about this Brazilian producers’ collaboration, something so angry and sexy at the same time. It formally feels Jersey-club, but with an entirely different set of sounds. That thing that just keeps you listening, that even though “AQUECIMENTO” is mostly formed from short, uneasy repetitions, there’s an intense forward motion. And then, before you know it, the two minutes is up and the song disappears. You can feel the wild energy of the studio, with influences from many people all pushed in. The track seems representative of a creative overflow of ideas, and perhaps instead of editing down, all was pushed forward in its messy, raw glory. And even though there’s so much real, human noise, “AQUECIMENTO” still seems so enigmatic and inhumanly strange, representative of ideas rather than emotions. Though I may be putting that unfairly upon it because I don’t speak a lick of Portuguese.

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Laura Jean

“Don’t Marry The One You Love”

On “Don’t Marry the One You Love,” Laura Jean — with backing vocals from Norwegian pixie/singer Jenny Hval — offers up some counterintuitive advice about marriage: “Don’t marry the one you love, it’ll make you a bad person.” That really sets the groundwork for a heartwarming How I Met Your Mother-type scenario, does it not? Gather around the fire, kids, and listen to the story of how mommy married a man she didn’t love: yikes! The Melbourne-based singer does argue her side pretty convincingly on this stripped-down jingle, though.

“Don’t Marry the One You Love” is the second single off Laura Jean’s eponymous upcoming album (which she recorded with PJ Harvey producer John Parish, a guy who probably learned a few really touching tales about love and heartbreak from PJ herself), available August 22 via Chapter Music. Listen to “Don’t Marry the One You Love” streaming below:

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Armand Hammer


In “B.E.T.,” the first single off Armand Hammer’s forthcoming Furtive Movements EP, Elucid raps: “Brooklyn Canaanite temple rusher/ God is love and I just want to fuck her/ Thrust deeper, pull out, nut up on her pelvis/ She wailing from the gut like Tekitha.” And so once again lyric obsessives like yours truly proceed to pore over lines upon lines of code like hackers too erudite for Rap Genius, learning some cool shit in the process. For example, did you know that Wu songstress Tekitha teamed with house producer Armand Van Helden in 2003 to form the duo Sahara, who released several 12”s, which go for around $1 each, and an EP, which is currently selling for $174?

Learning is fun, especially when it makes you want to incite a riot and/or stab somebody. That’s that Armand Hammer, and anyone who has pre-ordered their Furtive Movements EP (in stores August 5) will be pleased to know that TMT is going to be conducting a lyric-centric interview with them in the near future (hopefully sometime next week), so look out for that.

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