Splice Girls

“S/T Preview”

Make sure you’re properly stretched out (don’t want you to sprain or strain anything… I got you) before you press play on the preview for the Splice Girls’ upcoming self-titled release, out sometime in October, ‘casue you’re gonna be a dancing — Benes style.

These ladies popped up on my radar out of the blue, and now I’m blue in the face with time spent on Mel D and Mel Z’s SoundCloud page (and there’s only TWO tracks, the other being the fractured FIRE that is “Wee Light Departed”). Munched up tape loops being reassembled into fucked-up feet-burners that induce pitted out pits, panting, and eyes-closed-in-deranged-happiness = Smilestown, USA for this chap, and I’m guessing for any of you lucky ducks who venture into Spliced World.


• Splice Girls: https://soundcloud.com/splice-girls
• Splice Girls: http://splicegirls420.blogspot.com

The Rebel

“The Thing”

When I hear the tubby synth line of “The Thing” kick in, I think of a Casio with cartoon wheels shimmyin’ down the Interstate, tires bobbing to the bass and a hot-yellow sun ready to swallow the whole thing when we’re all ready. But I don’t know what The Rebel has in store for you particularly; hell, neither does he, I reckon! So saddle up partner, ‘cause it’s time to riiiiiiiiiiiiiiide on and bullwhip that drumbeat till it’s time to brew a tincture of dab tea for the tillerman. FOR the tillerman. BY the tillerman. I reviewed The Rebel’s EP (care of Weird Forest) for StN years ago and I don’t remember it sounding ANYthing like this, all simple yet laced in pink with red and purple flashes, a silly caboose of a tune that won’t exact its toll until later on, when you’re at work and trying to concentrate despite the wry voices sounding off in your head, voices which, of course, belong to you in the first place.

All of my horsin’ around aside, if this track doesn’t make you want to tear into The Rebel’s upcoming LP KROT on Monofonus Press (THIS MONTH!!!!) you must be huffin’ a bit too much YEEZ and not enough US. So get on that, and bang out that simple beat with a pencil on your makeshift sticky-note cupholder: BA DUM-DUM DOO, BA DUM-DUM DOO, BA DUM-DUM DOO, BA DUM-DUM DOO, BA DUM-DUM DOO… (And so are you!)

• Monofonus Press: http://monofonuspress.com

Chocolate Grinder Mix 111

Orientation In Space V (Hopscotch Day Party mix)

Last year, Kanye West asked “What you doin’ in the club on a Thursday?” This year, we have the answer: Orientation in Space V, a Hopscotch Music Festival day party scheduled for this Thursday, presented by Raleigh label DiggUp Tapes, art collective Apothecary, and high school newspaper/diecast model car distributor Tiny Mix Tapes. While Kanye is no longer performing due to having “no time, no interest,” we still have an incredible lineup of locals and non-locals assembling at Kings Barcade and Neptune’s Parlour in downtown Raleigh. It’s a free show too — thanks to sponsor Lonerider Brewing Company — so all you have to do is bring a clothed body (your own, please) and maybe some Claritin if your allergies start acting up. Wouldn’t want to sneeze during Lee Noble!

To get you in the mood, we’ve put together a mix tape, featuring one song from each performer. Listen, RSVP, and get oriented:

[00:00] Giant Claw - “DARK WEB 001”
[04:02] Nick James - “Ocean Vision”
[08:55] Paciens Trine - “TESL”
[13:55] Tokyo Hands - “Rainforests”
[17:20] Rene Hell - “Kalashnikov Uzi”
[21:19] Lee Noble - “Covers”
[24:47] Secret Boyfriend - “Beyond The Darkness”
[28:38] Chris Pantry - “ICON B (Piano Mix)”
[30:54] Aldi - “Down”
[35:00] Heads on Sticks - “I Can Get Back”
[39:49] Goblin Mold - “You’ve Got Nothing”
[44:04] Drag Sounds - “Impressive Babes (Twin Version)”

• DiggUpTapes: http://digguptapes.bandcamp.com
• Apothecary: http://ashevilleapothecary.info
• Lonerider Brewing Company: http://www.loneriderbeer.com
• Hopscotch Music Festival: http://hopscotchmusicfest.com


“a1b3d0 dJ :: ANGELIC CLUB ::”

The latest mix from LEEIII (a.k.a. Lee Three) is titled “a1b3d0 dJ :: ANGELIC CLUB ::,” and no, it’s not just Julianna Barwick samples. LEEIII creates a universe where angels aren’t nice white people with wings, but creatures fully affected and hardened by violence and technology. It’s Gundam Wing grime. It’s where everyone went who didn’t want to go to that Zion rave. I maybe would have said that this mix is predicting an apocalyptic future, but based on the violence around the world that people are attempting to suffocate with a perpetual shower of hashtags and ice, it seems moreso a read on today. Thankfully, LEEIII creates a safe haven that translates the less-than-perfect today into a fully danceable experience.

• Sharda: https://soundcloud.com/leeiiithree


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