Last year’s breakout duo is BACK (sorta)! This time as SIMULATOR. Trudging through the snow has been SHIT for many drives to work, bike rides with pizza, shuffling through the nonsense of Brooklyn traffic, highway breakdowns and crashes, yet LORD $M$ & LAMPGOD as SIMULATOR shatters icy ears with good tunes. Melting through that frozen sweat, “PROLIX FLESH” is the first track off their newest Bootleg Tapes EP GLASS BRIXX VOL 1. Repeat “PROLIX FLESH” over and over again in your head, and you’ve pretty much reached the equivalent of dance-floor mania.

Insanely (and manically), LORD $M$ & LAMPGOD as SIMULATOR continue to flirt with the listener in their depth of transitional beat making. And when I type “transitional,” it’s more about their syncratic nature as a team toward music. ‘Cause if you’re doing as I’ve suggested, try and find the hiccup in the tracks turnover as it repeats itself. OR, just immerse yourself in the flood of repetition and stuttering swan song singing sample, cause pin-pointing a break in this cycle of poppin’-off will most likely crush your mind. Pay attention to the snow, focus in on that maddening beat, and find GLASS BRIXX VOL 1 EP on Bootleg Tapes this Thursday. Don’t fuck around, either. These get bought up just as quick as the label produces em! Scope “PROLIX FLESH” below:

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Jonas Reinhardt

“Skeptical Seventh Sun”

In “Lox Moon,” the title of a recently released clip of Jonas Reinhardt’s upcoming film/soundtrack Ganymede, the colors are lush, gentle. And as a spaceship descends from the upper atmosphere and into view of the moon’s surface, cameras attached to the hull of the ship take low-res videos, scanning the terrain for suitable landing conditions. The craft is moving too quickly for a human to process the information. Alien land formations and rocks are mistaken for mountains, taiga forests, fractured lakes, and cascading streams. The videos are artificially colored to reflect the surface temperature and altitude, generating a pleasant sense of homeliness in the swirling colors. Home on Earth, out there in the chaos and uncertainty of space.

“Skeptical Seventh Sun” is the opening track on Ganymede’s accompanying soundtrack. Instead of rambling on minute modulations, the music is urgent and concise, with Reinhardt cutting his loops into tiny slices, like the millions of blinking buttons inside a retro-future spacecraft. Think Wallace and Gromit’s A Grand Day Out, but directed by a mermaid on DMT. Just the music, though. The film is quite good as well.

Look for Jonas Reinhardt’s Ganymede February 11 on vinyl and DVD, courtesy of Constellation Tatsu.

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dj j

january mix

Once known as DJ Hawaii, dj j is a low key pioneer. dj j’s chewy house elaborations are golden relics, shimmering in the neon glow of 4am laptop visuals, the after-elements of steam on the living room dance-floor. The Welsh producer has consistently been churning out lo-fi house burners that ooze and crunch, looping into the surreal. His recent january mix is yet another culmination of the month’s heat; an 11-minute string of dj j’s deep and dancey. These occasional monthly mixes present a strong progressing aesthetic that sharpen dj j’s heady style. It’s low-key club godliness.

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Signor Benedick the Moor


Self-described krautrap artist Signor Benedick the Moor records all his music in his bedroom. At least, that’s what the Bandcamp page for his debut album El Negro would have us believe. Big deal… there are plenty of bedroom rappers out there — it’s practically a cottage industry, right?

Ah, but the plot thickens. With the release of the “Signor Benedick the Moor LIVE! thru his grandma’s eyes: The Tragic Tale of Bisen Fransisco” video three weeks ago, we learned that Signor Benedick’s bedroom is actually in his parents’ house. Now, I’ll concede that some parents are more supportive, liberal, or artistic than others, but it takes some balls to record a track like “.//End” in their house.

Recording it there twice, though? That’s just downright disrespectful. Here’s to hoping Benedick waited for an opportune time to lay these vocals, because if he didn’t, then based on the veins that start popping out of his neck around the 4-minute mark, it’s safe to assume that this kid’s parents are putting up with more noise than any parents should have to endure.

”.//End” is off Signor Benedick the Moor’s ambitious El Negro from last year. He released his first physical release, the sbthemoor cassette, this year on Deathbomb Arc.

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Guest Mix: LAMPGOD


From postmodern wi-fi graffiti to the VHS to pure unknown territory, LAMPGOD flares off that trans-[itions, dimensions, timelines] swag. However, this post-deity of light and sound absorption masks/shades: music is there for LAMPGOD to re-appropriate by massively eschewing all interest in genre or fervor. The program aggregated by LAMPGOD has detached itself off from under the train-car high-rise, drone flew up the tallest building in your nearest city, and is now projecting signals directly into your brain. Kinda like that Batman with Jim Carrey, minus [everything bugged out about the flick]. This short-but-sweet SENSITIZING NOTIONS mix will not only open your mind to this coming weekend, but will also entrance you forever in 12 minutes of purity of thought, by way of sound collage. Grip SENSITIZING NOTIONS by LAMPGOD below, and enjoy your weekend!




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