Gods Lucas


A truly puzzling piece of Americana out of Western Mass, Gods Lucas is the debut album from Gods Wisdom and DJ Lucas. There’s times I’ll listen to this record and be shaking my head, not entirely sure of what I’m hearing, but I also can’t stop thinking about it. For faded, late night after bar get hang outs, Gods Lucas is an at times abrasive, bizarre, yet wholly original vision. Do not sleep on this one, people. Video below, and more to come from this one, which is out now on cassette and digital via Thunderzone.


#LIVINGROOMTODAY mix [11/13/15]


DJ NJ Drone went to LA with FUGITIVE, and the SYN slayer got guts deep at #LIVINGROOMTODAY, so -like- the last thing you should be doing is reading, at this point.

Danny L Harle

“Always Remember”

PC Music’s Danny L Harle dropped his debut EP today. It’s called Broken Flowers and features two versions of the title track, the previously-released “Forever,” and a new (and incredible) song titled “Without You.” But since we can never have enough Danny Sunshine in our lives, he’s decided to also unleash the bonus sunbeam that is “Always Remember,” a reworked version of “Forever.”



someone broke into my car

i lost the bulk of my work to a thief who won’t conceive of its value
thankfully i found this collection of recordings from 2014-2015 on various tapes in my studio, and recorded new versions of old works with ITASCA PHASAR on drums

And just as someone has stolen your gear, Studenets, you have stolen our hearts and minds with your wonderful collage/beat/drone musics! Sorry about the bad news, tho. Bummer city. :(


“Front Load”

Mutant is out today. To celebrate, Arca and visual collaborator Jesse Kanda have released an incredibly NSFW video for “Front Load.” We won’t ruin the experience, but the following sentence is part of the video’s description: “Jesse took one of my pomegranates for this vid without asking.”

Read SCVSCV’s review of Mutant (ya bish), and purchase it here and/or here.


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