The Deep Freeze Mice

Live at the Electric Theatre in Leicester, UK (1982)

Night People Records JUST JUST JUST released The Deep Freeze Mice’s Best Of 1979-1988, which features all their solid/classic/frosty tracks from way back when. Sorta like what Pacificity Soundvisions did last year for Vox Pouli!, only not in album form. In light of that, I found two session videos of The Deep Freeze Mice that’ll make you feel as rotten as two-month-old rodent pie:

Part 2 is so real that you’ll feel spittle from the lyrics that pissed passed the mic:

And below are three tracks that are on the new LP:

Finally, you can grip The Deep Freeze Mice LP at Night People’s homepage listed below!

• Night People:

Macho Blush

“Slow War Fast War”

Macho Blush doesn’t permit us to climb the paralyzed stairs; they are frozen in a frame that occasionally jumps and skips to black, sometimes replaced with microscopic solar fossils and follicles captured by shaky zooms. We must speculate, with dread, what lies at the top of the stairs. While we wonder, Macho Blush offer solutions to furnishing the foyer. Video images, serving as altars, substitute end tables. They lie on top of the paralyzed stairs, interjecting with offerings of vague connections: the middle-finger salute, two angles on a dozen roses, a profile with a calm blue buzzing backdrop, and a fuzzy, mystery image that appears to be a radioactive, oversized bar of gold in a mine car (or a candle).

The editing pace fits the tempo of the tune. Drum sticks dipped in tar and maple syrup tromp on a cymbal and a tom. A mutated voice educates us on the “Slow War Fast War,” backed with further voice clusters, manipulations, and mutations fit for the spiritual realm. The clutter of melody and feedback is the intruder. It takes advantage of the listeners, who are entranced by the repetition of lyrics and images and unwound by the low BPM muscle relaxants and sludge drum patterns, by snowballing in the mix, causing tension events and strain.

• Macho Blush:

The Earth is a Man


The Earth is a Man (one of Mukqs’ various side projects) picks up where a lot of post-rock and alt-rock-into-indie acts plateaued. Not only is Pargon infinite in sound and group form, “Timesnake” and “Imagine Tripling” are what makes the definition of matrimony. Not only are the two tracks wed in the ideals of progressively expanding between all four members, but they match in sound of pure human sync. Fuck, I feel close to these dudes JUST LISTENING to the tracks on Bandcamp. As if they’ve walked out of some Midwest room locked since 2004, The Earth is a Man prophetically fronts on all sorts of genres and notes in the same sense we all wanted to as kids. Now that some of us are past that stage of thinking in our lives (sadly), Pargon by The Earth is a Man will always be around thanks to Hausu Mountain releasing their cassingle last Tuesday.

Listen below and reelly snag it here:

• The Earth is a Man:
• Hausu Mountain:


“Back Seat”

Milwaukee rapper Juiceboxxx has been at it for quite some time now, and in the past two years, we’ve seen some of his strongest work to date, including a full-length LP, a mixtape, and an EP. The new video for “Back Seat,” a track off of JB’s recent Front Seat of the Tacoma (via Thunderzone), is a rough and raw track that highlights the unique strain of American music that he’s been perfecting throughout the year. The video was made with Jonathan Coward (who some may know better as SHAMS), and it shows JB wandering around NYC (where he has currently been based between legs of his never-ending Thunderzone tour). JB said that the video “took three hours and I ate a $5 footlong,” so there you go!

Get deep in this vid and click here to both stream and get a free download of Front Seat of the Tacoma.

• Juiceboxxx:
• Thunderzone:

White Fence

“Chairs in the Dark”

Ever consider just HOW White Fence establishes a uniquely retro-rock sound? It’s magic, btw. I’m not fucking on you. My boiii Seth and I saw him perform before Mac DeMarco, and JUST before his set, we peaked backstage and saw him hovering above a cauldron and chanting spells. Don’t believe me? That’s chill. White Fence made a video for “Chairs in the Dark” and it’s exactly what we saw happening that one night.

“Chairs in the Dark” is off White Fence’s 2013 LP Cyclops Reap (TMT Review), which is still available on Castle Face Records and STILL remains one of my FAV rock records to spin in my abode. The newest White Fence record on Drag City called For the Recently Found Innocent is TRASH-TRASH, unfortunately. But to rep it, the new album pops on Drag City July 22 in LP, CS, and CD formats. Though, I still suggest Cyclops Reap! MUH HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

• White Fence:
• Castle Face Records:


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