Sun Araw Band X (feat. DEEP MAGIC + DRACULA LEWIS)


Kicking off 2014 is a little reminder from the age-old TMT favorite Sun Araw. Recorded from Sun Araw Band X’s Euro tour last spring, Live ROMA roars with lingerers and slimmers. Including a DOPE-ASS collab between DEEP MAGIC and DRACULA LEWIS. Stream directly below:

Also, scope they’s tour zine here, maybe by The Prophet Alisa Lyudinshina.


However, looking back one last time at our Top 50 of 2013, I figured I’d dish out a bit of goofball judgement. So, to flagrantly rip off Flavorwire, and without further ado, I bring to you: “Know thy digital self via stereotyping you by your favorite Tiny Mix Tapes album:”

• Paisley Parks - Бh○§†: Lurkers who have no problem relentlessly and absentmindedly trolling through text communication.

• Grouper - The Man Who Died In His Boat: Saps too lazy to find something else that sounds exactly like Dragging A Dead Deer Up A Hill.

• Death Grips - Government Plates: Conspiracy theorists who believe that playing all the Death Grips albums simultaneously reveals deeper meaning to our government’s secrets.

• Jenny Hval - Innocence Is Kinky: Transcendentalists looking for them 1990 lyrics and vocal rhythms; looking, but not touching.

• Chief Keef - Almighty So: Internet big-wigs who talk with their hands behind the computer screen while nobody can see, but still get their point across.

• Ahnnu - World Music: That chill-ass homebo[d]y who do work on the outsider forums and blogs, but ain’t always around, so you know they live outside in the world, on occasion.

• Colin Stetson - New History Warfare Vol. 3: To See More Light: Those who secretly LOVE Justin Vernon, but don’t publicly download or share shit by him out of embarrassment.

• Wolf Eyes - No Answer: Lower Floors: Folks who remember the internet being a skeptical and muck-ridden playground of wormholes.

• Lee Noble - Ruiner: Faux-techies who get super bummed out about building a computer o listen to Lee as their victory music after putting it all together.

• Nmesh - Nu.Wav Hallucinations: Emulator players who listen to the lag between game OSTs and hours of recorded VHS to digital late-80s MTV programming.

• Matana Roberts - COIN COIN Chapter Two: Mississippi Moonchile: Writers who can convey their text as though they’re actually talking through the monitor.

• Bill Callahan - Dream River: Finger lickers who take a long time to type anything.

• Danny Brown - Old: Going from the club to the streets, “you know you ALWAYS on ya touch screen, yo!”

• Inga Copeland - Higher Powers: This is the person who aggregates a lot of presence and sensibilities in the digital world, but remains virtually nonexistent.

• James Blake - Overgrown: Keeping a presence through social networking is the only way people know this person emotionally feels empty.

• Dirty Beachs - Drifters/Love Is The Devil: Travelers who only hold friends online and contact them while flying overseas, jetlagged, and hallucinatingly shaving, maybe.

• DJ Rashad - Double Cup: Texters who wear soft socks and are obsessed with slick-cleaning their apartment floors.

• Dean Blunt - Stone Island: Perfectionists who can capitalize on word-limited text boxes by getting directly to the point. @400?

• The Knife - Shaking the Habitual: 18/ghost-maybe/middle stall

• James Ferraro - NYC, HELL 3:00 AM: Those so burnt out on bohem art-shows in Bed Stuy yogi centers they started literally LOLing in Auto-Tune IRL.

• The Body - Christs, Redeemers: Guntoting misanthropes pretending to be tough while hanging out in yuppiefried providence.

• Lucrecia Dalt - Syzygy: Transgressionally-driven, avatar-wielding pornographists interested in whatever, just let the sex-line drop and get on with the show.

• D/P/I - Fresh Roses: That gorilla-terrorist software hardwired beneath the Astoria high-line singling wi-fi hacks into minds across the five boroughs transmitting from Eagle Rock, Los Angeles.

• Laurel Halo - Chance Of Rain: People who only call Laurel by her first name, even if she doesn’t remember their first name.

