Rob Walmart

“Jacque Cousteau on Land”

In the heart of Marriage Record’s anarchist collective Rob Walmart, legendary aqua-lung Jacque Cousteau is, but is not limited to:

On land. Lived as a cougar. In the water. A fish with hands. Roaming in the fields surrounding him. Somehwere near the horses, threatening them and running. On land in the form of a cougar. A cougar in a mountain. The back of a big ol’ mean billy goat in the mountains of Mexico somewhere in the Sonora. Riding a cougar in the Rockies. Being carried by an eagle and taken by a harpy. In the sky. Being carried by a Valkyrie. In the sky above. In heaven playing a harp. In the dreams beyond. Back of a big horned elk in the mountains of Sonora in Mexico. On land. On the back of a cougar running in the mountains in the Rockies. Being carried by an eagle above British Columbia in Canada. Being carried by a Valkyrie in the land beyond. In heaven. Nursing a billy goat off his teets on the islands of North Carolina. In the ocean far below scubaing up to I can’t comprehend this part. In the sea. Fish for hands. In a club in Minneapolis, naked and dancing. In Panama, driving a pickup truck listening to tapes. In the mouth of a chameleon in the Sonora in Mexico. In a tornado above Nebraska. In the sky. A helicopter falling into a city. Satellite launched. In the land beyond of dreams. Inside of a bee’s mouth in a nest in Nebraska. Running a big horn elk in the mountains in Sonora. Running a cougar in the mountains of the Rockies. Being carried by a Valkyrie. In the sky above. In the sea below everything. Down in the ancient moon, dancing in the red waltz of sea. In the ocean. In the chameleons mouth in the desert in Arizona. Crossing a boarder. In the sky by a selection of birds. In a truck in Panama listening to tapes. On land. At different levels. On earth above and after. On land. In the sky.

Scope Rob Walmart’s “Jacque Cousteau on Land” below and listen to the second new track by following the links to his Bandcamp!

• Rob Walmart:
• Marriage Records:

v e s a


Well, would you look at this. More g’dang foolishness. v e s a (who, from what I can tell, is a pistachio aficionado and a rebellious teenager looking for love in all the wrong places) has gifted the world a pay-what-you-will five track mini-album, okaythishasnomeaning., including reworks of Ashanti’s “Foolish” and Monica’s “So Gone” (which, real quick, thank you v e s a ‘cause I forgot about that gem). Check the whole thing out below, and make sure you stick around until the end. “n o . g a m e s [88]” might end up becoming your new personal theme song, if you’re in the market for one of those.

• v e s a:

Sam Hagensen

“one and it’s over”

Straight off the fire that’s brought by ALL them Post-Lifers diggin’ in the Pitt., Sam Hagensen slides right on down like a slice of butter in a baked potato. Now, typically I slice my salad to shreds, grip dat White Owl, and hang on a long burn. AND, even though Sam Hagensen has that “stick around and fucking vibe” sound to his work, “one and it’s over” is more like a quick hit from this 2oz. glass bottle hooka I bought in that saves me LOADS of money. Less than saving money, Sam Hagensen is MAKING money with “one and it’s over.” Especially in terms of “high,” as the rythm rolls and gets you moving into infinity, asymmetrical pacing seems to be his silent way of attaching.

Think about it in terms of saving money. You could probably eat three egg rolls at Sam Hagensen’s next DJ/producer show/set, having hit water-on-smoke about five minutes before in your whip, then roll out with the wafts as honeys be macin’ and you like, “Nah, gurl. You too fancy. Sit a minute and feel on this lax.” But you point to nothing, walk in the venue/basement/apartment/etc., and as you expected, honeys is following; lemme tell you this via writing: “one and it’s over” totally works! It’s probably flaring off right as everyone is entering too, bag of egg rolls in your pocket, maybe get a Lady and the Tramp style eating situation on one later, covered… in honey, and full of “This probably isn’t good to eat in the club, but I got Sam Hagensen’s Bandcamp page on my computer at home…”

Give Sam Hagensen part of your life ALWAYS when you decided on “one and it’s over.” You never know, so listen to it below:

• Sam Hagensen:
• Post Life International:

Architecture in Tokyo


Let’s be real, the 1980s were totally wrong, disco demolition night was a true American tragedy, and Nu-Disco is here to stay… until SoundCloud takes it upon themselves to further ruin everything that was great about them, curating a virtual disco demolition night headlined by DJ Tom “Like the Drum” Wheeler. But whatever, until that sad day, a crew of Nu-Disco prodigies (マクロス MACROSS 82-99) revolving around the small interdisciplinary that is AMDISCS are coming into their own real quick and dealing out energizing club hits at the same rate.

Detroit player Architecture in Tokyo is releasing a single with AMDISCS soon, but decided to lay down a taste in the three-minute blood-pumper. “FOREVER” gives Patrice Rushen’s “Forgive Me Nots” a bright, new century shine for those warm, love-in-the-alley Detroit summer dance floors.

• Architecture in Tokyo:


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