The coolest thing I’ve seen in a little while was driving along seeing a fellah on a chopper (complete biker get-up; the works) nod to a dude smoking a cigarette outside O’Flannery’s pub who nodded back. Totally lamest cool EVER. This reminds me of the new FAMILY EVENT DEMO TAPE, which I’m totally late to, but to my glee, there were a few reels left.

Anyhow, this DEMO TAPE reminds me of that event because it’s just two cool dudes (aaronmaxwell & James Matthew) noddin’ back and forth, no? And not only is it all about how random they can make the sweetest fucking beats feel like Tyson fists, but the lamer the sample, the cooler the rhythm gets. Thus, FAMILY EVENT has gathered again, and reels are becoming uncontrollable.

FAMILY EVENT’s DEMO TAPE has been out since late April, but there are some left and it’s worth the C20 to crank on straight infinity flip:

• James Matthew:
• aaronmaxwell:


GIVV - -

Have you ever seen that wacked-out Cronenberg movie Dead Ringers? If you have then your quite familiar (unfortunately) with that nightmare scene, where Jeremy Irons’ character dreams that he’s conjoined to his identical twin brother via some freakish, varicose-y mutant umbilical cord, and then his girlfriend, in an attempt to separate them, viciously sinks her teeth into it and almost tears them right apart. It’s nasty stuff.

It’s kind of like this GIVV, NAH project, in that it’s nasty as fuck! A brutal, balls-to-the-wall concoction of filthy, cacophonous beats and straight up grimy-ass MC’ing. I can’t say I’m too familiar with rapper GIVV, but it’s nice to finally hear some ill vocals accompany NAH’s sounds. I’ve been digging his output for a while now, he’s been putting in work for a long-ass time on that solid DIY game.

I am a bit late on this release though [Editor’s Note: you’re good! :)], I only kind of skimmed through it on first listen for some reason, hella stoked that I revisited this bad boy, however. But anyhow, check it out below, and if your heart so desires, you can go on ahead and cop this goodness for absolutely nada.

• NAH:
• Ranch Records:

Sparkling Wide Pressure

“A Structure Collapsing in on Itself”

What threw me off at the get-go is I’ve been listening to so much of this anti-beat beat scene music that I initially thought this was going to be along those lines. And the track title, “A Structure Collapsing in on Itself” gives a sort of sampled and reused idea of an intentionally faulty foundation. Yet, seeing how Sparkling Wide Pressure has been using loop magic and ambiance manipulation for centuries (really, just years) now, I figured there was a sort of head nod into me free-styling at my desk while a tiny A/V-HS manipulated video plays out in my Jolly Rancher-gazed eyes.

But “A Structure Collapsing in on Itself” by Sparkling Wide Pressure turns into something way more beautiful and psychedelic than diminishing rhythms, and surprisingly attunes every chakara within your being, and upon the ninth listen – I heard from an extremely reliable source (i.e., no I didn’t) – you’ll being to float away from the mundane of your day and drift into a bliss that only Tranquility Tapes knows, fronts, and supports on a collectively healing level. Sparkling Wide Pressure’s newest cassette Dream of Windows will be released early July on Tranquility Tapes. Become beyond with Moduli TV’s video of “A Structure Collapsing in on Itself” below:

• Sparkling Wide Pressure:
• Tranquility Tapes:



Q///Q muffles the microphone, withholding secrets under its breath, finagled by stuffy delay. Toms and tambourines are die-cast; the stiff skeletons of hi-hats and rimshots strain through the molten lattice.

Further back, past the reticent vocalist, past the percussion molds, synthetic strings progress. They are distant, abandoned by their orchestra, nodding off in their surroundings, for a split second at a time, in spite of their melodic responsibilities. They are the weight and balance to Jardim’s coolheaded passages.

Jardim’s five sketches are cohesive: in tone, in texture, and in brevity. Their brevity causes desire for elaboration to well up inside of the listener. Starting with “Gom Gom” right through “Tourada A Corda,” the listener is settled in, prepared for a long ride in Q///Q’s compact. But, in a flash, the ride is over; the secrets are preserved; the rope is recoiled; the bull is at rest.

• Q///Q:
• Self-help Tapes:

Thus Owls

“How In My Bones” (Live)

I’m a enthralled with Thus Owls’ performance of “How In My Bones” live at La Tulipe in Montreal. Sunday I saw CHVRCHES in McCarren Park and felt like I was in a Bubble-Yum commercial. And typically when I witness “live” “music,” I feel tacky. It’s like watching someone being emotional in a really weird way for (MAYBE) 45 minutes and then clapping (????) and walking away. However, Thus Owls really lays down a retro-psychedelic blues-rock vibe here that harnesses that before-its-time nostalgia. And they’re totally not afraid to feel it too. Also, I’m convinced that all good groups have vocals from everyone involved. I love it when tambourines are used in today’s musical world. Yes!!!

Turning Rocks, Thus Owls’ newest CD/LP is available through Secret City Records NOW/HERE/GRIP. You can snoop at that live video below of “How In My Bones” being given a nearly flawless performance by Thus Owls’ below:

• Thus Owls:
• Secret City Records:


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