Gucci Mane & Young Thug

“Hot Boys”

Gucci Mane won’t shut the fuck up. That’s a good thing. In addition to starring in Harmony Korine’s fantastic Spring Breakers (the man unintentionally slept while filming a sex scene!), the Trap God unveiled 10 solo releases last year, the last of which was The State vs. Radric Davis II: The Caged Bird Sings, released on Christmas Day. But while 2014 has started off relatively quietly for him, Gucci revealed on Sunday two new releases set for April 1: Brick Factory Vol. 1 and Young Thugga Mane LaFlare.

The latter release is (duh) a collaboration with man-of-the-moment Young Thug, who contrary to reports is indeed still hooked up with Gucci’s Brick Squad — at least for now. Check out the first preview of the album, “Hot Boys,” below. I haven’t heard it yet because I’m having some thots count my gwop — let me know how it is.

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Patrick Higgins

Live in Chicago April 2013

Damn Patrick Higgins got that magic brewing. As a sound warlock and finger charmer, his newest video of an April 2013 show in Chicago present (I believe) the time period between STEREO being release late 2012 and his double LP featuring Mivos Quartet String Quartet No.2 + Glacia – released late 2013. But this here in-between stage is WAY sticky. Tons of nods to both years’ releases. And noises beyond human comprehension. Plenty of rough and soft textures. Grainy and smoothed out harmonies. Quiet sounds versus the entirety of pure musical creation in an ever reversing wave of repetition. It’s wizardy at it’s pinnacle of brilliance.

Scope Higgins’ album from last year on CD or LP. He is currently playing as part of the legendary ZS, which y’all can anticipate a new album from them sometime this year. Heard they recorded some of it in a church upstate that Patrick may or may not be living in to absorb all types of echo and acoustic pathways of structural depth. Enjoy Patrick Higgins live in Chicago above and expect big things upon the horizon!

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Pure X


A few weeks ago, the greatest band ever, Pure X, shared the beautifully ethereal, slow groover “Starlight”, giving us a hazy peak at a potential forthcoming release. The gods of Austin, Texas have blessed us with another preview to what is now a confirmed LP, Angel. The new single “Heaven” feels honest and deliberate; an endeavor into the ontology of heaven as a feeling that you can “have anytime you want”. Though still comfortably lazed, the track has a more kinetic mentality than previous releases. I can’t avoid imagining a cinematic, evening car ride to this track, à la Pulp Fiction. With all my fingers and toes, I can’t count how many times I’ve looped through Pure X’s previous releases, shutting out any present moment and dreaming into twisted mirrors. Given the two gems already shining in its anticipation, I have little doubt that Angel will grant the same transcendent capacity. The LP will be available April 1st, in North America, via Fat Possum.

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AceMo’s music has a nice combination of bliss and steeze. Much of his production meshes the zen with the fly, elevating and transcending his tunes to a uniquely spiritual level while maintaining head-bobbing accessibility. Having just recently dropped a zanily zooted tape, Boarders for Bootleg Tapes, AceM0 is poised. His latest track “Atnos” furthers his introspective and meditative aptitude. Beginning with a slow and crunchy melodic mantra of sorts, the track progresses into a heavily swung array of clicks and clacks – a touchstone for many similar instrumental beat makers, yet AceMo maneuvers “Atnos” far beyond the norm. By the end of the track, AceMo has you transitioning into downward dog; the room is smokey and you forgot your socks.

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Linda Perhacs

“Prisms of Glass”

It’s only March 10, and so far, 2014 has been a pretty huge year for female folk musicians. Aside from having to list all of ‘em off like a cattle count, Ima just state: 2014 will be the year my brother gets back into music. Specifically, the fellah is into sweet harmonious music, which pretty much excludes most modern-male folk because them dudes all wanna slice a bit of masculinity in their sincerity, so fuck that shit (as my brother would say). Can we all please just calm down and have a listen to some Linda Perhacs?

Oh, wait. How about we just watch Linda Perhacs in her latest video “Prisms of Glass” featuring Julia Holter and Ramona Gonzalez. ‘Wait-wait-wait: hold-up, C Monster. You talkin’ ‘bout 1970’s Parallelograms single album, Linda Perhacs?” Yes. And lyrics and melodies and instrumentals are all beyond top-notch. So scope Asthmatic Kitty now for Linda Perhacs’ new album The Soul Of All Natural Things out now. In the mean-time, enjoy “Prisms of Glass.”

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