Armand Hammer

“Black Ark (Blockhead Remix)”

If you think about it, Blockhead is an obvious choice to remix an Armand Hammer track, not only because he produced billy woods’ 2013 solo project, Dour Candy, but because his sound could be described as world music on its way to or returning from outer space, while the combination of Armand Hammer’s billy woods’ geopolitics and Elucid’s metaphysics results in something similarly of and not of this planet. The title of the song being remixed here is presumably derived from Lee “Scratch” Perry’s Black Ark Studio, a recording space centrally located at the intersection of genius and insanity. There’s a certain shamanistic quality at work in the music of Perry, Elucid, Blockhead, and to a lesser extent, woods too. Understanding that reinforces the already apparent cohesion of this remix, which you can stream or download below. Originally released as a loosie on Backwoodz Studioz’s SoundCloud page, “Black Ark Remix” was more recently included by Blockhead himself on a remix compilation that the producer put together for his fans, which I highly recommend.

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Seth Graham

“Serious Shart”

C Monster has gotten so frustrated with finding words to prop his best mates’ music that he’s started asking me to do it. I’ve tried telling him before that everybody’s all over Orange Milk, that we already get how wonderfully manic the label founders Seth Graham and Keith Rankin are in all their artistic incarnations – they don’t need more press! He’s all “prophecy”, “FUCK,” and “let’s stop eating meat….” Consider that some disclaimer. [Editor’s note: hi]

Graham put out a belting record this year on Tranquility Tapes called Creaky Clumsy. It was a berserk and tempestuous experiment in electronic composition that also featured the likes of Foodman and Giant Claw, with Sean McCann on mastering duties. The album came after the release of Man Feelings – which Tabs Out, who recently interviewed OM for their Laser Focus podcast, proclaimed to be the Number-One Cassette of 2013 – AND an announcement that Orange Milk would be going full-time hence forth.

“Serious Shart” is the first batty nugget of muddle to come from Graham’s forthcoming split with Chris Bush (a.k.a Flower Man). It’s a frantic nine minutes to say the least and a firm indication that it’s gonna be another HOT year for the Brooklyn/Columbus based label. Check the track out below and be sure to keep an attentive eye on Orange Milk for upcoming releases as January rears its smooth, valiant head.

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“Fit,” the first track tossed into the world by a post-Hype Williams copeland, served to demonstrate the producer’s ongoing float-game finesse, cooing at a comfortably high altitude and protected from any ragged realities below. On new track/video “copeland657,” she’s back on the dirty Earth, getting in a few stretches with new trainers before bounding off down a forest trail with confidence and start-stop precision. The meandering city-synth twinkle of earlier material gives the song a familiar wooziness but mixes with dangers more immediate than malaise — namely, swooping owl attacks — to give the track a hard edge, something akin to exerting yourself within a dream.

Interested in where things might lead from here? Nab tickets to the Sonar festival this June, where copeland will “present her new unreleased material.” Londoners can also catch her performing with Martyn on February 2 at Corsica Studios.

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Tha Connection

Alife’s & Air Max’s Mixtape

It’s Timberland weather outside as I write this cooped up in my Centerport apartment, having just finished watching the final episodes of Breaking Bad. I wish I could I remember where I left my black Timbs, but I cannot. Oh wait … where are my manners? HAPPY NEW YEAR! And in case you couldn’t tell from this post, this year I resolve to keep kicking you in the shins with all manner of under-appreciated hip-hop, such as the mixtape streaming below, Alife’s and Air Max’s by Tha Connection, a Hempstead-based duo consisting of Hus Kingpin and SmooVth, whose taste in beats is enough alone to warrant your attention, but whose refined rhymes conceived and delivered in the vein of more-popular peer/collaborator Roc Marciano should earn their back catalog a place in all your physical and digital libraries.

This year I’m also resolving to write the Chocolate Grinder’s longest and most link-packed grammatically-correct, editor-stumping sentence, but I digress… any weather is good weather for listening to (not wearing) Alife’s and Air Max’s, which, in addition to the stream below is available as a free download and on CD as well.

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Real Raga Shit Vol. 1

The real fraud is that line between reality and dreaming. You lose your breath both in the cold and of the mind, but one thing’s for SURE: “What did you say? ‘Cause I definitely remember differently.” Caked layers of dust upon imagery that may have happened, but where were we, you know? That area of me to you? We won’t escape the “Slumtown Symfunny” together without clothing. Or hysteria in the name of clapping louder than flailing out around the edge of town. Hysteria. More like a buddy-cop movie that is searching for meaning in the meandering. A big magnifying glass. Mom jeans. The apartment key around your neck: it’s purple.

“C L E A N E R S must’ve been here,” you said while wiping your index finger across Real Raga Shit left stuck to the ground. My sweater up against your jeans – now, knelt – and the shoreline is waving in ice upon the sand. The chill numbs all -teriors. Feeling this far from the opposite [diagonal south] seeps in the harshness of “Tijuana Blues.” What does it mean to be alive and a human being? It’s the pinnacle of civilization to build your hair back from bald into a fucking mow-hawk. Fake hair found at the scene between you and her; me and she; them; they all in on this: one way or another. Flex the flow of existence below:

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