T o p $

“skirrrrrrrrrrt9 [with D. Neptune]”

Wait a hot minute, “skirrrrrrrrrrt9” is ONLY five minutes long? Whoa. I could’ve sworn I was listening to this for like half an hour at least. I don’t know: at what seemed to be about a minute-or-so in to the song, time started to kind of slow down. I started to feel heavy all of a sudden, the still, whist air became resistant to my movements, easy and smooth as they were. The synths washed over me like a tide coming in. I felt like a rogue cell floating through the blood stream, fluid, effortless backstroke through the plasma, bouncing from cell to cell. Mmmm, so based, T o p $ really hit the spot with this one. I’d even go so far as to say that this was tip-top (tip-top$? I’ll stop)(Sorry).

• T o p $: https://soundcloud.com/topsdollarsign
• D. Neptune: https://soundcloud.com/douglas-neptune

Wifi Princess

“Reebok Love”

“Reebok Love” and four other wavy tracks have been locked in a password protected dungeon since November, waiting for a digi-heroine with Wi-Fi knowledge beyond their years to break them free from the hands of second-ife obscurity. Many fought, many failed before producer, singer, url lifer Wifi Princess — the friend who can feel the free Wi-Fi hotspot wherever they are, this world’s Old Yeller. She slides in with total love for LDR and jailbreaks the witch-hop quintet. Struggling to find them a home, [a future label] offers the five fugitives shelter in a beach side condo known to friends as Lust of Tears.

Check Wifi-P’s Dream and Desire EPs and revel in Lust for Tears out now.

• Wifi Princess: https://soundcloud.com/wifi-princess

Denmark Vessey & Scud One

“Do You Believe”

Have you drank of Denmark Vessey’s Kool-Aid yet? If so, then you’ve probably already seen the above video for “Do You Believe” …inside your mind! If not, then watch at your own risk. The ensuing hypnagogic hallucinations will surely lead you to Denmark Vessey and Scud One’s Cult Classic, which was given form by Dirty Science on 11/12/13, sold out quickly and is now being re-pressed on red splatter vinyl — pre-orders currently available.

• Denmark Vessey: http://denmarkvessey.com
• Scud One: https://twitter.com/ScudOne
• Dirty Science: http://www.thedirtyscience.com

Ancient Ocean

“A Finite Life”

John Bohannon’s Ancient Ocean project feels like it’s been off the map for a bit, so it’s nice to see the ebbing tide of melody he summons is ready to make its way back to the shores of our headphone’d ears. For this taste off a new cassette release from Fire Talk called Through a Fear of Ageing, layered tones roll in with a delicate thrum ahead of something like a prepared piano plinking down into the wash, like droplets falling in the middle of a crystal clear lake. It’s got all the cooling and calming effects of a summer lounge out in the sticks, too, the ripples in the liquid mirror gently bending the beautiful imagery into things even more beautiful, full of hypnotic motion and curiosity. All of this situated in a solitary sort of setting, and although full in its own right, kept company by miles of a surrounding silence with a deep and tangible sense of space.

Ancient Ocean is also drifting toward your town on tour this month as well. Catch him at any of the dates you see here:

6/17 - Montreal, QC - Casa Del Popolo (Suoni Per II Popolo Festival)
6/19 - Toronto, ON - Edward Day Gallery (NXNE)
6/21 - Toronto, ON - The Great Hall (NXNE)
7/10 - Brooklyn, NY - Body Actualized
7/14 - Brooklyn, NY - The Acheron

• Ancient Ocean: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ancient-Ocean/127236815717
• Fire Talk Records: http://firetalkrecs.com


STRΛNGΣ DΛZΣ [album teaser]

There’ll come a time where something like Godzilla (maybe an earthquake or storm or [something]) will knock out all our technology.Eventually, throughout decades of research and try and fail experimenting, we’ll figure out new/rightful ways of gaining resourceful power to bring humanity back to an age were “modern” is like today, only smashed to bits and rebuilt. We’ll figure out mass and space transportation, neo-next-level entrainment, and digital archeology.

Exhibit A shows an extracted video saved on a hard drive buried deep beneath the soil made by broken machine films. As one can study, the group made it for another production company called Illuminated Paths, and potentially someone they produced named FΘXXTΛIL. On TOP of that, STRΛNGΣ DΛZΣ seems to be the name of a full length production somewhere too, as this appears as an [album teaser].

But holy crud, does the sounds of this match that neo-future feel of dreadful wonder. What were these STRΛNGΣ DΛZΣ FΘXXTΛIL experienced? Was it of contemplative dismay? Were there surrounding effects of lethargy as one would gaze into their… OH! It’s actually right here on this hard drive too. Damn it’s good. Didn’t you hear this in 2014 when it was released by Illuminated Paths? Oh, for SURE get on that, ASAP via the links below, and grip the reel thang too!

• FΘXXTΛIL: http://foxxtail.bandcamp.com
• Illuminated Paths: http://illuminatedpaths.bandcamp.com


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