Orlando Scarpa Neto

Imprevisibilidade do Pulso

Abandoned is the car that sits entangled in weeds along the forest line. Directionless limbs and leaves ensnare the machine under the window tarp and throughout the undercarriage mechanics. Within the trunk – based on the original position of tools and the spare tire and a beach chair, etc. – there appears to be a ratking-esque hidden world of vines and roots and stems mangled and dreaded together like cables. It’s like jazz of the natural world. Improvising off the soul beat of life on earth, and growing upon and around at the will of photosynthesis.

Notice the middle name above? Well, brother to TMT’s own Paulo Scarpa (and long-time sound sculptor), Orlando Scarpa Neto, released Imprevisibilidade do Pulso (Unpredictability of Pulse) this weekend in four parts beholding two titles: “Pulso interno” and “Pulso externo.” “Pulso interno I” and “Pulso interno II” grind away slowly at the listener, deeply rooting the pulsating innards of wire to spark to machine to controls. More like a slow-motion fire hose that’s been turned on and let loose. “Pulso externo I” and “Pulso externo II” are much more pleasant just on the outside. Looking into that car’s interior, exploring and pointing at the intricacies of vegetation, and admiring the process which becomes life

I’ve been following Orlando Scarpa Neto for a minute now, and am super stoked to be grippin’ this on a Monday after a weekend of “nothing-much, really.” Servers ain’t working at work, and my admiration for the Imprevisibilidade do Pulso is just continuing to grow! Find out for yourself and stream below:

• Orlando Scarpa Neto: http://orlandoscarpa.bandcamp.com

Circuit Rider UK

“Minimal Form”

Maybe the Circuit Rider of yore came a-knockin’, maybe they just wanted to shake things up. Perennial TMT favorites Derek Rogers (Los Angeles, CA) and Lee Noble (Nashville, TN) found nominal shelter across the pond — their collaborations now bear the moniker Circuit Rider UK. After the otherworldly incantations of last year’s Unit Holds, the duo return to Jehu and Chinaman for another tape of slowly evolving synth structures and occulted melodic drift. Their new release Alienist arrives in an absurdly limited edition of 60 copies, one of which will be easier for you to order if you live in the UK (fingers crossed that some end up in a stateside distro).

I listen to “Minimal Form” and I think “minimal schminimal.” So much happens here: a lattice of intersecting bleeps colludes with filter sweep squelches and loping bass pulses. The bleeps rocket into double time as a chord progression, tenuous and muffled, as if coaxed out of a busted pump-organ, threads its way through the proceedings, providing a new context for the extant elements to shade in. I lean back in delight as the layers compound in organic symbiosis and the atmosphere thickens. Call it “minimal,” fine, but compared to plenty of abstract, synth-based projects out there, Circuit Rider UK craft a dense nugget of alien “psych”-“pop” with all the drama and movement of a film’s title overture.

Alienist is out now via Jehu and Chinaman, and comes bundled with a killer bonus: a live set of the duo featuring American Primitive wunderkind Daniel Bachman on guitar.

• Derek Rogers: http://derekrogers.bandcamp.com
• Lee Noble: http://leenoble.bandcamp.com

Gucci Mane & Young Thug

Young Thugga Mane La Flare

“It’s holiday season, bitch!”

If there’s anything Gucci Mane cares about more than 4/20, it’s Easter Sunday. And on this Easter Sunday, one day after fetishists raided local record stores to buy rare, collectible, Discogs-ready releases (oops, we forgot to publish a guide!), Gucci Mane has released the family-friendly Young Thugga Mane La Flare mixtape with Young Thug. Appropriately enough, the mixtape — originally slated for an April 1 release — is hosted by DJ Holiday. Gucci Mane: cute as usual.

Download Young Thugga Mane La Flare here or stream it below.

• Gucci Mane: http://www.guccimaneonline.com
• Young Thug: https://twitter.com/youngthug

Blues Control

“Summer Games” / “Studio 69”

Blues Control are set to release a brand-new song tomorrow as part of Space Project, a Record Store Day release where 14 different artists have crafted songs that incorporate sounds recorded by NASA’s 1977 Voyager space probes. NPR is streaming the whole collection, so go over there and at least listen to “Blues Danube” (dedicated to J.J. Cale). A new Blues Control song is like a redwood seed in terms of growth over time, so please don’t ask for any kind of worthwhile description until 2017, but do let me know if you’re planning on getting the “7-inch box set” edition of Space Project so I can jump you outside of the record store.

Hey wait, that’s not even what I meant to write about! You see, there’s an even fresher pair of redwood seeds that just got planted on SoundCloud: “Summer Games” and “Studio 69.” Using my powers of perception, I’m going to say that these two tracks (recorded in 2009 and 2011, respectively) will be released on May 5 as a cassette single via the band’s own Managing Expectations sorta-label.

Though notoriously hard to pin down genre-wise, Blues Control go whole-hog on the musical and conceptual fronts every time, taking both the soft essence and hard existence of particular sounds in the collective consciousness (the digital doorbell in “Frankie’s Problem,” the grandfather clock in “On Through the Night,” the X-mas-to-a-child of their holiday single, the Olympic/Disco vibes of these tracks) and jamming with them into some sort of utopian bar-rock infinity.

…Okay, let me try to put this in plainer TMT terms:

Tour dates:

05.06.14 - Santiago, Chile - Teatro Diana
05.08.14 - Santiago, Chile - Club Radicales
05.09.14 - Santiago, Chile - Bar Loreto
06.27.14 - Brooklyn, NY - Silent Barn

• Blues Control: http://grupabluescontrol.com

Barrio Lindo

“La Cueva” feat. Chancha vía Circuito

There’s peering into a forest from its terminus, your mind’s eye giving shape to indistinguishable shadows, and then there’s wandering deep within, so deep you lose yourself in games of mushroom hunting and amateur entomology.

Argentinian instrument-maker Barrio Lindo’s 2012 EP, Sistema Respiratorio, accomplished something like the former, but its follow-up, 2013’s Libres, was all latter. That project’s standout track, “La Cueva,” now serves as the first single for Lindo’s debut LP, Menoko, which contains five of Libres’ six songs, along with seven new tracks, all of which are streaming on the Project Mooncircle Bandcamp page.

Don’t make like a tree and leave; do like a dryad and enjoy the sylvan video for “La Cueva” above, and if you like, then consider picking up Menoko on purple vinyl or cassette from this hhv.de site way over yonder. Just don’t forget your way back to the wind farm.

• Barrio Lindo: https://soundcloud.com/barriolindo
• Chancha via Circuito: https://soundcloud.com/chanchaviacircuito
• Shame On You Ninja: https://www.facebook.com/shameonyouninja
• Project: Mooncircle: http://www.projectmooncircle.com


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