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Two times Sontag Shogun on TMT 2014, now. And they just continue to crush it. “Jubokku” sounds a lot like Mpala Garoo mashed up with some Lucky Pierre sonics. As well, they sent me a wonderful press release on the track, including a description of their creative process, which is interesting, and how they changed from their original melodic sound to what we hear now, especially in “Jubokku.” Read a brief bit on it below:

[The narrative of] “Jubokko” lent us the imagery from which the album’s title came forth. It is both literally and figuratively the centerpiece of this album. We composed the tune around my newfound ability to accurately bend a sine-wave oscillation between F and Eb. This modulation whistles out eerily across a landscape of tones, then leads into the stasis-inducing introduction of a low-octave F, recalling the natural blanketing of nightfall. When the oscillations arrive again to complete the piece, entrenched in darkness, something sinister has awoken. The Jubokko in Japanese folklore, is a “Vampire Tree,” a youkai tree which grows upon former battlefields and nourishes itself on the blood of dead warriors. Thus, dictating the composition of this piece. - Sontag Shogun & Charlotte Hornsby

Personally, my creative mind stirs as a listener to this piece as a practice in patience. There are incredible sounds that spiral around “Jubokko” in a reoccurring way, and waiting for these sounds and sifting through others, makes the waiting game seem WAY more rewarding that a traffic jam clearing. The same is extremely well represented in the visuals of the video for “Jubokko.” It all revolves around the viewer trying to and then figuring out what they’re witnessing, as is the same with the sounds they hear. In a contemplative way, Sontag Shogun has metamorph’d into a being of pure imaginative journey, and their newest album Tale, featuring “Jubokko,” is exactly that in CD form via Palaver Press, CD form UK style via Luau Records, and Ricco Label just popped it off on CD yesterday, so GRIP!!!!!

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TeenWitch copped it harsh outchea (ahem, Fantano), it was straight up scolded on some no-mercy shit by some, even reg’ SESH devotees were calling the mixtape out. I liked it for the most part, it certainly wasn’t on that CREEP level or that SCUMBAG level (2013 instaclassics), but i fucked with it.

Garbage aint garbage though, even if it is destined for Fantano’s recycle bin. There’s plenty o’ niceness on this thing, like that rare Spooky Black feature and that kitsch as fuck (in a tight way) Jayyeah beat. Bones and Xavier Wulf revisit that “Moshpits” energy again on “Trash,” which is pretty neat. But by far the most lively moment on Garbage is when your boy Kenshin Chris Travis comes through DOLO with that nasty, auto-tuned Godliness — each syllable like a liquid bullet straight through your cerebellum. Scoop it up here and/or stream it below:

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Darq E Freaker


Darq E Freaker is a great moniker! It’s one of those names that’s got electronic musicians everywhere feeling down about their own monikers. It may even be the kind of moniker that induces weird power dynamics between beat-folk, perhaps making them realize that they are behind in the beat-race. How powerful is your beat name? Probably not as powerful as Darq E Freaker, who will win in a moniker fight, hands down. Also, he’d probably win in an actual beat-fight because “Minger” is an absolute HEAVYWEIGHT banger.

The video, directed by london-based graphic designer and filmmaker Sally Sibbet, is completely brutal and chock-full of traditionally “heavy” imagery – we got skulls, maggots, snakes, dark cloaks, and all kinds of things that appear to be bleeding uncontrollably. This is all (you know) dark stuff similar to the moniker of our new friend, Darq E Freaker. At first glance, it’s all definitely cool and definitely disturbing. You will like this video if 1) you’re down with visual vibes heavy on club-nihilism and horror, 2) if you dig distilled gallery aesthetics with a dash of DIY flair, or 3) if you totally feel mean, swaggy art-beats with drops popping off all over the place. Others might feel uncomfortable or bad because they don’t like those kinds of things, or because this vid might be NSFW (ha)?

Look, what I’m really trying to say is that depending on your tastes, you’ll either like this video, or not like this video (no way). But my vote is for loving it because it’s a wild ride ^_^.

BTW NSFW? NSFW (NOT-SAFE-FOR-WHAT?). Not safe for you? Take a chance…

The video and track are both out now on Numbers.

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Love is a Luxury

So you took a chance on being happy even though you knew that later on you’d be sad? And now you’re sad? …So, ehh, what’s the problem?

The above quote comes from an excellent scene in a recent episode of Louie, in which our lovelorn protagonist seeks consolation from an elderly neighbor who instead berates him for his “classic idiocy” and urges him to “enjoy the heartbreak while you can, for God’s sake!”

On Love Is A Luxury, Matt Weiner (the sole entity behind TWINS) presents both sides of the love coin through two long-form, beat-driven synthesizer voyages, demonstrating just how much pleasure can be derived from each, in its own way.

A-side’s “Love Runs Deep” is all anticipation, a game of tension and release by way of ambient techno that mirrors the ups and downs of courtship with all of its micro-successes and failures. On side B, the seemingly solid ground disappears from beneath our feet and the free fall of despair begins with “The Empty Deep,” illustrating the irrevocable beauty to be found in the slow-motion descent to the bottom of the pit. But there is no bottom, and in the track’s final moments, it’s revealed that we were never really falling at all – the world spins around and around our self-important sadness, oblivious to it all, while we merely jog in place. Love is a luxury, and so is pain; so enjoy them, you idiot.

Love Is A Luxury is out now as a joint release from Weiner’s own CGI Records and the can-do-no-wrong Atlanta imprint Geographic North.

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“Young Pulp”

I’m late on this one, but, whatever, ‘cause this new JAW GEMS DEMANDS to be heard. I don’t care if you’re having a baby, about to light off a grip of bottle rockets, or just selling your clothes to help pay for your pet frog’s daily diet of crickets — stop what you’re doing and turn “Young Pulp” up in your headphones. This jam’s gonna make everything alright. Crisp synth lines pile up atop boom-bap drums and a tasty bassline; each part mixing equally to create the right concoction of confidence to help you accomplish just about anything. You can go ahead and finish delivering that baby now.

Their new full length, Blades Plural, jumps around from the above G-Funk keyboard honey, to robot space jaunts, to pensive organ and guitar numbers, to champagne drenched jazz, and it ALL flows. In the same realm as their homies ALTERED GEE, these dudes know what the funk is up. Grab the whole thing digitally for eight bucks, or be a cheap ass like me and keep streaming it again and again ‘til payday comes.




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