“Ghosts Of Phi Am”

So, in a way, it’s good I can’t dive too into Ak’chamel’s new album in a Chocolate Grinder post because 1) Lowlands of Hteklum is not up for stream and 2) I’d slobber all across your screen via text, and anyone who wants that can go to their favorite erotic literature website. Luckily, for the big-tease, Moon Glyph has only released three tracks off Ak’chamel’s newest tape, and “Ghosts Of Phi Am” – the second burner off this seven track reeler – goes fucking IN on them psyche-kraut slaying vibes. And if your head ain’t spinning during or after, then check y our pulse, because technically a song just killed you and reanimated the body that once claimed your name.

Moon Glyph can’t stop themselves from cranking out the freshest psyche. Grabbing from all ranges of the genre’s spectrum, their love for various versions of mind blasting sonic trickery flickers bright in the world of small-run labels. Thus, not only was Ak’chamel’s newest Lowlands of Hteklum an emerald within their world of jewels, but it’s also a wonderful transitional release into their first 2014 LP release by Leisure Birds, which I’ve also heard, and just swore off the label because I’ll end up spending all my money there if I’m not careful. Kidding… I just spent ALL my money at Moon Glyph and now I’m rich with brain traveling.

Dig on “Ghosts Of Phi Am” below, and beware of the journey ahead:

• Moon Glyph: http://www.moonglyph.com
• Ak’chamel: http://akchamel.bandcamp.com


“L.M. (Switch)”


“from upcoming,
MN.ROY (Leaving Records)..

“video / release date
coming soon ;”

• D/P/I: http://chanceimag.es
• Leaving Records: http://leavingrecords.com

Così e Così

“Being You” (feat T. Funk)

Could it get any darker than a j-card dick pic? Actually, it COULD! And this just in from the blackened prince, Così e Così (featuring T. Funk), comes some fuzzy violence via Guillaume Vallé in the video for “Being You” off Being You Black Utopia. This is in co-joining release with Self Exit, both in cassette formats on August 6 via Jeunesse Cosmique.

Here in “Being You,” there’s a heavy Angels in America vibe, but with way more palpable standards to textured melody and beat. No DOUBT this is some brooding sounds and atmospheres, but it’s Così e Così, son. Which means so-so, right? Well, that might be how the fellah is doing emotionally, but song-wise, “Being You” makes trans-body experiences feel like a marvel in sound. Shit, I’m curious if Faith Hill’s “Someone Else’s Dream” was inspiration for Così e Così on this track, for FAKE.

Word-is: “official launch show is this Wednesday at Casa del Popolo in Montreal. Booking an official tour finally with Montreal artist Echo Beach too, so will be in NYC approx October 1!” So grip (the super super limited) Self Exit and Being You Black Utopia tomorrow on tape via Jeunesse Cosmique, and scope what it’s like “Being You” below:

• Così e Così: http://cosiecosi.tumblr.com
• Jeunesse Cosmique: http://jeunessecosmique.com



SOPHIE cannot be stopped! “Hard” is (naturally) harder, darker, and more agressive than the bubbly (and equally danceable) sister single “Lemonade,” but not in any sort of way we might expect. It still features the chaotic, tiny, bright sounds that define SOPHIE’s music, but it’s the driving vocals, use of silence, and metallic noises that deaden the saccharine emotion and grime up the bubbliness, creating the evil twin that’s smoking cigarettes in the corner while “Lemonade” is licking her little red lollipop. SOPHIE works side by side with the likes of PC Music, and “Hard” actually sounds a bit more like their music than SOPHIE’s own past work — GFOTY is even the vocalist here — but the track still manages to sound totally fresh. “Hard” too feels like SOPHIE’s most poetic work to date. By showing us the many uses of the word ‘hard,’ it challenges what we associate with that word in the context of electronic music. SOPHIE celebrates the danceable hardness of the track, but also celebrates its emotional and technical difficulty. The female vocal saying “I just get so hard” contains a subversiveness that effectively challenges sex and gender norms. I could write about the theoretical worth of this track for hours, but at the end of the day, it’s just really straightforward, and at its core, it’s just fun to listen to.

• SOPHIE: https://soundcloud.com/msmsmsm
• Numbers: http://nmbrs.net

Banal Anml

“Addicted To Comfort”

Banal Anml’s here y’all, and he ain’t takin no shit from nobody!! Actually, he’s a pretty laid back guy, so if you were to give him shit, he’d more than likely stand there politely and try to see your side of the story. But I bet you’d shut your shit-spewing mouth once “Addicted to Comfort” came on. Hell, I’d bet you a million dollars that’d happen! Wait, I don’t have a million dollars. Hey Common, can I borrow a (million) dollar(s)?

Predictions and begging aside, “Addicted to Comfort” is a tiny taste of the auditory pleasures that can be heard on Banal Anml’s newest tape I did it for the sound, released last week on the consistently diverse Chicago based Solid Melts. To me, “Addicted To Comfort” feels like what would’ve played during that ritualistic #SEX scene in Eyes Wide Shut if the cult members had cut loose a little and quit being SO dramatic. The rest of the tape mixes things up heavily, going from drones and moans to bleeps and bloops and blips to Velvet Underground-esque vocals and guitars to more beat-driven and synth laden tracks. Check out the stream of “Robot Safari” if you don’t believe me. That one should shut your shit-spewing mouth, too!

• Solid Melts: http://www.solidmelts.com


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