Purity Ring

“begin again”

S’ohhhhh, who is also guilty of buying the last Purity Ring LP at Urban Outfitters because of potential Discogs.com shaming? Also, did you snag the novelty Purity Ring while [not, but REALLY] shopping around (for mebbe a pair of sweat pants (??) –no, no those are gardening pants… chino sweats (??)? TeeBeeAitch… I saw TBH spelled out on a sweater, thought it was TOTES tru-tru, so swagged it at the check out for $80s and I’ll wear it forever, PROBZ, but WAIT: is that the new Purity Ring track “begin again?” I could imagine hearing Cities Aviv, or ironically “The Narcissist” backed by people gushing about just hearing Hype Williams and loving the duo. Th’oh, I DID just heard about this new “begin again” jam, that also has a video starring the Purity Ring duo. I imagine the video is akin to behind the Urban Outfitters counter, including frames without art and halogen lights, potential wiggle mirrors so I’ll laugh a bit with their totally serious and lyrically detailed liner notes. Crossies?

4AD is fronting the new Purity Ring album, but the label is really all over, yo. Like, I can’t even. From Merchandise and Purity Ring to Ariel Pink and Scott Walker. Total loss is an even keel, wtf?!

• Purity Ring: http://thepurityring.tumblr.com
• 4AD: http://4ad.com


Planetarisk Sudoku

Say what you will about garage rock, or stripped down singer songwriter balladry, or pop punk, or whatever else you kids are into these days, I dunno. “Keep it simple, stupid”-type ish. Sometimes I’m just looking for a little technical wizardry. I want to imagine that musicians somewhere practiced their hands into calloused oblivion just to play the ideas pouring out of their heads. Show me a project that calls itself “prog” that doesn’t drown under the weight of its own pretension, and I will reward you with one hundred high fives tapped out in a staggered time signature that switches every two iterations from 7/8 to 11/8, forming this weird kind of 6/8 pattern across measures in the long term.

Enter: Psudoku. First off: the name. My feeling: I’m down. The music: self-proclaimed “prog grind” possessed of such detail and complexity that one must simply submit to it with a grin. Its elements: blastbeat drums, razor guitar riffs, theremin and organ missives. Its maker: one Norwegian man named Steinar Kittilsen who plays and programs all instruments. Relevant Bandcamp tags: hyperspace, multiverse, speed of light, warp. Short phrase: more words after the colon.

Listen to Psudoku’s album Planetarisk Sudoku and thank our celestial overlords that this human exists as a resident of this present day earth and not, as it would seem, a future so ravaged by Skynet that humankind had to flee to terraform a new extra-galactic sanctuary. He is right here and he has clearly been woodshedding. Grip a physical copy here, if you so desire.

• Psudoku: https://psudoku.bandcamp.com

Paul Hares

“internal dialogue”

Holding a glass of went-above-and-left-alone above your table, just past the crest of the crease, the reel gets real as time gains an unreal cadence of thank-bes. The trimmed and slim button-presses happily hug the rounds of the picked out grooves, putting up two fingers in peace or “fuck yous” and perhaps reserving afforded thoughts for the glum yet sage advice of a neighbor in distress. Letting the breath of dolls manage a time slot, it all seems…

Nahp! Played you. Shit above is just jargon, ‘cause what really matters is that the god Paul Hares is altering the course of your noddy night with his shifted soundtrack. Whether it’s his December beaut, or his specail mix for Dirty Tapes, or the upside down crusifix of a sonic brushstroke from last year, Paul willingly falters, and I mean that in a good way. Everything he’s made slays and IS slayed, in a fucked up/expertly-fucked-up-tape-game way. It all screams pronounced dialogue, too. Internalized or not. Wroughty right. Holding court for counted measures with stamped intemperance be the name of the game for old Hares. Soul much? So mulch. Below or beyond.

• Paul Hares: https://soundcloud.com/paulhares
• Paul Hares: https://paulhares.bandcamp.com

Julian Cubillos

“I Explode the Bully with My Mind”

There we go… now that’s what it feels like to have blood pumping through your veins. It’s incredible how easily we forget and also how easily we remember once we hear a drummer who knows not to let the fucker sag, and a guitar player who knows it’s easiest to sink your teeth into something that’s got some real meat on it. By the time the saxophones (yeah, saxophones!) swing their way in, it’s like finally moving that piece of steak through a clogged artery; a moment of rock ‘n’ roll clarity. This animated video (created by Anibal Bley) is an instant eye-addiction, too: funny, weird, completely mesmerizing. Also, someone wanna tell me who the fucking drummer is?

Grab the single from the Tiny Montgomery label.

• Julian Cubillos: http://juliancubillos.com
• Tiny Montgomery: http://tinymontgomery.net



This is a level I’m typically not used to from GOLDEN LIVING ROOM. Last few visits I’ve soared with GOLDEN LIVING ROOM in and out of daily life and on to planes of digital and virtual and pixel existences. Yet, this is REALLY noisy, in a psychedelic mixing zone. Oh shit, and I’m loving the title “DEAR LIL SEGA / DARK MUSE,” obviously referencing a fellah TMTers are familiar with, maybe. Shit, or it’s a direct reference in how GOLDEN LIVING ROOM has been actively trying to establish a linage in the Sega software line since Dreamcast. But “DEAR LIL SEGA / DARK MUSE” is all at once a pure single collage of sounds and nothing you’ve ever heard before.

Then DREAMCRUSHER cuts in with that HARSH beat vibe that painfully meets ever bit of your interest. And by way of darkness, finding yourself without the lights is as easy as putting on headphones and seering your insides. Yeah, the entire thing is like a remix of feedback, but what else do you need in terms of DREAMCRUSHER. The fellah has pretty much harmonized every excruciating tinge of sound into a melodic empire. Like, just when you thought them ear buds were fading out, DREAMCRUSHER comes in and makes you buy a new pair, eyes pouring with tears of joy.

Feel the GOLDEN LIVING ROOM / DREAMCRUSHER Split Cassette below via This Ain’t Heaven Recording Company:

• GOLDEN LIVING ROOM: https://soundcloud.com/goldenlivingroom
• Dreamcrusher: http://dreamcrusher.bandcamp.com
• This Ain’t Heaven Recording Company: http://www.thisaintheavenrc.com


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