“Region 9”

I began refusing to share my full name online at the beginning of the year because I’d much rather people talk to me, straight up. What occurred to me is I am nobody and nobody wanted to know me. CUT TO: around the time all the snow melted in March, I was walking my dog at 1AM, fuckin’round via smart phone, and when we came back home, Maude had a dead bird in her mouth. The epiphany: she was the only somebody looking for my attention in the real world. Now I wield a flip phone and it feels alive and free and “Robby” and lonely, but all-in-all, yeah –mostly free.

Last year, d’Eon’s Music For Keyboard Vol. IV: “Blackout” not only brought me to a whole new world of expectations in atmospheric music writing, but the ditty still holds a special CDr slot in my whip. Guess who just moved into the slot next door? Music for Keyboard Vol V: “Robby” (FULL DOWNLOAD HERE) has much less of a vile sensibility than Vol. IV’s deteriorating sounds of beauty, but remains true to d’Eon’s intentions of “a ‘market’-free approach to an otherwise sticky web of monetizing networks.” And as a perfect example of the world he’s building in Vol. V – tapped phone-lines, hidden dial-up rhythms, privacy obliteration sampling – “Region 9” (Vol. V’s second single) mixes an alleviating piano melody against the brooding bewilderment of being on-hold or waiting for an answer.

Music for Keyboard Vol V: “Robby” is a pleasant soundtrack to what I’ve given up recently, including the relief, abandonment, anti-culture, one-step ahead/behind, and (potentially) privacy infringement. Seriously, though, if d’Eon is the only person interested in tapping and taping my phone-line – and ain’t NOBODY interested in what I gotta say, for REAL – I’d gladly and unknowingly (but knowingly) accept, a hundred fold.

• d’Eon: http://ddddddeon.org

U.S. Hard

“ALOE [Bonus Track]”

Hi-hats like tommy guns. And then all hell broke loose. Cameras snapping the crime scene. “ALOE” was irate over some contract, squealing the tires on its ‘36 Auburn Speedster as it rounded the corner, raining bullets down the avenue. Voices cackling from the back window in syncopated rhythms. “I’ll show you bonus track!” Witnesses say they heard it coming. The exhaust spitting out like an approaching low-end hum, boiling puddles of blood spilled out across the pavement as the car screamed by.

The chalk outline of last month’s U.S. HARD EP is still holding it’s shape through a wet September. Reports say it was a four-track job, released in three, and “ALOE” wanted its promised share of the profits, but who knows with these things? The crime beat begins and ends on the HARD concrete of these U.S. streets and it’s probably best we don’t get involved.

• U.S. Hard: https://soundcloud.com/us_hard
• Blankstairs: http://blnkstrs.com

Miraa / Blueberry

S/T [video preview]

France has something going for itself, and it ain’t baguettes, gondoliers, or any of the other easy stereotypes we stupid, lazy Americans love to fall back on. It’s main claim to fame — France that is — is a couple of bros making tight tracks, hi-fiving a bunch, yelling about nothing worth yelling about, and scoring chicks… No, wait. It’s two guys who are (probably) nothing like that.

Miraa and Blueberry — the gentlemen I just hopefully lied to you about — are splitting duties for their self-titled split on the brand spankin’ new Cindys Tapes. Miraa’s got side A of the split, while Blueberry’s got side B of the split. You know, they’re splitting up a split, split style. Now, I don’t want to split hairs here, but I think both sides of the split are pretty great, but if you don’t agree, then you and I are headed to splitsville, pal!

So now that I’m done trying to use the word split as much as possible (hope I didn’t give a splitting headache with all my split talk), why don’t you go ahead and watch/re-watch that above video; then, if intrigued/re-intrigued, listen/re-listen to the embeds below/re-below. If your ears are still at attention like a dog around one of them silent-to-the-human-ear whistles thingys, yr prolly gonna wanna (told you we’re lazy!) head here and snag one of these fine cassettes up, right quick!

Sorry, but I gotta split to Split pretty soon, so we’ll have to talk later. But, if you want to continue this conversation, let me know and we can split the cab fare to the airport and gab about whatever you like. I like talking about splitting things.

• Miraa: https://soundcloud.com/mirabeatz
• Blueberry: https://soundcloud.com/blueberrybeat-2
• Cindys Tapes: https://soundcloud.com/cindys-tapes
• Cindys Tapes: https://cindystapes.bandcamp.com


“Double Blind Host”

Late last month, Brad Rose – head of the mystery inducing Digitalis Recordings – released Local Agent, the fourth album from his solo project Charlatan. This time, he takes us on a techno journey through spy thrillers, sci-fi narratives, and some choice dub. And now, a visual interpretation directed by Camilo Christen illustrates “Double Blind Host,” Rose’s anxiety-ridden dub meditation set in some futuristic world reminiscent of our own.

Using Local Agent’s album artwork (picture by Cody Cobb, design by Daniel Castrejon), Christen brings to life 5,000 images that take us through time rather than space, like some time travel craft that has faulty machinery filled with spasms, glitches, and blackouts. The constant movement forward of the stationary image fills out the already growing paranoia of “Double Blind Host,” as if the EPCOT style building is some villainous headquarters watching every movement from above. It’s like what Escape From Tomorrow (TMT Review) wanted to do, but couldn’t. Thankfully, there is something that soothes the paranoia: the bright flashes of color put the viewer inside of some futuristic, womb-like structure, that produces a wave of T.V. static calm over the otherwise looming dark energy. Welcome to a glimpse of a world you won’t soon forget.

Charlatan’s Local Agent is out now via Umor Rex. Watch new video “Double Blind Host” below:

• Charlatan: http://digitalisindustries.com
• Umor Rex: http://www.umor-rex.org


TWAT73D! [ep] - 6​-​cd​-​Br8kor3 sE7

Y’all be watching that Lego Movie, but I’m all about the LEGO DUPLO shit big blocks and smoother edges; none of those little pieces that get stuck in between your toes when you walk across your place late at night, trying to find a sink so you can have just a little glass of water the light of your laptop still shining and the fucking Batman-Lego guy twitching because putlocker be all like ‘Pay for your internet upgrade doosh bag’ and you get the water and go back to the laptop and listen to that new Aphex Twin tune and think ‘I made that tune like seven years ago!’ and then ‘Fuck, if only feeling sleepy and feeling bored could be more of a … whats it called … venn diagram.’

I know nothing about David Headon. He describes himself as a ‘healer’ on soundcloud, and could be Canadian. Right now, he captures some of the humor and barraging anti-social vigor I experienced on first being exposed to those ugly dance hermits; gabba, happy hardcore and of course, chip-tune (ugh). He’ll never smooth things out, shave his fluffy beard, and dust the black burn off his old camp trangia. He’ll never be a Perc, or Om Unit, and that’s the joy of it.

• BAba-TEK: https://www.facebook.com/BabaTEKMusic


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