West Coast Ambersmoke are pumping out material in a Kevin Drummesque manner. Already racking up twenty full-lengths, splits, VHS somethings, Swans tribute albums, whatever since 2010. A journey illuminated with last year’s well overlooked Une Femme Est Une Femme off circa-1980s Batcave referencing label Bone Orchard – and with songs like “Making Suicide Pacts with (Pity Sex’s) Britty Drake,” what’s not to love.

Come “Nonchalance,” off Wear Your Love Like Heaven, their most recent collection of self-released demos and non-demos. The track’s drilling constant and bareback Primal Scream “Loaded” drumming that fills every crack in the mortar of this shawdy apartment, plays to the sunnier side of the usually USBM-driven dudes from California. So yeah, stream below.

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Electric Wizard

“I am Nothing”

It’s Time To Die on 9.30.14!!!!!!

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Jeff Stonehouse released a #deep record for Cooper Cult last year. He was a member of Listening Mirror, therefore, like all members of the ambient/drone/cassette scene, probably has a dozen other monikers of high caliber tonal transcendence under his belt. (Do drone artists wear belts? Do they even wear pants? How can we focus on these insignificant details if all we have is “the music”?!)

“Pathways” is a stylized detour away from Listening Mirror’s material. This new track, a “work in progress” from a not-yet-existent project, is characteristically lugubrious. (I apologize for using that word in serious context. The first contact I ever had with it was while reading Le Petite Prince. The Price meets the Lugubrious Man on a planet about the size of a weather balloon, on which the Lugubrious Man sits at a wooden table and drinks, and then discards the bottles behind him, where they form a lugubrious pile. Why does he drink? To forget he is ashamed of drinking.) Anyways, Stonehouses music is atmospheric without the serenity displayed by Tape Loop Orchestra, and barren without the guttural essence displayed by Lustmord. It is melancholy beyond the point of being French, even beyond being misérable. Even beyond the south England rains that arrived in March one year and decided to never leave, ever.

• Jeff Stonehouse:

Clean Girls / Vulture Shit

“Day of the Woman” & “Slow Down”

Hot fudge and damn it. Where do I start? Well, first off: Mirror Universe Tapes is incredibly kind for letting us choose tracks off this new Clean Girls and Vulture Shit split the label is doing. Second, I (absolutely) love how I cannot keep up with the Universe these Tapes birth from the Mirror (?), because the label’s catalog is gloriously grabbing from the various spectrum of musical genres, while ensure each recording is properly sounded out on the reel. Third.. I’m under the belief Mirror Universe scours for the perfect tape-hiss sounds in each of their published albums, fore-going all genre, thus shattering the idea of a label driven by genre.

But let’s get into the gritty, ‘cause my bathroom sink at my apartment was (and I assume still is..) bursting hot pressurized water, and my dog is probably bugging. Now, in light of that situation, I imagine I’ll experience the “Day of the Woman” today, as my landlord believes in heavy DIY maintenance on my apartment, and their immediate family only consists of women. This is all chill, but they just won’t call a plumber (man OR woman) because of money, and turning the water-nob at the floor-board didn’t work before on the toilet the past three times. Stoked, though, that Clean Girls have made the perfectly spiraling soundtrack to this incident of utter waste and flagrant money grubbing. So I know I won’t mind as “Day of the Woman” plays for the dozen’th time on my living room speakers and my landlord sits drenched – trying to save money – in my bathroom.

Vulture Shit is something different, though. And it sorta explains what I was suggesting in the first paragraph: their sound is sizzled just as hard as Clean Girls and frantic in a rythm of pure magnetic pull. Also, as a C Monster favorite, “Slow Down” sounds like Ween, as anything that can be compared to Ween is a sure-fire WIN. So, after all the water works in my apartment, I’ll max out to some giggles with “Slow Down,” as it mocks my intent to lax with some feisty vocals and bass fuzz. I’ll probably fly down 495 at about 120 mph with Vulture Shit screaming at me to do the opposite, while I smile a little bit on the inside, and my heart achieves full erection.

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1080p Collection is tossing up jackpots all month long. No playbook, just backyard economics: respect and supply. And 1080p isn’t the different bully you had every year throughout your primary schooling. No, 1080p invited you to throw rocks at things and shared their pizza lunchables. 1080p is that dude. A dude who introduced you to Gobby: a friend who you bonded over a mutual love and wariness of shrimp. Wallet & Cellphone is their upcoming album from the two pals listed above. “Clifford” is an uplifting moment I never want to leave and is also the name of my editor.

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