Dmytro Nikolaienko

“Under The Integral”

Recent interpretations and reissues of early electronic music have become all the more captivating in recent years. As there are very few boundaries as to what an ‘electronic album’ might now constitute, the way we perceive the projection of this evolving craft is drastically altering. From the Recollection GRM series to Ben Zimmerman’s adventure in Tandy DeskMate programming, the exploration of specific equipment and a desire to recontextualize early electronic works are yielding some fascinating results.

Ukrainian sound artist Dmytro Nikolaienko is taking that notion to new heights with The Sounds Of Pseudoscience, his second full-length and first release working alongside Mark Templeton’s Graphical Recordings. The album, pitched as “a tribute to early-electronics’ golden era,” takes on a fragmented aesthetic of bleeps, thunks and jolts that secrete the concentrated focus of a fantastical laboratory. Nikolaienko plays on regional stereotypes that conjure imagery of the most intensive experimentation in a context of impeccably arranged aural sequences.

The first video to come from the Pseudoscience archive is called “Under The Integral.” It’s a grainy amalgamation of spheres, static and subtle manipulation and it details the contrast of a known unknown — images that are familiar in their immediate form but symbolise a world most mysterious. It’s a hypnotic blend the combines an infatuation for atoms beneath a microscope with a voyage into the darkest depths of the ocean.

The Sounds Of Pseudoscience will be released on June 26 by Graphical Recordings and Nikolaienko’s own Muscut label. Pre-orders of the 12” LP are up for grabs now.

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Phil Minton

“A Feralish Choir”

over the telephone it is easy enough to blame the room for
the trash smell but, in truth, the trash smell comes out your mouth
in your smog. suppose, way back when, an utter was the origin of trash

every utterance since adds to the landfill - what could’ve been fleeting instead unfurls and fledges - volatile vocalizations in flight
    a rabid raccoon coming for your teeth in the park across the clearing - dogs and their owners scatter and there you are on your back, startled, wrestling with a rabid raccoon - the raccoon is ripping your teeth out
      if only we could organize these vocalizations: one pile for carcass; one pile for cardboard; one pile for teeth

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Gora Sou


HD sounds have never been “my thing.” Not as much as other pals of mine. Especially music-making pals. I’m just particular to gritty composition. Though, it’s a real hassle to achieve both sounds, as I understand. And Gora Sou is fucking with some Giant Claw, Seth Graham, 0PN levels here that potentially antiquate what has been made by these three within the last three years. Like, Living XXL was OK. I covered it, somewhere. It was tite. But if the new Gora Sou album Ramifications on Orange Milk Records sounds anything like the single “Manolo,” sign me up on the reel, boiii.

It’s not that I don’t mind or unappreciate HD sounds. Gora Sou still clearly conveys a mindset that’s eagerly maniac in “Manolo,” fluxing between twitchy and atmospheric sounds. Rhythms vying as part of the melody. Synthetics just oozing with intangible materialism. Psychedelics realmed as a side-note, where it should always be in all art. This fucking horn! Like, if you can’t put “Manolo” by Gora Sou on repeat for the next hour, your Wednesday won’t be as uplifting as you thought.

PRE-ORDER Gora Sou’s Ramifications on Orange Milk Records, and jam on “Manolo” below until the reel arrives:

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Fourth World Magazine


This week on Sun Araw’s Second System Vision Radio featured Dublab show, Spencer Clark (back from Australia; still in Australia) played two pieces: PINHEAD IN FANTASIA: THE OPERA & DARTH MAUL AQUARIUM HEAD-SCRATCHERS. THE OPERA bit is pretty much the entirety of Pinhead in Fantasia (TMT Review), with an added overture by Charles Berlitz (I believe) and Pinhead himself, and some bits extended from the original [side-note, if you haven’t fucked with the Pacity Soundvisions Bandcamp yet, get in and get twisted, please]! Side-B,DARTH MAUL AQUARIUM HEAD-SCRATCHERS, consists of raw-sampled material I’ve never heard this clearly from Spencer Clark before. Very excited if he escaped the Cenobite kingdom, but I’m not sure if I’m ready to leave yet.

My Angelfire html fuckery doesn’t get my hack level high enough to find an embedding for Fourth World Magazine’s PINHEAD IN FANTASIA: THE OPERA & DARTH MAUL AQUARIUM HEAD-SCRATCHERS on the Dublab site, but find the MP3 is here to download into infinity. Make a memory this Wednesday!

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Teengirl Fantasy

Thermal Remixed

If you didn’t catch 4real’s website for Teengirl Fantasy’s Thermal EP, restart your computer, close all unnecessary programs, and visit HERE.

Perhaps more than the EP itself, Thermal’s web experience alone encapsulates the aesthetic direction TGF has been undertaking as of recent. The project dips into the technological, utop-ic landscapes explored by many dance-crossover beatsmiths discovering how web design can enhance and expand their intended musical experiences. What the music lacks in depth is made up for in flawless presentation. The site is a singular achievement that realizes the web’s potential in realizing the long-sought technological dreams of electronic music.

Thermal Remixed works similarly by delegating creative-expansion to some of TMT’s favorite artists. Lotic, Dinamarca, Holly Waxwing, and Joey Anderson deliver new imaginations of “U Touch Me” and “Lung” that help breath new life into Teengirl’s shiny design. The original rendition of “Lung” was an uncomfortably entrancing track to begin with, presenting an odd Björk-ian performance from the powerfully forward Lafawndah. Lotic makes the track squirm and ascend through his signature synth-work, letting the mix liquify around Lafawndah’s voice.

Scope the Lotic jam below and download the whole thing via iTunes:

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