Maria Minerva

“A Classic Bad Boy”

Maria Minerva, the Estonian born mainstay of L.A.’s Not Not Fun and 100% Silk, has musically wined and dined many with her unique brand of home-made dance music. For me the highlight of her ongoing discography was her collaboration with L.A. Vampires, The Integration LP. There were some classic house bangers there, and there were plenty more, as well as some low-key R&B tinged tunes on her recent Not Not Fun release, Histrionic. Following up that record is the one-off summer jam “A Classic Bad Boy,” a head-spinning, body moving little house tune. According to her Facebook page she just moved out to L.A., so it would appear that she’s commemorating the occasion by putting out this euphoric dance number. The multi-tracked vocals, crisp beats, and woozy synths make for a damn fine addition to your scorching summer parties. Stream the track below, and stay tuned for more from Maria. Judging by this track we’ve got a lot of good things to look forward to from her.

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Rob Roy and the Sultans

My Love I Love My

A while back, but not TOO far back, New Weird America was my muse away from metal and darker sorts of music. Since, New Weird America sorta fizzled out; some people progressed it (like Woods, Akron/Family, Amen Dunes (maybe?)); there have been very sporadic releases by fresh folks a little after the fact that completely restore your faith in the “movement.” Rob Roy and the Sultans are exactly who I’m talking about!

Just a few days ago, my bae BB e-mailed my ace about this album My Love I Love My by Rob Roy and the Sultans. Like a chump, as usual, I set it aside until I was ready to write about it. An now, here I am, feeling some HEAVY Castanets and Ganglians and even Here Comes The Indian vibes like MAD! Well, mad in the happiest way. Some of these tracks are so simple and pleasant. There are challenges, but they’re always worth overcoming. Various tracks linger, but like a forgotten memory that begins to reveal itself once again. Vocals flutter from track-to-track and chorus in a weird echo. Um, this shit is gold; is like life, no?

Ask yourself, “How important is my hearing today?” ‘Cause My Love I Love My is worth cranking up. Not just because it’s as soft as Angel, but because the louder it gets, the less you can actually distinguish all sounds, and boggling your mind into a peacefully hectic frenzy of calmly new sounds is pretty much all the rage – like – for the rest of your life. Fulfill your summer RIGHT with the bubbling psyche-folk mania Rob Roy and the Sultans brings on My Love I Love My in our already long-forgotten world of music, streaming below:

HOLY SHIT!!! Scope the credits on their Bandcamp as well, yo!!!!!!!!!

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Rob Magill

Cope / Hope

I’m pretty sure the only cure for quitting Rob Magill (as hearing addiction) is to listen to MORE Rob Magill. Like, I’ve been an addict now for WAY long on his works. Shoot, since Alex Gray popped Magill’s CS on Deep Tapes years ago. Not that THAT has anything to do with how MUCH of a fan I am, ‘cause when people are like, “Yeah, oh, I knew them back in the —- phase.” <_< …My boiii JasonC is really REALLY good at debunking that sorta brevity in the most humbling of ways, btw. But when I say I’ve been a fan of Magill for so long, I mean, I’m having trouble letting go. That is until Rob’s newest sibling albums Cope and Hope.

Cope and Hope both dive into the understanding of this addiction to music AND baits your in closer to the sounds. Lyrics like, “This song is over before YOU are” really stabilizes this mood of Cope, while titles of instrumentals like “Sometimes Somthing is Somewhere” and “Rock! The Rocky Mountain” are foundations for establishing Hope, both as albums and understandings. As well, Magill is so much so an outsider, that sometimes finding himself becomes part of the songs you hear, surpassing ideas such as experimental and improvisational. His practice in music is definitely a notebook full of how one progresses self and art.

Streaming below is the Cope and Hope of Rob Magill from his label Weird Cry Records:



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Paw Paw

“Moving Mountains”

I’m in the midwest, where there are no mountains. The tornado sirens just went off in my neighborhood, and my basement is beginning to leak water through the foundation. Split the screen. Paw Paw is on the coast, where they’ve moved the mountains out of sight in favor for the beach. The sun’s gleaming with only a few clouds in the sky, and the waves are washing back towards them.

Somehow these two are congruent. I feel like there’s an ocean in my backyard and that the wind will tear down everything in its path. Paw Paw probably feels like there isn’t enough water in their backyard and that the breeze could pick up just a bit. Maybe, I dunno know? It’s hard to really see what you’re seeing once you’re in it. It’s even harder to see what you aren’t seeing once removed from it. And what is it? Anything and everything. Placidity isn’t always a cry for help, so much so as it is a helpful cry. Same goes for panic.

Check out Paw Paw’s new two-track digital release out now on Fire Talk.

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braeyden jae

“entering place”

TMT friend and consistent provider, M. Sage released another group of stretching melodies from his Patient Sounds imprint. The Heaven House tape is from Salt Lake City resident Braeyden Jae who just released a separate tape on Oakland label Inner Islands seventeen days prior, under the leaf-covered moniker softest. The June 7 release Music for Rain, in Braeyden’s words, produced “sound reflections for a rainy day, or a day when you want some rain” and plays out like the illuminated small span time at storms end when clouds clear and the water warms.

Heaven House is the cloudy predecessor, where Braeyden was inside before the storm cleared. The blinds were half drawn and his room was barely lit from outside, reading or messing with something else that doesn’t glow. The tape wanders in and out, barely able to keep it’s head up and I’m going to go walk around and listen to this.

Heaven House is out on Patient Sounds [Editor’s Note: Check out the boss-ass link address when you get there too, for LAWLZ’s sake].

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