Exoteric Continent

Primera Norma [Promo Mix]

You’re by a lake. You’re by a lake in the hills and the sky is darkening across a melted sun-lit horizon harnessing a log hanging mist in the trees long the landscape. Face painted the color of war and you’re running toward a well-moving highway. Licking off bullets gains you “Accés” to the pathway before you to seep pure evil into the surrounding city and suburban areas.

The “Primera Norma” to driving here relies on manifesting as much fear in the bubble that grows around you, so feel free to continue flinging as many slugs out the window as you own. Slowing down is never an option, your heart is about to grow hands and rip itself out of your body, and the pulse in your neck, thighs, wrists, and eyes feel as though a beat is steady through pistons and gunfire.

Cast yourself out to society. Become the violent “Cap de turc” people come to expect from you now that they’ve seen you on the news and every television screen for the past hour, having robbed six corner stores and run over and/or shot enough people to fill a hilltop cemetery. And less is more, but all the while having everything is not as expensive as it always seemed.

But to break it all down, gaining momentum to the inevitable tragedy to all this, the “Sinòpsi d’una crisi” seems to be darkness. Now that it’s nearly black outside, even the red and blue blaring light in all directions is nearly visible. Maybe just overrun the ramp, hit those clear mountain tops, ramp, dive out, and see if your parachute takes wind. So does it?

Hospital Productions put out Exoteric Continent’s latest reeler Primera Norma, and a [Promo Mix] was made of it, which is streaming below. The mix misses the violence of length that the full-length tracks bare on the release, but the preview is worth listening too. Only bad part about owning this tape: you have to flip it over half way through. But putting it on repeat is essentially welcomed.

• Exoteric Continent: http://exotericcontinent.wordpress.com
• Hospital Productions: http://hospitalproductions.net

Crash Symbols

Touched By an Angle Compilation

Saw track one from The Cyclist and hit the play button. I haven’t heard from this dude since that Leaving Records/Stones Throw compilation, and his contribution to that 2CS(LP) turned heads, leading to the full-length, Bones In Motion on Leaving Records later that year. “Heated Cliff” here keeps it just as dirty and analog as all of my favorite digital releases. And Touched By an Angle keeps a fuzzy length of the contributor list, moving through Luxury Elite to Foodman, and Cream Dream. Then there are the other twenty-nine on the list who are all new to me, dropping tunes I was never not going to like. Yet, for a compilation, the thing moves with a fluidity that had me thinking I was still finishing out that Cyclist track when I was already five cuts in. Recordings of a field filled with failing software and wires pieced together with electrical tape and impoverished technical intuition. Kind of hard to tell where one stops and another begins. Just one big string of electrical tunneling.

The whole compilation is available for free over at the Crash Symbols Bandcamp page; a map of an underground system connecting laptops ‘cross the globe through, like, LoJack and… and built-in webcams. From here, the hyperlinks are practically infinite.

• Crash Symbols: http://crashsymbols.bandcamp.com

Barnaby Bennett & Patrick Whitten


Relax and find the center of your self. In a haze you see certainty that’s unlike any truth you’ve ever bared. Zoning toward your psyche with the speed of a bubble popping at fruition. Secrets hidden within will just be as hard to decipher as they are to witness. Feelings of near-pain become of pleasure when everything stops burning. Like synaptic sizzle that starts from the front lobe and travels in pulses of purple and [colorless] on to the back bit and down the spine. Crawling along ever porous bit of bone and brain. The body remains still and unwrithing. Poised in stature the physical remains complacent as the internal battles constantly to determine reality.

Good old Barnaby Bennett is making with that nU-trance-age “NAMASTE” riffage here with the bloops following Patrick Whitten’s lead on slick-lined bleeps. And just more than 26 minutes of pure mind stirring creativity breathes into nodes lightly while expanding vastly. Like how condensed air cells suck in small but blow up into burst of dimensional visions and life. Listen to “NAMASTE” below and dig the sight of Barnaby Bennett and Patrick Whitten.

• Barnaby Bennett: http://barnabybennett.snack.ws

Gucci Mane & Young Thug

“Hot Boys”

Gucci Mane won’t shut the fuck up. That’s a good thing. In addition to starring in Harmony Korine’s fantastic Spring Breakers (the man unintentionally slept while filming a sex scene!), the Trap God unveiled 10 solo releases last year, the last of which was The State vs. Radric Davis II: The Caged Bird Sings, released on Christmas Day. But while 2014 has started off relatively quietly for him, Gucci revealed on Sunday two new releases set for April 1: Brick Factory Vol. 1 and Young Thugga Mane LaFlare.

The latter release is (duh) a collaboration with man-of-the-moment Young Thug, who contrary to reports is indeed still hooked up with Gucci’s Brick Squad — at least for now. Check out the first preview of the album, “Hot Boys,” below. I haven’t heard it yet because I’m having some thots count my gwop — let me know how it is.

• Gucci Mane: http://www.guccimaneonline.com
• Young Thug: http://twitter.com/YoungThugWorld

Patrick Higgins

Live in Chicago April 2013

Damn Patrick Higgins got that magic brewing. As a sound warlock and finger charmer, his newest video of an April 2013 show in Chicago present (I believe) the time period between STEREO being release late 2012 and his double LP featuring Mivos Quartet String Quartet No.2 + Glacia – released late 2013. But this here in-between stage is WAY sticky. Tons of nods to both years’ releases. And noises beyond human comprehension. Plenty of rough and soft textures. Grainy and smoothed out harmonies. Quiet sounds versus the entirety of pure musical creation in an ever reversing wave of repetition. It’s wizardy at it’s pinnacle of brilliance.

Scope Higgins’ album from last year on CD or LP. He is currently playing as part of the legendary ZS, which y’all can anticipate a new album from them sometime this year. Heard they recorded some of it in a church upstate that Patrick may or may not be living in to absorb all types of echo and acoustic pathways of structural depth. Enjoy Patrick Higgins live in Chicago above and expect big things upon the horizon!

• Patrick Higgins: http://www.patrickhigginsmusic.com



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