Young Money

“Senile (Explicit)” ft. Tyga, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne

Makin’ money. Spendin’ money. How old are you? Forgot, huh? You gone “Senile (Explicit)” since your late 20s? Probz. Tyga is probz the age of your youngest cousin. Maybe nephew. Nicki Minaj judges people, which is chill, whatever. Gotta make a buck. She MAY have tasted Mariah’s sweat. And Lil Wayne is always *flatline*.

You gonna wear that suit everyday for the rest of your life? Carry your briefcase to oblivion? Never once will you dirty your hands or strain your body. Sleeping wrong gives you cramps. Parked car has you spending $327 a month (minimum). Debt? LOL – FORGET IT ALL. Young Money is giving you what you want: REALITY. Figured we all needed a reminder of who’s on top, and guess what, it’s Tyga, Nicki Minaj, and Lil Wayne. And atop this post, they made a video for the new single off Rise Of An Empire, “Senile (Explicit).”

Tsssss @(Explicit)

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“Ridin Round (Sky High)”

Fatima has collaborated with everyone from Dam-Funk and Scratcha DVA to Ras G and Teebs, but after the tasty double A-side single of “Family” and “La Neta” (both produced by Flako), it’s about time we get a debut album, right? RIGHT!!! Conveniently, my next sentence deals with this very idea, as the Stockholm-born, New York-based soul singer is set to release her debut album, Yellow Memories, early next month, which not only features both tracks from that single, but also a bunch of other delicious R&B numbers that feature production help from the likes of Floating Points, Theo Parrish, Oh No, Computer Jay, and Knxwledge.

The track below, “Ridin Round (Sky High),” comes courtesy of producer Scoop DeVille, the first new taste of Yellow Memories since it was announced in full earlier this month. Shit’s super chill and laid back, so for best results, avoid listening while reading news about worldly affairs, because the world is a horrible, cruel son of a bitch.

Yellow Memories is out May 12 on Eglo.

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I’ve been outta the social media game for a minute now, but I try to keep some sorta presence (@c_m0n5t3r) using Twitter. When I was scanning the status/post/user waves, I came along JIPPSI GOLD’s release MY FLANGER & I (DEBUT ANTI-MIXTAPE EP), which the title made me gigz (& I??? ANTI??? YES!). Then I noticed the release pic and thought it was C L E A N E R S, cause $M$ told me that dude IMPOSSIBLE to get talking via cellphone, computer, internet, [anything NOT face-to-face]. Even when I listened to it, at first, it sounds like C L E A N E R S new stuff off Real Raga Shit Vol. 2 (sporadic, sprawling, in sync while NOT being in sync; I head him live last September).

Well, I did exactly what social media was invented for (maybe), contacted JIPPSI GOLD who told me, “No, but C L E A N E R S is a solid contemporary,” and yeah. Though briefly sounding similar, MY FLANGER & I (DEBUT ANTI-MIXTAPE EP) is totally not C L E A N E R S, however, talking into a mic and fucking with people, JIPPSI GOLD is actually on his mixtape, mixed in, AND the master of ceremonies, producer and commentator on what’s being vocalized and beaten out. It’s like telling the future on your own mixtape, while also being a critic who gets critique from others about the music he (may) have made. It’s silly fun, but brilliant in thought. Super creative and fun vibes go out to JIPPSI GOLD in effort of making music that continues to resist music in MY FLANGER & I (DEBUT ANTI-MIXTAPE EP). Swag stream it below, and if you got a nasty system, crank it:




Like the heroic tugboat on its cover, Arktika – by Russian artist X.Y.R. – is a vehicle of vast power, packed into a minimal, maneuverable framework. Able to tow hundreds of times its own weight, the album carries dense loads of mood and emotion. With patient strength and effortless forward motion, the sounds of X.Y.R. cruise waters both tranquil and treacherous. Through a perfect storm of synth and rhythm, Arktika floats on, slowly but surely able to find its way home and tie back up to dry land. The cassette is part of Contellation Tatsu’s stellar Spring Batch of tapes, and features some of the most beautiful and delicate album art of the year so far.

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Ras G

“GMO Hoes” & “Agaveman”

It’s news to me that I’ve never covered Ras G. Is this real? Or maybe I’m just terrible at searching Google? Anyhow, Ras G been making beats for WAY longer that a minute, and has been on a slew of labels: Poo-Bah, Leaving, Brainfeeder, Hit+Run, disques corde, [it goes on]. Last year, he dropped a heavy tape on Leaving Records Raw Fruit Vol. 1, and followed it up earlier this year with Vol. 2. Now, I’m sure the outer-worldly prophet is in the works with plenty other releases, vinyls, spins, and switches, but Ras G just got both volumes of Raw Fruit released on double LP by Stones Throw Records. And not to stay the long-overdue obvious, but what a fitting title for the freshest to natural sweetness. Scope out two tracks from the tapes below, and head to Stones Throw Records ASAP for your double copy today!

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