Lotic has given us the #PARTING GIFT of a small 3:18 Adagio: tight, anti-Samuel-Barber, somber – a weepy, seminal (in the “dick” sense) jam spilled out onto a concrete club floor, in Germany. Hmmm, strange that these gifts are being spilled in ALL 3 points on the “freedom arc,” AKA the “cradle of freedom,” a geographical axis made up of West Virginia (E+E), NYC (Total Freedom), and Lotic’s own Berlin. Please, for me, draw a dot on all three points on a map, make your triangle, and visualize total annihilation as we begin to welcome these new soundtracks for (cis)(dys)-topian landscapes (our landscape). Given the geographical circumstances, the triangle is extremely obtuse (or acute?). It’s oversized and lopsided.

“Trade” is packed with a choir of blazing synths that seem to color the whole piece fiery gold; they sketch out potentially dangerous, sexy circumstances (a short one-act with Future playing lead). In Lotic’s own words: “THIS TRACK WAS INSPIRED BY LARGE AND OVERSIZED BODYPARTS (MOSTLY MALE) AND BY FANTASIES ABOUT NAYVADIUS AS A HARD FAGGOT.” Nayvadius, our good pal (and prophet) Future, is no stranger to emotionally transcendent “hardness.” He joins in to provide extra goosebumps. The result is an eternal-anima/animus jam that masons another conceptual brick in the Lotic-ian tower; a large, phallic obelisk that seems to be reaching further and further into new heavens. Thank you!

• Lotic: https://soundcloud.com/lotic



Collecting odds and ends and mixing and making it; Eludem has made it. And what he’s made is FADEAWAYS​/​/​2. This lil-old collection of “some ideas” is chock full of offbeat beats, nasty snaps and crackles, shrewd synths, and amazingly stacked samples. So, basically what I’m saying is this album is stupid good. Got a busted, dark vibe to boot.

My boy Top Heavy never hit me back after I sent this to him, so I imagine he’s been too busy groovin’ to respond. That, or he’s still miffed at me for all those fruit flies that appeared in his apartment after I accidentally left some chopped up watermelon out. Whoops! Regardless, Eludem’s FADEAWAYS​/​/​2 is streaming below, so go ahead and press play and step into impressed-to-furrowed-brow mode.

• Eludem: https://soundcloud.com/eludem

((PRESSURES)) / Roladex

“The Voices” / “Glass Statuette”

Seattle’s Medical Records has unearthed plenty of lost cold wave and post-punk records over the past few years, and amid all the reissues they’ve spent time seeking out and releasing new music from like-minded artists operating out of different corners of the world. For their latest release they’ve just announced a split 7-inch between New Orleans based ((PRESSURES)) and Seattle/Texas group Roladex. Both acts bring chilly synths and jittery pogo beats to their respective tracks, “The Voices” and “Glass Statuette.” Both tracks are short and to the point, with the former’s vocodered vocals providing a detached yet dancey vibe, while the latter’s girl/boy singing provides a little human touch to juxtapose all the cold electronic instrumentation. Medical Records have carved out an unique niche within the electronic music world, with old and new sci-fi synth pop groups churning out off-beat yet catchy tunes. Stream the 7-inch below and head over to the Medical Records Bandcamp for info on ordering up a copy.

• ((PRESSURES)): https://soundcloud.com/pressures
• Roladex: https://www.facebook.com/roladexmusic
• Medical Records: http://medical-records.org


“Scar 5 (Robin Williams)”

Umm, I have a lot of pathetic theories revolving around Robin Williams’ recent death. None-of-which I’ll share here, as they’re excruciatingly inappropriate, but if you know my e-mail, I’ll tell you there if I’ve time (something I’ve LOADS of, actually, if you couldn’t tell). But even through my vile and potentially psychologist worthy theories, I still feel weirdly emotional watching movies of his now that are both dark and family-friendly. So, it’s all definitely surrounded by weird e-motions.

In light of not sharing my darker thoughts on Robin Williams’ death, AyGeeTee sent me (NOT SPAM, for once, which I loved anyhow) a new mixture of sounds entitled “Scar 5 (Robin Williams).” Here’s what I recieved:

hey man, I made this the night Robin Williams died. I wasn’t a particular fan but it’s a sad, sad thing when a force of nature, so vibrant, clever and funny decides to take their own life, made me angry too… and.. so… this informed me and I just let it do it’s thing – which meant it’s pretty long but I liked that.

Now, I’m still on the wave of his two 2014 release Inorganic Excess and Organic Excess, but this track blips all the bleeps AyGeeTee got on his computer, and I think it’s a nice bit of 14 minutes. Start nodding to “Scar 5 (Robin Williams)” below, and follow that shit up with the above hyperlinked albums for MAX AyGeeTee ear-dom!!

• AyGeeTee: http://aygeetee.bandcamp.com

The Garment District

“Cavendish on Whist”

I’m willing to bet “Cavendish on Whist” was a late night burner for The Garment District (a.k.a. Jeniffer Baron). Sounds like not being able to fall asleep while tryna finish that video project you’ve been working on for the past week. The past week has been sleepless in a fade of VHS lines across your eyes. Images can’t stick around on tape longer than they linger your mind. Thus is the haunting quality of “Cavendish on Whist.”

The Garment District has been stirring up the music pot since her new LP If You Take Your Magic Slow popped on Night People last month. Not only did the cover art make TMT’s Art Fetish: July 2014 feature, but I interviewed the gal around mid-July, and it was published recently here (or just click the sidebar). After reading and then listening to “Cavendish on Whist” (but mostly If You Take Your Magic Slow), I feel like y’all’ll be able to pick up on all the MUCHAS and GRACIAS nuances in her musical tendencies and artistic natures.

The video above was made by deep post-Pittsburgh/current-Iowa City multimedia guru, Thad Kellstadt. He also helped Jeniffer with the video for “Secondhand Sunburn and is working on a remix of one of If You Take Your Magic Slow’s tracks. And a lil birdie told me, “Stay tuned for [the two] to collaborate on new music in the future!”

• The Garment District: http://thegarmentdistrictmusic.com
• Night People Records: http://raccoo-oo-oon.org/np



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