SOPHIE cannot be stopped! “Hard” is (naturally) harder, darker, and more agressive than the bubbly (and equally danceable) sister single “Lemonade,” but not in any sort of way we might expect. It still features the chaotic, tiny, bright sounds that define SOPHIE’s music, but it’s the driving vocals, use of silence, and metallic noises that deaden the saccharine emotion and grime up the bubbliness, creating the evil twin that’s smoking cigarettes in the corner while “Lemonade” is licking her little red lollipop. SOPHIE works side by side with the likes of PC Music, and “Hard” actually sounds a bit more like their music than SOPHIE’s own past work — GFOTY is even the vocalist here — but the track still manages to sound totally fresh. “Hard” too feels like SOPHIE’s most poetic work to date. By showing us the many uses of the word ‘hard,’ it challenges what we associate with that word in the context of electronic music. SOPHIE celebrates the danceable hardness of the track, but also celebrates its emotional and technical difficulty. The female vocal saying “I just get so hard” contains a subversiveness that effectively challenges sex and gender norms. I could write about the theoretical worth of this track for hours, but at the end of the day, it’s just really straightforward, and at its core, it’s just fun to listen to.

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Banal Anml

“Addicted To Comfort”

Banal Anml’s here y’all, and he ain’t takin no shit from nobody!! Actually, he’s a pretty laid back guy, so if you were to give him shit, he’d more than likely stand there politely and try to see your side of the story. But I bet you’d shut your shit-spewing mouth once “Addicted to Comfort” came on. Hell, I’d bet you a million dollars that’d happen! Wait, I don’t have a million dollars. Hey Common, can I borrow a (million) dollar(s)?

Predictions and begging aside, “Addicted to Comfort” is a tiny taste of the auditory pleasures that can be heard on Banal Anml’s newest tape I did it for the sound, released last week on the consistently diverse Chicago based Solid Melts. To me, “Addicted To Comfort” feels like what would’ve played during that ritualistic #SEX scene in Eyes Wide Shut if the cult members had cut loose a little and quit being SO dramatic. The rest of the tape mixes things up heavily, going from drones and moans to bleeps and bloops and blips to Velvet Underground-esque vocals and guitars to more beat-driven and synth laden tracks. Check out the stream of “Robot Safari” if you don’t believe me. That one should shut your shit-spewing mouth, too!

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Nick James b2b sohsie LAN

Jingo Mixfile For Shenzen

Piggy backing off his his new banging EP The Hawk, Nick James made a mix with sohsie LAN entitled Jingo Mixfile For Shenzen, and it will completely fuck your brain up. There are so many hallways being discovered and traveled all at once here, that direction is merely of time rather than forward or back. As if they co-joined with Stephen Hawking, Nick James b2b sohsie LAN traverse imaginary time as if it’s a concept that’s as easily understood as screwing and unscrewing a pop cap off the bottle.

Also, I believe Nick James will be playing the Asystems/TMT stage at Hopscotch Music Fest this year, but don’t quote me!

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Oscillator Bug

“Glimmi Goe”

Oscillator Bug’s upcoming full-length Bursts of the Million is a snake.

My dad used to say, “If it was a snake it would of bit ya” a lot, in reference of an object being right in front of me and overlooking it. I have terrible eye sight and the joke usually pertained to my glasses, so maybe my dad’s a dick, but whenever I leave a city these snakes pop up everywhere like a Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon. So, props dad, you were right, Chicago multi-instrumentalist Zaid Maxwell – of the Chicago-based crock-pot experimenters Shapers consisting of The Hood Internet’s Steve Reidell a.k.a. DJ STV STV, Todd Waters, frequent collaborator Amelia Styer – is latched to my ankle.

The venom is circulating through my central nervous system along with the second single off Bursts of the Million, “Glimmi Goe.” Zaid’s soft lit voice and pop synth hook wed a manic Gary Numan and something you’d find in Garth Marenghi’s Walkman. It’s a rowdy pop song getting in your personal space, where meaty saw waves are our Excalibur and that weird thing on the cover is whatever we’re taking down.

Bursts of the Million is out September 9 on Dymaxion Groove. You should totally pre-order it and catch Zaid on tour with Tobacco this fall.

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Tropa Macaca


“…to be listened at Igreja de São Domingos, in Lisbon. work done over the Kyrie of Grosse Messe c-moll KV 427 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.” - Tropa Macaca

What would a memory sound like if it were mustered up in a reanimated brain for a matter of hours? Would the clarity of a situation be muddy with mildewed nodes or visible in technicolor’d perfection of exactly what happened? Well, good/weird news: Tropa Macaca has figured it out the technology to reanimate a severed head, record it’s thoughts of a specific memory, popped it on SoundCloud, and named it “Fogo.” Interested in the thoughts of a potentially dead person? Scope it out below!

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