Acrid Lactations

The Rotten Opacity Of It All (All This Rot) (Excerpt)

“Beneath every audible and jointly recognized utterance is a world of unheard, unthought and accidental aural excretions.”

He says each word with a steady, privately educated surety, confident of his critique.

“This is the realm of unsound and unmeaning; the radical potentiality of John Cage’s collapsed binary between silence and noise, the burbled inanities of Lars von Trier’s Idiots.”

The group listens intently, straining to hear each delicious syllable, crowding closer to the acrid aroma of his extinguished smoking pipe. His goatee fizzes with excitement.

“Those who wonder ‘how does it sound’ or ‘what does it mean’ are nothing but reactionary amateurs in the business of understanding. From the first mourning mews of an orphaned Velociraptor, to the impending dread of a robotic alarm clock ringing in the distance, life-forms on planet earth have basically never understood anything, let alone been able to express it.”

A wave of gasps and yawns passed through the group, all eyes set down.

The silence stretches out like ash from an urn tossed in the wind.

“But if this is so,” a new voice whispers, barely audible above the breathing of the group, “How then can we understand what you’re saying, how can you express it?”

“My dear. My dear,” the man responds, “of course you can’t, and neither can I.”

Glasgow’s Acrid Lactations are Susan Fitzpatrick & Stuart Arnot. They have a newish CDR, The Rotten Opacity Of It All (All This Rot), out on Chocolate Monk. The above audio is an excerpt from this recording.

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Larry Wish

Free Willy Style

Full-on faux-karaoke crooner Larry Wish will make all your dreams come true. Having been recording under various guises since 2007, with a handful of CDs and a tape on Moon Glyph, Larry is finally here to grant listeners with a bit of Free Willy Style. Just when the longing was getting to be a little too much, Mr. Wish’s delectable energy strolls on by, notices and says “Hi,” and sticks to brains as fat does to ribs. And throughout the twists and turns that maze about for 13 tracks, Free Willy Style keeps itself sharp and to the edge of all that is cheesy. And this is some classy kinda cheese. So grip a corner off the block that is Free Willy Style, ‘cause Larry Wish is serving up some fancy on the reel. Also, Orange Milk ain’t sleeping, suckers! There’s two more tapes that popped off with Larry Wish, so cred up them PayPal accounts!! Scope Free Willy Style below:

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Sun Araw

“Solo Wallet Shuffle”

Definitely one of the best songs off the best albums this year, Cameron Stallones is a mad man. Like, Sun Araw is unstoppably impenetrable. And if Belomancie (TMT Review) doesn’t prove that much, scope this brilliant new video for “Solo Wallet Shuffle.” Filmed by old-pal Matthew Lessner, “Solo Wallet Shuffle” features the candid happenings of a random man’s sporadic stretch routine. To be honest, I also heard “Solo Wallet Shuffle” as more of an endearing piece to a potential lover who’s always got his back in tite billing situations. This video follows that meaning, but down another wonderful pathway.

Figure it: pals hanging, and it’s been a minute. THAT is the intimacy of this endearment. The romance is making art together that represents each other. Thus, insanely enough, this fellah on the corner is making similar moves as Cameron does in his music. And as a careful filmmaker, Lessner abides by providing the candidness of emotion, and encapsulates a Sun Araw doppelganger. Only in this instance, this dude is the Sun Araw of gettin’ ready to work out.

Become immersed, because it’s worth it, so why not?!

• Sun Araw:

Sontag Shogun


So, I came about Sontag Shogun as I was e-mailed by their newest label/home, Palaver Press. At first they were poppin’ this video of “The Musk Ox” at me, which is the second-last track off Sontag Shogun’s forthcoming album Tale. The video is super fucking lush and subtly maximalist, but also WAY controlling. Not just of the listener’s ears and eyes, but of tension between the focal character, the scenario, and the perfection in which it’s captured, so KUDOS to editor/director Isabel Nao for nailing some obscurely moving visuals to it’s sonic counterpart, “The Musk Ox.” Scope:

Oh, but HELL no I ain’t finished. These pleasant lingerers – Sontag Shogun that is – had their Tale record release party two Thursdays ago at Body Actualized Center, and I missed it. However, my love for this post-yoga venue and them having their album release party there just further interests me in their scene, older releases, and surrounding crew-/label-/bill-mates. Well, to answer SOME of that, Sontag Shogun is the formation of ex-members of The Slowest Runner In All The World, Marble Fawn, Trio, Szilárd, Kenneth Gorelick. Ring any bells? Well, listen to their newest bit Tale and you’ll probably hear some vibing out. And courtesy of my man, late-nighter, and Sontag Shogun member Jeremy, we’ve the pleasure of filling this Tuesday with some solid ear contentment. Listen to Tale below and refrain from melting in your office today, please:

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Gene The Southern Child


You read the song title “Smackman” and you think that this is a tune about dealing and/or using heroin. You would be incorrect. Like “Artillery Splurgin’” before it, this song is about “shooting any fucking thing that moves.”

That’s my quote. Here’s one from Gene The Southern Child: “I’ll tell your ass what you need to know/ I’m hungry and completely broke/ Step on the scene looking mean at folk/ I got a chopper, let it clean the Flo.”

This latest shot of wanton violence by Alabama-based rapper Gene The Southern Child and New Jersey-based producers Parallel Thought comes to us from the trio’s third full-length, Southern Meridian, which is due out July 8 on Williams Street Records, the same cartoonists-turned-tune-thrifts that brought you Killer Mike and El-P’s R.A.P. Music, another North-South hip-hop team-up.

Looking for some more confrontational kumbaya? Then, after you play the lead single below, check out the semi-exclusive Southern Meridian album trailer, featuring Gene in the woods with mad guns, rapping over the “Deep Cover” instrumental.

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