Mariah Carey

“All I Want For Christmas Is You” (Christmas in Rockefeller Center 2014)

I only believe in Mariah Carey Christmas. And it begins when you feel her sweat in the midst of every single person in Manhattan on December 3 around 9PM (EST). No matter how crazy she gets – especially how crazy she gets: she is the mother of unreality. Her dawn continues to glisten in the pine-light, and she just Rocked-a-feller. Seriously, though. I’d rather a front tooth for Christmas. But if Mariah Carey keeps begging for me via radio and television in “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” I’d be her slave. Forever.

So oh, oh, oh, oh, so oh, oh, oh, oh
So oh, oh, oh, oh, so oh, oh, oh, oh
So oh, oh, oh, oh, so oh, oh, oh, oh
So oh, oh, oh, oh, so oh, oh, oh, oh

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Così e Così


For his fourth and final installment in #SelfExit2014, Così e Così demands there is No IRL. Following Self Exit, Boi Meet Grl, and Being You Black Utopia, Così e Così “reaches and grabs from previous albums, and even further back from previous projects, yet moves forward while holding tight in No IRL with repeated hashtags into URL and beyond.” Personally, I find his breathless exhaustion of vocal and lyrical crooning as the most important thematically-audible element of how he expresses the root of #SelfExit. It’s not egotistical. It’s not particularly meticulously crafted (in the professional sense of a vocalist). Così e Così flagrantly strips his human nature by deploying an over abundance of autotune effects. And it brings to mind TMT’s first 2014 year-end feature, prominently.

Like the rest of the #SelfExit2014 series, No IRL will (ironically) be released on cassette tape, only this time via Jeunesse Cosmique. As well, Così e Così is headlining his album release party December 10 at 9PM in a wonderfully crumbling (mebbe) part of Montreal, along side Guillaume Vallée, YlangYlang, and Effet Werther. Quebecians, keep on the look out! But have a sweet taste of No IRL via digital stream, below:

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“Freez //” (prod. Rambow)

Swim Team is gearing up to take over in 2015. Some of the team sat pretty all year: Bootleg Tapes (IMHO one of this year’s best labels) picked up Lord $M$, who took the throne in WONTON SWOOSH, Kanyon who broke off all fuckboys with PALLADIUM, and Acemo who shook the game early with Boarders. Astro Nautico released Yung AOL a.k.a. Daddy AOL’s Swim Team Kush. Color Plus’s soundcloud got hella fat/phat. And that DJLILMATT on the come up.

The last two Swimmers featured on Swim Team Trax 1 (cassettes still available!), Rambow and Izy have a sneak kill on their hands with “Freez.” A Rambow production that casually BANGS. Another new flow from Izy that’s quick like Lil Bibby, free like OG Maco.

Izy and Rambow switch it up on “Freez.” Rambow’s sound this year has featured heavy use of dancehall edits – Shimmy Records’ Rudeboi Ruddems or more subtly on an upcoming release with B. Yrslf Divison. Izy utilized Swim Team’s variety with productions from Lord $M$, Color Plus, Daddy AOL, keeping his style fresh on every track.

Swim Team 2015

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Mysteriously named “Enantriodromia,” a track from the newest full-length Statu Nascendi by Seattle-based downer drone duo Mamiffer (Faith Coloccia + Aaron Turner, of Isis fame), comes just in time to coincide with the cold breath of winter on our necks. The video, directed by Daniel Menche, conveys impressions of black and white, hazy hallucinatory states, darkness-and induced depression. The music itself is like slowcore stretched into infinity, with nearly black metal guitar tremolo ringing in the background while disembodied, angelic vocals sing ethereal hymns over a mournful church organ and slowly emerging, monolithic six-string drones in the vein of Barn Owl and KTL. There’s a richly organic, primordial atmosphere hidden behind those walls of distortion, something deeply pagan and nearly inhuman, like ancient spirits being brought up from among the roots and rotten leaves, ready to ascend to the fog and roam the wilderness.

Statu Nascendi is out now on Sige Records. Please also check out Mamiffer’s incredible guest mix for TMT.

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AyGeeTee x Kinlaw

Raise Water €₱

Approaching the haunted is something everyone takes with a bit of curiosity, but an immense amount of fear. Everything is needed to be proven, and the reluctance of this proof is relatable to vibration in the knees. But leave it to the French label Permalnk to seek out the collaboration between two deep necromancers, AyGeeTee x Kinlaw.

Out December 8 is Raise Water €₱ by audible spirit alchemists, AyGeeTee x Kinlaw. And it’s nothing short of breath taking. I shit you not, Raise Water €₱ hypnotized me during work today, and I awoke as the new owner of – not only the company I work(ed) for, but – the building in which I spend 9AM to 5:30PM Monday through Friday, each week. No idea what to do now.

Actually, that’s not true. Now, I’m going to play my music EVERYWHERE throughout the building. Starting with Raise Water €₱. Maybe just the remixes on repeat, including heavy hitters like Fauna, Karmelloz, Jono Mi Lo, and Samuelspaniel. So, when people seem me struttin’ ‘round RXR Plaza, Ima nod, greet politely, and assure with a “You’re Welcome” while pointing to my ears.

You’re welcome:

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