In the grip of bad desire, a dropped pick is unable to silence the hungry-hearted time travel of downz, a rock artifact from early Winter 2015. Behold a miraculous transmission via the future, a future that sounds like the past. GASHRAT’s three small fires fit in the tinderbox of rock drench. They aid recklessness and release.

Recorded into muscle memory, then seated and panned in the mix, the songs’ parts drift. Drift is the charmer here. The languid strums create variabilities that brush and nearly topple the partitions. The sturdy and stinted measures of rhythm and riff balance them.

“Median,” the centerpiece of this brief release, is a real sizzler. It is executed at a leisurely torso tempo and accompanied by the spirit of hophead loitering. The trio of assured guitars churn away with loose throttle, nudged by spare drums. It nearly wigs out, but remains on the grounds. The racing thoughts are confined to a cerebral space. The vessel is vital enough to handle malnourishment and volume, keen enough to dodge excess, strong enough to bend and flex, flagrant enough to arouse suspicion.


Dean Blunt

“New Project”

Dean Blunt’s Black Metal forthcoming on Rough Trade.

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Sicko Mobb

“Be With Me”

Bop is a total candy-fed blast from popsicle positivists in a splintered culture of drill and violence. It’s strength in an otherwise destructive environment. Bop is beautiful.

And arguably the most recognizable name in bop world Sicko Mobb (a.k.a. Lil Ceno and Lil Trav) are bringing summer to the city. They’re young and international and dropped the upbeat Super Saiyan Vol. 1 late last year, after inking a deal with Sony and capping a two-year span where Chicago took over the media for a variety of reasons.

Now they’re prepping Super Saiyan Vol. 2 and premiered a jam on the new DJ Moondawg-hosted We Invented the Bop mixtape. Titled “Be With Me,” Sicko Mobb’s newest super-pop ballad leads off another compilation from the growing future-first bop movement that features return acts SBE, Lil Chris, I.L Will, and newcomer/Vol. 2 standout Yemi Marie.

I hope Arthur C. Clark foresaw bop but decided to play it cool all those years, only to release its power postmortem. Kinda like the final stories of Salinger’s Glass family.

Man, I wish I could bop.

• Sicko Mobb:
• We Invented the Bop II:….



Somewhere in between his juke undertakings as Cakedog and his typically atypical sound collages as Ahnnu lies the latest track by L.A. by way of VA resident Leland Jackson. Floating forward with weightless propulsion, “Elastic” sounds like an empty club still filled with music, even if it isn’t. Driven by a steady beat throughout (which is something that has been recently resurfacing in his work), there are familiar hints lighting the path to tell us this is still an Ahnnu cut: pulsing hiss, hi-hats that sound like sticks being tapped against hollow trees, filtered squelches of controlled static, and completely recognizable yet indistinguishable processed percussive hits. With an incredibly re-listenable and impressive back catalog already, here’s hoping this track is sign of a new release in the near future.

• Ahnnu:


“ΛVΘN™ NiteMare Liquid Mascara” (feat. 회사AUTO)

Enter the realm of passionate sales. Kisses feel like euphoria. Nmesh feels like silk. Words sound like echos across the inside of your skull. 회사AUTO is in the corner putting on lipstick real fuckin’ slow. There’s a pulse coming from somewhere and –OH, it’s your heart beat. Do you wish to purchase a new… Don’t DO IT!! “ΛVΘN™ NiteMare Liquid Mascara” will slick your face entirely off. Are you prepared? ‘Cause it’ll finish you off Street Fighter II style. It’ll alternate your biological being. People. People will lift you up as a champion. Dimensionally, your face will be gone and like a mirror to everyone that gazes upon it. But, you won’t know, cause Nmesh & 회사AUTO done-and-gone stripped reality for listeners and views ONCE AGAIN!!!!

회사AUTO is always on the straight grind, so scope that SoundCloud below. AMDISCS is about to drop a young-ass double cassette collectors ONLY edition of Nmesh’s Dream Sequins® (TMT Review) and Nu.wav Hallucinations (TMT Review) THIS MONTH! Also, I shot some questions Nmesh’s way to prove it was human and not just some algorithm putting together sounds and mental-crackings, and it’ll be published next week, so keep on the look-out for his interview and double tape SOON!

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