Burl’s sitting on a bloated cow carcass, surrounded by other gas-filled rotting cattle, in a rendering plant, eating a sandwhich and softly kicking his feet against the belly of the black and white body. He’s to be taken to jail soon, again, for the uptenth time. Burl like’s to drink and do bad things. Things he shouldn’t do. But he’s a reasonable guy, always complying with the police when they find him. They’ve gotten to the point, in fact, that they don’t use the handcuffs anymore. He goes without a struggle. He even helps out in the jail, making sure his cell mates act accordingly. He likes helping.

Burl’s almost done with his sandwich. He can see the rotating red and blue lights through the cracks of the paired slates of paint-chipped wood. The police officers are not going to let him take his sandwhich with him, so he keeps taking bites, even though his mouth is already full, eating more and more, filling and filling and filling and filling.

7-inch lathe cuts of “ubnorma” by mob (Athens, Greece residents George and Dimitris) are still available via jujufrootcoop. Edition of ten, with five already spoken for.

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Midwest Collective

Vol. 4

I’m shit about listening to past volumes in release series. Like, I just give up instantly. I see Vol. 4 and think, “Who’s on THIS one?” and “There were three prior, what?” Just wishing on a star than an angel comes and hyperlinks me not just to Vol. 1, but to Vol. 2 and Vol. 3, as well. If only this angel were real. But hey, this is a fucking heavy hitting line-up the Midwest Collective has… collected. tuwwa, Lewpz, ODO*, BEEMO, Dr. Dundiff, GOLDEN LIVING ROOM(!!!!!), Living Ghost, and Metallic Clouds. And I wouldn’t fight a-one of them. Especially in the groove department.

Midwest Collective’ Vol. 4 takes some long-ass days gazing at the clouds and mangles ‘em and flips tracks in return. Or like, they’re finding all the crevasses on your hand where ink has soaked into and darkened. These days are a part of you now. Nod and agree below:

• Midwest Collective:
• tuuwa:
• Lewpz:
• ODO*:
• Dr. Dundiff:
• Living Ghost:
• Metallic Clouds:
• Cole Ethington:
• Square Masses:
• Kyross:

Patrick Whitten & Barnaby Bennett


It’s time to take flight, Wednesday afternoon. You feeling that unwinnable tug-of-war pull between the weekends? Patrick Whitten & Barnaby Bennett are here to stretch out those lethargic vibes with the peace of pure electronics and mutated sounds. With Pigeon, the two take to the sky by-way of colors that beam in together through various forms of light and UV rays; they fuck-on a variety of sonic gestures here that subtly change throughout, to say the least. Yeah, it’s whimsical. But Pigeon also gets hellaciously dark in lingering brooding ways. Pensive and thought-provoking, this 22+ minute track will certainly satiate any desire to just stare off into the Wednesday sky – blue or black – swelling your mind, waiting for the weekend. Take Patrick Whitten & Barnaby Bennett by the ear (because HAND in this instance doesn’t work). Let them guide you a path in what it’s all about.

What is it all about? Pigeon, duh:

• Barnaby Bennett:
• Patrick Whitten:


“Bumper 4x4”

Grime comes from garage and dancehall, but bassline DJ Sharda shows that garage combined with dancehall doesn’t always equal grime. “Bumper 4x4” is fully garage and fully dancehall at the same time. All of Sharda’s productions have that dual identity of being cross-genre and full genre, largely because of his tendency to preserve full vocals and create a beat that drives forward in a linear fashion. But don’t think you’ve figured out Sharda because of that. The element of surprise is fully present in his work (reference his Jennifer Hudson remix). “Bumper 4x4” is part of a collection of fun little experiments called THE WORLD CARNIVAL ZIP presented by HIPSTER’S DON’T DANCE and SWING TING.

• Sharda:


“On This Day…”

“On This Day…” Morkebla just subtly slayed your psyche. As if your mind was a garden of soft fruits and Morkebla tiptoes through the entirety of it, stepping on nearly every one, but you’ve no idea until you go to think of something, but the memory has long-since faded under the weight of silent maliciousness. Exploring for inconsistencies is also a journey best left alone, as you’ll begin, forget where you started and why, continue hearing a voice in your head that MAYBE is telling you, “Dislodge,” which I take as a direct threat to my ears, but is none-the-less exciting, so I gotta stick around and listen.

“On This Day…” is a solid mixture between Tank Tapes’s haunting qualities and Innercity’s sample/loop technique, but WAY quieter. And Morkebla is JUST the sandman to visit and make drawings out of your memories instead of planting in new ones. Sort of like twisting past occurrences and how they’re recollected through the will of exposure and rot. Fall through the gaping hole that once was nodes full of memories and enjoy the blistering bliss that is “On This Day…” delivered by Morkebla streaming below:

Morkebla is releasing a new album on INDOLE RECORDS and Reckno soon, which will contain entirely new material.

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