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“Summer In The City”

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I can get away with a text-pic post ‘cause both Beat Detectives and 1080p Collection is straight murdering the music game this year, and now they’ve joined forces, so… text pics!! New tape Ass Cop out next Tuesday, May 6.

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“Television Fortune”

In December, last year Papua New Guinean parliamentary speaker, Theo Zurenoc, attacked a series of carvings adorning his own parliament building with a chainsaw, arguing that they were “evil spirits,” a representation of “cultural backwardness” that he believed should be thoroughly trodden down under a bright Christian future. Not so for Moro, the Solomon Island “bigman” featured in David Attenburough’s 1975 Tribal Eye series, who rallied his community in rejection of colonial and Christian encroachment, preaching a “tradition” partly grafted in the heat of refusal.

Point is: abrupt disjuncture is a dangerous affair.

Luckily Leeds/Bradford DIY supergroup NOPE have got the “change” thing all sussed out on new album Walker; digging harder into the contours of motorik pummels, sloshy riffs and chiropractic abandon they mapped so well in last album, Revision. No chainsaws of the future or rigid narratives of the “past” here, but a lesson in the power of shifting iteration. This is most potently demonstrated on 30-minute title-track “Walker”, a song so good it prompted a bout of ridiculous “creative” “writing” by YOURS TRULY that I’m told will be featuring on the standard UK English Literature examinations for 15-16 year olds as of next year. For “Television Fortune,” occasional distributor of CDR Noise and fellow Leeds resident David Thomas contrasts footage of Moro and his community’s sea spirit dances alongside some more Tribal Eye stock; the Qashqai Nomads of Iran, weaving rugs that both record and inform cultural practice. The clear incongruities are played with via blurred shapes and moments of movement, united in silence under NOPE’s glorious dual-drum clattering.

UK folk can catch the band on tour from June 13 onwards, while keen beans in the North can also catch NOPE guitarist/vocalist Patrick Dowson at this year’s Threadfest, playing a reunion gig with legendary Bradford three-piece Monty Casino.

Walker is released on June 9 by Obscene Baby Auction and The Audacious Art Experiment. It can be pre-ordered and streamed at the Obscene Baby Auction Bandcamp.

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Maria Minerva


Mmmm, Facebook. Is it to be used as research or novelty? Getting outta control on social media is like yelling at someone who just cut you off as your window is rolled up. But it’s all legit. Jobs is jobs, yo. Fragility is the entitlement of this current generation.

Anyway, this is what Gorilla vs. Bear should’ve wrote about for their premiere of Maria Minerva’s video “Galaxy”: “so happy n proud to share this video for GALAXY. tall estonian lady amongst the tall buildings of the new york city of wonders. one of the best music vids i have ever made, a million thanks to my friends who directed/produced it, was a pleasure and will always remind me of my time in nyc.”

Maybe musicians should further critique their work outside the music and “publicly” through social media from now on. Just write a review yourself, no? All music journalists/bloggers can shut down now. We’re/y’all are needed no more! FREEDOM!!!!!!!!

• Maria Minerva:
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EP 2014

After a lengthy hiatus of sorts, Brooklyn’s newly reformed 500mA have been inconspicuously uploading new recordings, premiering new tracks the last few weeks, and announcing a new six-track release simply – and possibly tentatively – titled EP 2014, which will eventually be available as a free download.

Do yourself a favor and have a listen. It’s likely to be some of the most sincere, straight-out, god-honest, and raw rock’n’roll you’ll have heard in some time, drawing from lo-fi, punk, garage, and much more.

• 500mA:

Jónó Mí ló

Eco Reject Mixtape

From the get-go, Jónó Mí ló dives right into Eco Reject Mixtape. The mix begins on such an off-beat that the entirety of it is relentlessly uroboros’d with hit-the-ground-running samples while complementing a well played in middle-ground. It’s just constantly devouring itself. Whether the loop is harsh, lingering, or complete eternity, Jónó digs into the roots of sound while filtering in at least a million samples. And the unintelligible vibe of “Is that someone’s voice” to “Yo, that’s Lana Del and Fergie” comes down to the album art. Intentionally so, I believe the image adorning the j-card of Eco Reject Mixtape is the exact interpretation of how Jónó thinks, currently.

To be a 100% Tiny Mix Tapes faux-review writer here – and to quote Nietzsche completely outta context – “Coins which have lost their pictures and now matter only as metal, no longer as coins.” This goes the same for the full-length of Eco Reject Mixtape. Taking away and giving back. New meaning by way of listener interpretation. The complete feed of retrograde into something utterly genuine in fleeting originality displays itself across a series of lights on a sampler, and all at once flickers in and out with effects to never be used again. Though simply, I could listen to Eco Reject Mixtape back-to-back-to-back for days on end, and not capture its reality entirely.

In light of being REEL, at this point, I should probably grab TWO of this tape. There’s no doubt in my mind that I’ll reel both into oblivion. And as with Lil B’s 05 Fuck Em and ‘Yoncé’s Self Titled joint, Eco Reject Mixtape makes my ride to work every morning WAY less stressful. There’s no getting around the maximalist joy of Jónó Mí ló. Purity solidifies in numbers. Eco Reject Mixtape is #1. So, thanks to TMT’s favorite Bootleg Tapes, Eco Reject Mixtape takes flight on the physical. Listen below to find out for yourself:

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