From the proto-vaporwave and eccotronic dead-loops of 2010’s Catch Pool to the pan-regional dance syntheses (Miami bass/Detroit techno/Chicago house/London drum & bass, etc.) of last year’s OneWorld 開発, Sean Bowie’s music has always thrived on overt genre manipulation. But on SVETLANTA, his latest album as Teams, Bowie’s modus operandi is much more nuanced, performing an exhibition of janked beats, amphitheater reverb, mangled sampled, and breathy washes of noise. This is pop music annexed, Gymnopédie No.1 as recontextualized by artist Marcel Alcalá, Paramore made transcendent à la Elijah Paul Crampton. And it features a fantastic collaboration with 18+, too.

Download SVETLANTA here or swim in it here:

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“Glass Furnace”

Whew, after jumping through sonic rings of fire and traversing pits of musical quicksand, 2014 sure has felt like a god damn gauntlet hasn’t it? I’m so battle-torn that I wouldn’t even know what to say if someone asked me what “classic” meant these days – I’d probably say something like classic is “gettin’ fucked up, gettin’ real freaked out, drinking BEERS to some far-out tunes either alone or with friends.” I’d say that because I feel like I haven’t been spooked in a bit… and is it just me or does “classic” always seem so far away? YES.

I’m glad we have some visuals to accompany one of KHF’s numbers from his gorgeously weirdo album HALF SKEWERED WITH ASIAN CARRIERS. The video, springing forth from the mind of Joe Maas, is as creepily abstract as “Glass Furnace” itself – I’m talking about that “classic” slow, blurry, I-don’t-even-know-WTF-is-going-on-but-I’m-feelin’-it-vibe. What’s amazing is how nostalgic I felt while watching this video. Not like this KHF tune is a blast from the past or anything; but, the way it made me feel reminded me of how genuinely weirded out I used to get listening to music pre-gauntlet days. Luckily, KHF and Joe Maas are making it real again, and as a result, are helping us all out. I thank them for that! “Glass Furnace” is an abstract little ditty, a piece I thought to be reminiscent of Toru Takemistu’s soundtracks for some of Hiroshi Teshigahara’s film works. Throw a little bit of Americana “blues” in there, some tape-based Onkyo, and maybe a UFO conspiracy theory or two and *BOOM* (happiness) ^_^.

Check out the video above and stream KHF’s entire album via our buds at Beer On The Rug below.

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__ angel 1


Call __ angel 1: “(614)313-1681.” He’s in your home right now. It’ll be like nothing ever happened. Just vanish along with the sounds and become another ring in the system. Resonate with unintentional meaning. Free yourself into a pool of the past. Columbus ain’t no Los Angeles, and Los Angeles is immersed in a haze. Never look at anyone in the eyes again. It’s all part of a renewal process. Plug your phone in. Turn it off. Forever. Between going somewhere and doing nothing is absolute heaven.

__ angel 1, take me away to that peaceful promise plane. Is there anyway to relive the (614), man? Transition is something people care about so much that it’s a struggle to achieve. Yet, most are concerned with how MUCH rather than with who, when, where, why… OMG. That summer wasting away on Maynard Ave. Never trying, but always searching for a number like “(614)313-1681.” A nearly endless supply of oxy. Bottomless miso soup and Jello.

Let’s pretend that someday we’ll all chill with __ angel 1 in the (614), but until then, find solace in “(614)313-1681” streaming below:

• __ angel 1:

DJ Smurphy ft. D/P/I


Guttered up, staring at trees, burnt skies, ponds, concrete warehouses, and ferns. Moving, though. Spinning, really. Doubled up. Everything is. Engaging with nature, naturally. Holistically. Felt ground, swayed signs. Some of this is human made. But humans were made by other humans. And humans are natural. Unnaturally simple. Black.

• DJ Smurphy:
• D/P/I:


Worst Behavior

I can’t stop listening to DJ Paypal’s Drake Edits this week, but the one I’m turning to the most is Paypal’s and TICKLISH’s rework of Worst Behavior. Crazy high BPM and almost Jersey club-like work on the vocals. This is very different footwork than the likes of Teklife, wilder and brighter, and not calm, cool, and collected at all. The high pitched obsession of ‘bitch you betta have my money’ is the real gem. Whether intentional or not, Paypal and TICKLISH turn some misogynistic and capitalist words into a squeaky toy, effectively invalidating any sort of power associated with it. Though I also just like it cos the beat’s real good…

PS: I’m not well versed in Drake at all, so even if Drake is some foreign concept to you, still listen to the edits.

• DJ Paypal:


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