• Sean McCann - Music for Private Ensemble: Sound-collage recorders who use their favorite freely downloaded production software to remember the last wedding they attended and captured via cellphone mic.

• Beyoncé - Beyoncé: You type sexy as hell. You wi-fi like ya own the net. You distract rumors about everything in your life by releasing an unannounced album.

• Forest Swords - Engravings: Forum assassins who slice into topics without remorse and continue to come out swinging.

• Arca - &&&&&: Listeners who denied having heard Yeezus or even FKA Twigs for pretentious particular reasons.

• 18+ - MIXTAP3: Literal junkies logging into chat rooms looking to get off while pretending to be the opposite sex, inevitably with someone doing the exact same thing.

• Graham Lambkin / Jason Lescalleet - Photographs: You will not find these people on the internet; these listeners are out in the real world doing things.

• Autre Ne Veut - Anxiety: goers who sing with their laptops in the closet to early Salt-N-Pepa tracks, but should really be hitting up the karaoke joint two blocks away with four new potential pals.

• Kanye West - Yeezus: You know who you are…

• Pharamkon - Abandon: Eh, no big deal, right? Just download some music, listen to it real loud, and then BOOM: therapy. Let’s get a bottle of water.

• Julia Holter - Loud City Song: The processor light flickering inside each one of our computers that holds the key to our every bit of digital life.

• Oneohtrix Point Never - R Plus Seven: See preset #4.

Geneva Jacuzzi

“Another X-MAS”

Since Geneva Jacuzzi tells us she’s never celebrated Christmas before, it may be true that last Christmas she didn’t give us her heart. But this year, during “Another X-MAS,” to save us from tears, the princess of lo-fi synthpop gifted us – even or perhaps especially the naughty ones – with her Kate-Bush-goes-minimal-wave antics applied to holiday paranoia:

“I don’t know why, but I became obsessed with this temporary X-mas tree lot across the street from my building. I think it’s a front for some other sort of ‘shady’ operation. Or maybe I’ve been having emotional problems.”

If you thought Dali’s cards were the avant-garde’st Christmas thing, you better think again, and be prepared for a side of earworms. But what was that under the tree? Santa Claus will make you happy (in your pants) with a toy on Christmas Day!

• Geneva Jacuzzi:



Everyone crash the internet this Christmas. The ego of Lil B “THE BASEDGOD” has done gripped your ears once again, and this time: HE’S MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE BIRTH OF CHRIST. Okay, okay — so what? Black Friday is more important. Comic book heroes, The Matrix, even Yeezus was more important. Actually, FUCK Yeezus. Specifically, 05 FUCK EM.

People been shittin’ butt-naked with their guns in they bathrooms since 100% Percent Gutta in June. So, like, for more than half a year, people been trolled into stuttering about the latest dynasty of Lil B “THE BASEDGOD,” with the occasional screw and “spaz remaster.” But this here is 05 FUCK EM: “a five-disc mixtape.” Makes sense, right? Well, your holiday sucks anyhow, so now’s your chance to make it much better. Stream below and be somebody:


Oneohtrix Point Never

“Boring Angel”

• Oneohtrix Point Never:
• Warp:



YO! In this-here post are a few things you need to scope immediately. Being on this “year-end” kick is FUN [and all; et al], but there’s so much being missed, so Ima beat your ears up a bit with a few new moments (after you scope the old):

Ahnnu (recent D/P/I collaborator) sizzled some nodes at Dirty Tapes LIVE.

Demdike Stare released Testpressing#004 following a nasty lil cassette.

PAN gave us a taste of their 42 release Dance Classics Vol.III by NHK’Koyxen HERE.

Bootleg Tapes’ LORD $M$ (and future D/P/I collaborator) popped off a World of Shit.

But what’ll get us ALL twitching, especially after earning our #15 spot of 2013 with Fresh Roses, is D/P/I’s newest JEANETTE (MIXTAPE). Stop reading and listen below:

• D/P/I:


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