The Innernettes

“Nem tudo que ferve é vapor” / “Vapor Bubble Gum / Word Tutorial” / “ピッチファック”

Yo, y’all ready for this $Real$ vaporwave action? Well, The Innernettes about to bird-call off on ya telephone, so anss-ahh ya telephone! Three straight-G Brazilian v-wave videos getting in on the always fading topic: The Innernettes. RIGHT! Above is the video for “Nem tudo que ferve é vapor” (or “Not all that boils is vapor”) is not only as dark as the music/melody/sludging/twinkling, but equally curious in meaning. As vaporwave is always fleeting, the interpretation could be different with the video for (and DEFINITELY the song) “Nem tudo que ferve é vapor.” Essentially, though, it’s corporate attack.

Next up is “Vapor Bubble Gum / Word Tutorial.” It starts off more like a Ferrari Jackson tune, but with the video (I assume the segment…) “Vapor Bubble Gum,” I assume there’s some sort of underlining commentary here about, like - *smile* *smile* *smile* *DO IT* *smile* And there’s “Word Tutorial,” which is just a berate of THIS IS SOMETHING REGAL AND IMPORTANT AND LISTEN AND LEARN AND LANGUAGE! Barriers of language can only be crossed in art. The Innernettes commands this barrier be brought to its knees.

The final video below for “ピッチファック” (which Google Translate says it means “Pitch Fuck”) looks like the super mature, anti-commercial break, and product-placement driven Japanese version of Blossom. Then, zones go to a maximum of out-takes and “remember-whens” as The Innernettes take both sampled sounds and sporadically clipped videos to next level colors and creation. Yet, setting fire to the unreal is The Innernettes mode of operation, no?

For the win, I’ve included The Innernettes’ newest release Hi mom! streaming below:

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Throwing Shade

19 Jewels EP

Throwing Shade, the moniker of London producer Nabihah Iqbal, has just dropped a new EP, titled 19 Jewels. The release, her first since last year’s “Mystic Places” 12-inch on Kassem Mosse’s Omnira imprint, sees the ethnomusicologist and NTS Radio DJ proffering five spacious, ambient tracks that swirl in slow-motion around low-key beats and mellifluous, airy synths. It’s incredibly understated, riding on cliches and non-Western signifiers, but in the context of this relatively faceless obfuscation of transnational identity and meaning-making, it works well. These sounds don’t command attention; they exhale, explore, and expand, filling space like smoke before shimmering off without saying goodbye.

Grab the EP on vinyl via No Pain in Pop, and stream the whole thing here:

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“Deep City”


Snag Sea Levels NOW from Styles Upon Styles Records, and listen to the full 12-inch below:

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YO!!! This one. OOIOO up on their feet, banging sticks and mallets, tilting their heads back and ululating (ulululululating), a-wow a-a-a-wow, laying down thick basslines, meeting the gaze of a prismatic owl buffeted by shrubs and pistils.

Relevant verbs include:
鳴る - naru: “to sound, resound, echo, roar” (Radicals: 口 [mouth], 杰 [hero], 鳥 [bird, chicken])
倒す - taosu: “to topple, knock down” (Radicals: 化 [change], 刈 [cut, prune], 厶 [oneself], 土 [earth, soil], 至 [to attain])
鼓す - kosu: “to beat a drum, gather courage” (Radicals: 并 [unite], 十 [ten], 又 [again], 士 [samurai], 口 [mouth], 支 [support], 豆 [beans])
オバむ - obamu: “to chant ‘Yes we can!’ etc.”

Yoshimi P-We and company return for Gamel, the fifth OOIOO full-length on Thrill Jockey, and our lives are therefore enriched. Like fellow Boredoms Yamataka Eye and Shinji Masuko, Yoshimi’s lifer career in transmutative sounds continues to stretch into present day collaborations and long-running non-Bore ensembles. On “Atatawa,” her drums and voice lead her comrades into clattering rhythmic permutations possessed of an exuberance and carefree energy that belies the intricacy beneath the surface. Overtly inspired by gamelan music, Gamel’s polyrhythmic explorations hack out new paths through the brush far beyond the rock band paradigm — to which the quartet offers a winking, “そうだね.”

You can preorder Gamel now in advance of the July 1 release date.

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Ma Turner

“A Family in Shade”

There’s something intriguing to me about “A Family in Shade.” Yeah, the title says a lot about what’s happening here, but personally, I can’t let the new Ma Turner track become background music. Shit, it’s less that I can’t, but he won’t allow it. And not in a fascist way, but more like – like how a regular Lincoln-Log house is looked over, but an actual two story house made of Lincoln-Logs is fucking noticeable. Well, within “A Family in Shade,” Ma Turner just continues to stack on sounds almost in a sort of noise harmony. As if the fellah is not only cooling off with “A Family in Shade,” but is hiding them and protecting them from the sun and enjoying the pleasantness out of the focal light. And much like the sounds he employs, I feel (as the listener) that I’m intently peaking into the group, wanting to know what they’re talking about, festering thoughts, and manically thinking about how Sophomore Lounge Records blessed in a cursed way with the premiere of “A Family in Shade” level of sonic depth.

Ma Turner goes WAY the fuck back too. Fucking, the Warmer Milks. Castanets swag. Human BELL!!?! Jesus. Apparently he “has been making sound and visual art under assorted guises since the early 1980’s.” Fuck OUTTA here! Well, eat my words, ‘cause Ma IS actually getting the fuck out! This Spring and Summer, Ma will be touring the U.S. and playing platinum hits off his recent Blossoming Occult Creation on Half-Gifts and Nessy Peen on Loin Seepage cassettes. Oh, shit: DUH! Also, he’ll be poppin’ off some tracks off his FIRST full-length vinyl release under the name Ma Turner entitled, ZOZ, coming out on Sophomore Lounge Records this month. So, once you get over the gravity of “A Family in Shade” head to the label’s site and grip a copy to spin!

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