Strange Mountain

Ancient Eyes

From the depths of Jakarta, Indonesia, comes Marcel Thee of Sajama Cut, maker of Strange Mountain music. A new release from the minimalist project is titled Ancient Eyes and available on cassette from Twin Springs Tapes out of Asheville, North Carolina. Rich ambient tones and hypnotizing percussion loops cover both sides of tape with euphoric, meditative textures. From playful twinkling melodies to somber drone progressions, the album travels a route that is adventurous yet familiar, ancient yet untouched. Try to yoink one of the super limited tapes from Twin Springs before they’re all gone! The case is the same with Strange Mountain’s Lillerne Tapesrelease and Ginjoha release. So enjoy Ancient Eyes on the digital below:

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Guest Mix: Ara Koufax

A Lonely Go-Bag Mix

It’s about time to revamp out fucking Friday mixes, mother fuckers. This week is a nasty lil mix from Naysayer & Gilsun members (Sam and Luke) with their newest project Ara Koufax. After finishing a new EP for Club Mod, the fellahs-two debuted their single “Converge” just at the end of last month, giving listeners no room for down-time. Apparently they locked themselves in a beach house getting loop and improvised crazy during the wintertime, and amongst general dismay, they conjured up some mental dust that had been laying stagnant for a minute or two or a few years. And in the mean-time, as they’re preparing for a new Ara Koufax EP release, they squeezed in time for a TMT Friday mix for MAX killage.

Next week is a fresh fucking mix from me, C Monster. Hopefully that week after, we’ll snag one from our fearless leader, Mr. P. Then open it up for more if y’all new writers think you got what it takes!!! :)

Stream below, and subscribe to our podcast here.

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“Jesso Testa”

One can’t ever be mad upon hearing a new track from the outstandingly experimental, all female Japanese group OOIOO, especially when said track kicks off with a frantic rush of gamelan bells and careens headlong into a celebratory, Deerhoof-esque, downright anthemic dual-guitar riff that dropkicks you in the face with FUN! The aforementioned song, “Jesso Testa,” makes one want to abandon their shoes, throw on a billowy white ceremonial gown decked out with colorful streamers, don a wreath of fragrant summer flowers, and go cartwheeling through a tree-lined field until dizzy, taking breaks only to drink mead, allow a graceful butterfly to perch upon one’s finger, and ultimately wind up in the company of a hundred others in a similar trance, compelled to join in a dizzying Bacchanal of the most innocent and friendly variety.

“Jesso Testa” is taken from OOIOO’s upcoming album Gamel, due out July 1 on Thrill Jockey (PRE-ORDER HERE!!!!). Although the whole album is inspired by Javanese gamelan, you can bet that each track will take a wildly different approach to that intense musical style which has captivated so many, in a way only OOIOO knows how. The fervent and divided reaction that this unique group’s music has typically inspired since their mid-90s inception should be enough at this point to finally stop obligatory comparisons to founder Yoshimi P-We’s other (legendary) outfit, Boredoms.

Lucky North American readers can catch OOIOO on a rare tour of the continent in July.

OOIOO North American Tour Dates:
Tue July 15th - Chicago, IL - Lincoln Hall
Thu July 17th - Washington, DC - Rock & Roll Hotel
Fri July 18th - Brooklyn, NY - Rough Trade Brooklyn
Sat July 19th - Boston, MA - Cafe 939
Sun July 20th - New York, NY - Le Poisson Rouge
Mon July 21st - Philadelphia, PA - Johnny Brenda’s
Tue July 22nd - Toronto, ON - Lee’s Palace
Wed July 23rd - Detroit, MI - Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit

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Virginia Trance

“Something in the Air”

Helllll yeah, my boi Scott Davis ripping through rays of music sunlight with Virginia Trance. Sometimes you gotta go hill-side without some shoes and just stare into the oblivion of American. But it’s all shaded with them ultra protective lenses you cooled yourself with back at the last Quik-Mart. Now go forth and forage the uncharted road ahead. Find out where it leads.

Up the pathway, there’s “Something in the Air,” and it’s a heavy scent. It’s unlike anything you’ve whiffed before, but it smells spiritual. As if you were ascending the holiest of mountains. It’s it possible you’re only
7-inches from paradise? What do you plan on asking the guru that sits at the top?

Ima ask him if he snagged a second copy of Virginia Trance’s 7-inch release on Holy Mountain, and when he’s planning on giving it to me for pure spin peace. Scope the video for “Something in the Air,” and smell them chopped up fresh flowers, y’all!

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…in the POWWAW

Swarvy. Goin’ lounge-beat. Gonna know ya block off that couch, yo. Headin’ on down to them filtered out repeat ad nauseam licks, Swarvy blows up Paxico’s POWWAW like a true G. Random synth lines going deep. Random sounds out that sampler it’s hard to decide what’s entirely truth. Unless you wanna relate “truth” to the entire live Swarvy set. And in that case, you done-better preach it. LOL - yo, someone free-style to these Paxico beats already or I’m gonna and overdub it on the next post. Kidding. Stoked to hear from the Paxico lead-mang the other day and had to front on this mix. Dig it, y’all!!

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