Batty Boys

“Cock Rock”

A couple of weeks ago, we gave you “Just a Taste” of the new Batty Boys LP, and now Cock Rock is available to hear in full. While little is known about the group, the Batty Boys bring 80’s inspired riffs and a rock attitude that perfectly captures the Thunderzone vibe that Juiceboxxx has been cultivating with the label.

To be honest, anything coming out on Thunderzone warrants your attention, from the gritty “energy drink Americana” of 2 Ton Bug to the feel good club anthems of Schwarz, and now we’ve got a straight up rocker to add to the mix with Cock Rock. Stream the LP below, and cop a name your price DL while you’re at it.

• Thunderzone:

Apache Jackson

“Streets Of Trash”

Three years in the making, Apache Jackson’s debut album Auto Recall lands in listener’s ears August 21 via AMDISCS: Futures Reserve Label. And for the freegan in you, “Streets Of Trash” is the first single being release and premiered right here, on TMT, you’re home for everything in your life. Stoked on the track? Well, listen below!

Before the beat drops, there’s a flanged frosty sax chilling the atmosphere and echoing throughout the alleys, and then the beat grits in with swollen vocals and dubbed out horns popping in and out. Keys of the organ across the street from the church blend within all the sounds of the night, and Apache Jackson continues to kick and walk through “Streets Of Trash.” Around the middle of the track there’s a hesitation that eventually rolls back into the entirely of what urban living means to the grime of pop.

Apache Jackson is your guardian angel on this walk home, leading the way through the “Streets Of Trash,” toward the Auto Recall of AMDISCS: Futures Reserve Label. Seriously, August 21: the world will fall to its knees…

• Apache Jackson:
• AMDISCS: Futures Reserve Label:

Susan Balmar


Music is adding up numbers and taking chances. Who cares where the source is based? Case and point – new Balmar. Does it matter that there’s whole sections of piano pieces lifted and sewn together with caustic strains of ceiling fan rotations? No.

• Susan Balmar:

Cadu Tenório


Potentially, Cadu Tenório’s newest video “Procissão” could be the afterwards or awakening of “Fragmentos.” They ARE two from a four video series off his newest tape Vozes, which can be found href=””>here via Sinewave. And awakening IN-DEED, as “Procissão” more like the bad dream one wishes they snap out of in a cold sweat, but instead, it’s the reality that is the nightmare, and that cold sweat is actually blood beading across your forehead. I also weirdly want to say the video is NSFW, but nobody cares about fictional violence these days, so have at it with your coworkers on this one!

Kinda love how all this violence turns into some lady-starchild too. Though the music between the two doesn’t change in sonic atmosphere, the content in both videos direct attention well to the minor notes that vary
in the tracks. “Procissão” is fucking doomed. How will the other two look? Listen below to all four songs on Cadu Tenório’s Vozes and think on it before we post ‘em:

• Cadu Tenório:
• Sinewave:


“02 - B.I.D.”

D/P/I’s fuk’d video for “02 - B.I.D.” will induce blynken and nods, but no wynken. Can’t sleep to this; can only fish for more head space to process. YouTube decided some guy named Eric Church should follow up Grey-Day’s shit. Chanced images, indeed.

“02 - B.I.D.” is off the upcoming Commie (HA!) album MN.ROY on Leaving Records. Here’s to overlooked greatness.

• D/P/I:
• Leaving Records:


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