Chaz & Alex

Gods Of Love EP

Yo, I want there to be a face-off! I realize this is unrealistic, especially ‘cause it’d be two-on-one, but how about we do a versus match? Grip 2014 Saint Pepsi vs. 2014 Chaz & Alex. To give you a hint, I always bet on Giant Taco. Gods Of Love EP not only got that MAD conceptual aesthetic to it, but it totally plays prison rules. In ANY real brawl, anything goes, and that’s how Chaz & Alex straight play they’s production game. Gods Of Love EP wasn’t just put on a playlist with additional beats. I also heard Chaz & Alex drank that dub-cup during the making of the entire six-track mixation. And gaming this in pensive ears is complete brutality. Friendship. FRIENDSHIP?

Okay then, what’s worse? Fucking with one of my Friday/Choco mixes? Maybe. Got one stirring up currently that’ll make babies shit on they mammies. Maybe, again. But Gods Of Love EP is so fucked with and real. Like, reality in this fluttery-but-beaten mix of beats and samples sits dark in the corner just waiting it’s turn to bat, coach. So give Chaz & Alex another digital “spin.” Let the Gods Of Love EP adorn you with your realities, but please your ears to no end. Well, I lied. It’s only about 20-minutes in length. Get your chair grind one Gods Of Love EP by Chaz & Alex below:

• Chaz & Alex:

Cult Favorite

MADMENXX_B_ [Versions]

One year ago today, Cult Favorite mollywhopped the rap world upside its headpiece with the release of For Madmen Only, a revolutionary meditation on collective psychosis that, although internally hailed by the prog rap scene that birthed it, was unfortunately and unjustly overlooked by much of the outside world. That being said, it honestly wouldn’t surprise me in the least if it came out that Kanye West was bumping FME while he was in the final stages of crafting Yeezus.

Anyway, one year later:

To mark the first anniversary of the critically acclaimed release For Madmen Only, Cult Favorite (Elucid & A.M. Breakups) sought out the assistance of some of their favorite associates and producers to freely reinterpret various pieces of the album.

Every artist involved in MADMENXX_B_ paints a new backdrop to Elucid’s vicious and meaningful lyrics and samples, creating a brilliant new interpretation of the album that critics and fans alike agree is already a classic in the eyes of the NYC underground.

To my surprise, there are still some vinyl copies left of that limited-edition “classic,” so you buy now, and stream MADMENXX_B_ [Versions] below. ‘Nuff respect due to Cult Favorite for adopting some dub lingo in calling these remixes “versions,” by the way.

• Cult Favorite:
• Reservoir Sound:


Pure Racket

Ever searching for the perfect blend of rhythm and Pure Racket, Sugarm follows up his crunched-up and whirled-out cassette split with Ron Tubman on Hausu’s Mugen series last year, hypnotizing audiences with pure noise charm. See that window? Toss the kosmische and drone and avant templates out that window. Sugarm gives two shits about expectancy and merely is diving hands first into some black magic melt. This is real. Like staring into the deepest eyes and feeling lost in the altar of Pure Racket, blistering your ear drums with swan songs to come.

So, from what I’ve heard, Sugarm dwells within the depths of electronics, digging down from his NY-borough basement apartment into the layers of metropolitan layers. Using breadths of unintroduced technology to extract sounds from walks of life in domestic, business, and street scenarios to encompass a world within Pure Racket. And whether you believe this world exists, Pure Racket beholds a portal into vast imagination, entirely up to the listener to believe one way or another. So scope Hausu Mountain NOW NOW NOW for Sugarm’s latest travels in Pure Racket (limited to 100), and stream it below in the mean time:

• Sugarm:
• Hausu Mountain:


ASMR: Tingle Inducing Camera Brushing 2014 Edition!

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) undoubtedly works for a lot of people. And although it might not be possible to understand the desired tingling or relaxation said to result from an ever expanding collection of Youtube videos, there is something remarkable about whatever softsoundwhispers is up to.

ASMR began to gain popularity when Yahoo discussion groups took to sharing their experiences as a community. Ever since then, the possibilities to explore, share and create videos within that domain have grown at a whopping rate.

Jenny, or softsoundwhispers, is seemingly in a league of her own. She covers a number of subjects, from cooking squash risotto to presenting visualizations of calming and meditative imagery — each with their own desired effect. Her specialty, however, is brushing.

If nothing else, ASMR : Tingle Inducing Camera Brushing 2014 Edition! demonstrates the potential of these fine, soft and delicate sounds as they come in the form of whispers, complexion blending brushes and a range of eco tools. The quality of the recording might not be first rate, but it’s certainly worth checking out with a good pair of headphones. Indulge below:

• softsoundwhispers: http://

食品まつり aka foodman

hamakko EP

Feel that twitching in your neck? That’s 食品まつり aka foodman getting gritty on your insides via hamakko EP. It’s true. The entity that is 食品まつり aka foodman can drill straight into your brain grapes and tap directly into your overall movements as human being. Yeah, hamakko EP gets freaky on the jukes, slashing out-there sounds at the core of footwork. And being honor with releasing hamakko EP digitally on Paisley Park’s Бh○§† imprint, with a Chaz & Alex remix, 食品まつり aka foodman is rollin’ in bragging-rights swag.

Do yourself a favor. Since it’s Monday, when you’re on your way home, traffic or snow or sunset, go about 90 m.p.h., and listen to hamakko EP at MAX volume. Your body will pulsate, other drivers will see the neon streaks of speed slinging off your whip, and – like traveling through the Bermuda Triangle and arriving an hour early – 食品まつり aka foodman will cast his shaman gaze upon your aura and being, and time and space will become more than just a thought, but a life-time of immeasurable sound and radiant light.

Stream 食品まつり aka foodman’s hamakko EP from Бh○§† below:

• 食品まつり aka foodman:
• Бh○§†:



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