Life Size Maps

“This Same House”

The Brooklyn-based trio Life Size Maps, led by mainstay singer/songwriter Mike McKeever, with a new lineup that includes Sean Thornton and Dave Stoecker, just released a new single called “This Same House,” and thankfully, its every bit on the trajectory set by the band’s notable early 2013 standout, “Abstract Speed.”

Frontman McKeever has professed to having a preference for mixing up the traditional rock format with synthesizers and synth pop, and “House” is no exception, with the trademark glitch pop aesthetic, 8-bit keyboards, and youthful energy and dramatic hooks that have uniformly characterized the band’s past material and singular sound.

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The Skull Defekts

“Awaking Dream”

The Skull Defekts definitely ain’t for everybody. My girlfriend wasn’t feeling them on the ride back from P-Town, and their 2009 release The Temple (harshest TMT Review ever?) is one of the few albums I’ve ever seen earn a 1/5 rating on our usually free-loving site, but personally, I can’t help digging that album, as well as their latest single/video “Awaking Dream,” viewable above. Maybe I’m just a sucker for the combination of bent synth chords and overstated poetry barked by occultist lumberjacks, and maybe I never should’ve been lured by a title like “Unholy Drums for Psychedelic Africa” in the first place, or maybe I myself have a skull defect. Who knows?

If there was a time lapse camera capturing the l.i.t. minutia of everything, then maybe you wouldn’t need me to tell you that The Skull Defekts’ upcoming album Dances in Dreams of the Known Unknown drops on CD and LP (limited to 500 gold vinyl copies) April 8, and maybe somebody would be able to tell you exactly who did what to/with that plane when, where, how and why. Or maybe not. At least we can dream … and that alone is worth a dance or two.

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Electric Wizard

“Witchcult Today” [Live: Trondheim Metal Fest, 8/3/2014]

Nice. Electric Wizard is still ripping shit hard, everyone. Relaxation ensues as the heart is torn from the body and raised high. And at real great quality audio. This video was taken 11 days ago and posted up on Sunday. Killer. Listed in the “About” section: “We are coming soon..” …yes. Enjoy the ceremony that festered during “Witchcult Today” live at the Trondheim Metal Fest at the beginning of March above. Luv you! FUCK your Tuesday!!!!

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Seth Kasselman

Mmediate Rolls

Yes! I’m not sure if it’s the city vibe, old movie mood, snake charmer linger, or spontaneity that intrigues me most about Mmediate Rolls by Seth Kasselman. It’s certainly an adventure worth taking, as Seth leads listeners down pathways and alcoves of the improvisational worm hole, straying from the more rock and roll driven music of his band Warm Climate, and focusing more on solo acoustics of a clarinet. So, set the stage for the a journey, prepare to listen to the intent nature of humanity and sound, Mmediate Rolls is all at once completely seasoned with experience and flips it by trying to obtain the original form of building person from music.

The melody is stripped again and again, and throughout, Seth toys with the imaginings of “what’s next,” by way of not even knowing “what’s next” himself. Truth is, it’s always him. It’s the breathe in a note, and motions of change and rhythm. Feeling the resonating wood and soft gusts of air being pushed through. Sustaining Mmediate Rolls is purely of Seth Kasselman’s natural talent. It’s concrete. It’s formed and nuanced. It’s Monday and people gotta feel whimsical, so listen below:

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Susan Balmar


Susan Balmar, long one of TMT’s favorite beat makers and noise generators, has recently been spotted with LAMPGOD contributing to the Bootleg Tapes dynasty, but last week, he dropped a new full-length for the crazy people at Beer On The Rug. Titled SIGNUM, the 16-track album sees Balmar delving further into the sewers, with sheets of icy, metallic noise rubbing against the fuzzy, out-of-focus catalog of sparse piano, warbling harmonies, stuttering loops, and in-the-bedroom-closet beats, with all the warmth and intimacy of a monitor’s glow.

Check out SIGNUM below, and don’t forget to check out his guest mix from last year. Both are great.

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