Fucking Invincible

It’ll Get Worse Before It Gets Better

So, I THINK THINK the lead singer of Fucking Invincible is the same lead singer from Daughters. This guy is insane. He poured beer on and licked my pal Rachel all over her body while onstage performing. He’d spit down his pants and would aim to take shots, as none of those glasses touched his lips. Thankfully, he continued on in music after Daughters split in 2010 for fucking FANG ISLAND… -_- (not even worth linking for reference).

Fucking Invincible has been in tune since 2012, but It’ll Get Worse Before It Gets Better is their first REAL release, opposed to a demo tape and a slew of 7-inches… maybe around 56-inches. And their sound is very nostalgic and angsty, for sure. But mostly like taking a HUGE hit of duster, Fucking Invincible will make you feel like that high is obtainable while driving or floating in the ocean or in the back closet at work. They’re relentless in a simple way. There’s crashing and breakdowns and fists. You’ll pretty much lose teeth listening to It’ll Get Worse Before It Gets Better, which is streaming below:

• Fucking Invincible: https://soundcloud.com/fuckinginvincible
• Atomic Action!: https://atomicactionrecords.bandcamp.com



Since getting over “Edie,” OWN BOO continues on their Mirror Universe Tapes vibe with “Gloom.” Shit, maybe this is post-“Edie” blues? Though, I dunno, the track sounds upbeat-ish and the video is pretty much the eyes of GOD… —er, of the OWN BOO lead singer.

Shoot on over to Mirror Universe Tapes today for the new OWN BOO tape, and grip on some some heavy reeling!

• OWN BOO: http://ownboo.tumblr.com
• Mirror Universe Tapes: http://www.mirroruniversetapes.com

Daniel Higgs & Michael Zerang

“Side A”

If I had to select one living human being I consider to be “divine,” Daniel Higgs would supplant the Pope in a heartbeat. I glimpsed his unmistakable uberbearded visage among the crowd at the Empty Bottle while Frank Rosaly played drums wrapped in chains on stage. This had to be, I dunno, a year ago. I had met Higgs a few months prior when he was in town for an in-store performance at Permanent Records. As Rosaly battered the skins, Higgs told me he was in Chicago crashing with friends while he recorded music with Michael Zerang. “Killer.” Remarkable drummers live in Chicago, and Daniel Higgs wants to make music with them. Shortly thereafter, as gods will, he disappeared into a cloud of mist and/or into the stairs down to the green room. My brain remembers this event happening. Despite Higgs’s mystical time-distorting properties, I am certain it was real.


Press play on Side A of the Higgs/Zerang duo’s and you’ll hear not a word of Higgs’s devotional poetry, but rather a lengthy spell of his freewheeling banjo improvisation, spattered out in rapid-fire runs and self-consuming melodic mantras. Chicago jazz/avant/improv percussion warlord Michael Zerang (who’s performed with the likes of Peter Brötzmann, Kevin Drumm, and Mats Gustafsson) lays down a litany of tight rolls and cyclical patterns on the dumbeck and the frame drum. For all the dexterity they display, the duo surprises most by virtue of their telepathic listening abilities, as Zerang tailors his precise rolls on the fly to match the phrases that Higgs introduces. They crest through a series of intensifying forays, pause for a little back porch breather, and even drop some stars and stripes into the proceedings around the 12-minute mark in an Orcutt-core (or is Orcutt actually Higgs-core?) flourish.


The duo’s recordings land via Chicago label Lake Paradise on an edition of 200 cassettes. You can order one now.

• Daniel Higgs: http://www.thrilljockey.com/thrill/Daniel-Higgs
• Michael Zerang: http://michaelzerang.com
• Lake Paradise: http://www.lakeparadiserecords.com



Like finding the most intricately buried treasure, ATM shows up to listeners as Germany showed up to their game against Brazil during the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™. Now, not to compare ANYTHING EVER to sports, but just this one time: Xerox really kicks it into gear. Stepping outside the signee’s previous monikers Perfume Advert and M/M, ATM gets on a production level of OPN, the house-ness of any 100% Silk (retro, specifically) 12-inch, and grinds on samples kin to (potentially) DJ Screw. So, yeah, Xerox goes hard sonically and as a critical commentary of itself.

As a reflection of this continuing experimental dance music that keeps fluttering out via 1080p Collection, ATM provides further analysis on how everything can be used under one jewel-case roof. Think of it this way, Xerox uses everything you love in every genre of dance music and creates a single feel to all of it as patronage to the art of free-spirit movement. Does this tickle your funny bone enough to bust out, take your lover by the hand, and get down? It will for me as I ride to Ohio this Wednesday afternoon with my fiancee in the navigator seat.

Xerox by ATM is streaming below and AVAILABLE NOW on 1080p Collection, because where else would you go to move this good?

• ATM: https://soundcloud.com/perfume-advert
• 1080p Collection: http://1080pcollection.bandcamp.com



LOL – yes!! Since I quit everything online, and the only thing found on Google when searching my name “Clifford Morrissey” is two pictures of me in Images that link to nowhere (to Hell?), some school news paper writing, and a Hunger Games fan fiction story (by someone I’ve never met before) using my name in full. My next step is finding a “flipphone~~” good enough to call, text, and take photos equivalent of that shitty Instagram filter (which is every “flipphone~~,” so…).

@dead_bae hit me with this video in a lull period of my life while I was fucking on my Android, and luckily, it fell into the toilet. Staring up at me from inside the bowl was @dead_bae ALSO underwater, and essentially reminding me how important a “flipphone~~” could be in my life. Landon got a flip phone and uses the ring-tones as workout/travel music. Either way, @dead_bae is not only killing it on the music video front, but also reminds me how tacky and simple it is to use “flipphone~~.”

Afternoons Modeling put out @dead_bae’s last tape Pity (full stream HERE), and I believe some are still available, but you won’t find “flipphone~~” on it. That’s a WHOLE different technology, sucker!

• @dead_bae : https://soundcloud.com/minerals1


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