Lawrence English

“Forgiving Noir”

Having been in the making for two years, Wilderness of Mirrors is finally reaching its way to Lawrence English fans EVERYWHERE (shipping on or before) August 1 via Room 40 on black or white vinyl, CD, and digital (out July 21). And as seen in the new video for “Forgiving Noir,” Lawrence English hasn’t lost his pension for pensive patience. As the focal character, this woman with a branch possesses an intriguing strength in terms of initiative and stamina. She also harnesses a certain mystery that is also pleasantly hidden within Lawrence’s track “Forgiving Noir.” What is this forgiveness all about? How does the noir light transpire upon this specific situation?

Maybe what’s happening is this woman with a branch: she’s encircling the video AND the wilderness itself. If Lawrence English’s newest album title Wilderness of Mirrors has anything to say about the video, the woman with a branch IS just entombed within a lengthy trail of similar scenery. If I consider anything outside of Clint Eastwood’s take on the “genre” noir – eh, fuck it, include Clint Eastwood – “Forgiving Noir” reads more toward the suspenseful aspect of noir lighting (as we all know the lighting came well before any sort of detective sleuth sub-genre took the word’s meaning), and flips the typical idea of the protagonist as the one cracking a mystery, as the VIEWERS (and listeners of the track) are the ones searching for meaning.

Find your meaning of Lawrence English’s Wilderness of Mirrors (a T.S. Elliot reference, btw) NOW, as you can pre-order the CD, LPS, and/or DIGITAL here via Room 40.

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David Russell

“Some Time”

In “Some Time,” taste, as that second cup of coffee settles in your sour stomach, tobacco, crude oil, sandpaper, danish flakes, fruit punch, bags of day-old canapés, light wood, congeners, and bunsen burners. David Russell’s machine percolates with ease: anticipating indecent exposure, yet weary enough to keep it under wraps. The groove is wild enough to unbalance, yet tame enough to hold your coffee. The dance floor is fit for a stumblebum with basement tendencies. Note the washed hair, clean but greasy, as stray shampoo globs lube the dance floor, as “Some Time” continues to sputter, gurgle, and glide.

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“Mourning Jewelry”

Ohhhhh shit!!! SOME EMBER found that “Mourning Jewelry” dealer at the end of town that makes reality transparent to the wearer. Incredibly-so, and thankfully, Melissa Cha was there to capture the actually happenings and cell modification SOME EMBER took performance in a few weeks back. Like, how did all these people keep it together so well and nonchalant, I don’t know, but if my eyes or head or arms were to take the shape of something I had imagined, I’d probably not be keeping my cool, no, sir. However, SOME EMBER got so much swag, reality bending is that of what their used to, having successfully popped off two albums (on Crash Symbols and Dream) and two cassettes (on Night People and Ascetic House), they don’t plan on stopping. Not to mention their sounds are completely melted from imaginings that are of elsewhere but nature.

SOME EMBER got a hot new Self Titled album out now on Dream Recordings both on LP and digital, featuring “Mourning Jewelry.”

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poor sport

“GET LiiKE ME” Ft. Divoli S’vere

Master ballroom producer and MC, Divoli S’vere gets a colorful and futuristic fix on poor sport’s “GET LiiKE ME.” The enigmatic producer showcases S’vere’s characteristic flow while completely reinventing it so that the track showcases itself both as a vocal track and one where the vocals are simply texture. It’s both human and completely plastic at the same time, which only bolsters its sellability. Visually and sonically, poor sport seems to be influenced by the saccharine sparsity of PC Music, Sophie, and the like, but by marrying that with American club tradition, “GET LiiKE ME” converses and reinvents the style rather than imitating.

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Beyond the crystal sunset remains a grotto unlike any other. Palm trees as teal as Nick’s ‘92 Ford Thunderbird. A cave so secluded, the only light baring upon it shines directly through the cracks and into it’s heaven. Water clean enough you can hydrate forever on, as it replenishes faster than hot water in your old apartment. Sand temperatured at “About right” and the grains are like baby powered on your feet. Fish that jump out and ASK you to cook them as they light you fires and carve out skewers…

WELCOME, for you have reached cloudsound. “IIIII” isn’t the sounds that you hear at the moment of death, but is what is heard during your life’s rebirth. No, you’re not just cycling back through again, but it’s a different feel now. None of what you’re feeling is afterlife or a new body, but it’s how you breathe in air differently. Nothing like gills being to sneaky or blow-holes getting plugged, but the actual AIR is different here at cloudsound. Please, relax. Enjoy the rarity of it. And if you can’t come visit, Illuminated Paths got this feel on straight REEL in edition of 25, so grip cloudsound’s newest CS soapy mystics ASAP, or you’ll have to hunt down the tape and then maybe the location, and WHO has time for that? <3

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