“Obama Zombies”

Taken off the latest tape from Crash Symbols, Diode’s “Obama Zombies” encapsulates the dark synth vibes of the rest of their self-titled cassette. Fusing thick and dusty synths with scratchy, head-banging beats, the duo of Shawn Foree (Digital Leather) and David Hansen (Worried Mothers) don’t lay off the intensity one bit. One can imagine the ideal atmosphere for hearing these guys being a sweaty basement show, where they’re playing alongside other synth- and guitar-led punk groups. Stream the hilariously titled “Obama Zombies” below, and be sure to scope out the rest of the wild ride that is this tape here.

• Crash Symbols: http://crashsymbols.bandcamp.com



Why does the OPN EDM Crew (Software) always make me feel like I gotta Escape From New York? I get it. It can get real aggro in the go-to apocalyptic destination. You really have to give some end-of-the-world shine to L.A., though. Drones are suiting up for the PD over here, sky patrolling for a bust. Robocop ain’t cute no more and it can feel real T2 in the Southland. On his debut LP, L.A. producer Napolian unlocks some forgotten G-funk beaters from cryo-sleep and offers a needed West Coast connection to the label. Put your guard up before the world turns.

It’s no done deal though. Off the screen(s), day life is icee cool in the mad city. Beat preacher Ian Evans stays true and keeps runnin’ on GODMUSICFAMILY. Check out the video for album cut “Reminisce,” directed by Ramez Silyan. Between the attack/defense rattling of Incursio star tracks, there’s pure rejoice. Breathe. Readjust. It’s good to see you out here again! You’re looking real blessed today. XOXO & POSITIVITY 24/7

Incursio by Napolian is out now via Software

• Napolian: https://soundcloud.com/gunsandsynths
• Software: http://www.softwarelabel.net


“These Words Make Up The Lyrics Of The Song”

Who’s down for some adventure this Friday? ‘Cause from what I’ve heard, the great lockout of ‘14 is currently in effect, and the World Cup just started it’s second game about a half hour ago. So, while I’m out-and-about this Friday in NY, I’m expecting my adventure through everyone freaking out about soccer will be well sound-tracked by none other than improv-adventure-jazz-rock-psyche trio People. Thus, of course my current favorite jam is their second off their newest album (or shall I say The Misplaced Files), 3xaWomen.

Although the first track, “Prolegomenon” sets the initial mood, “These Words Make Up The Lyrics Of The Song” brings the albums thematic tone of playing every note and instrument in existence. Maybe that’s not ENTIRELY true, but beyond People sounding completely adventurous in sound, it’s as though they also shoot for that in musical ability. And as they’ve had difficulty releasing these 14 gems “after a series of label closings in the Great Drought of the late oughts,” 3xaWomen shines through on Telegraph Harp in full flavor. And if the faux lax in the lyrical creation of “These Words Make Up The Lyrics Of The Song” makes any impression in you as a listener, you’re in for a treat!

People is comprised of Mary Halvorson, Kevin Shea, and Kyle Forester, with Peter Evans, Sam Kulik, and Dan Peck helping out on horns. 3xaWomen is being released on CD/LP/digital via Telegraph Harp next Tuesday (June 17).

ALSO: Wednesday, July 2 @Death By Audio (around) 8pm is the PEOPLE record release party! Mary Halvorson (guitar, vocals), Kyle Forester (bass, vocals), and Kevin Shea (drums, vocals) with Child Abuse, Cellular Chaos and Angel of Retribution!!! Be there, sucka!

• People: http://www.maryhalvorson.com
• Telegraph Harp: http://telegraphharp.com



This is a confession. I went to a local Björk dance tribute show put on by Chicago choreographer Kasey Foster yesterday with zero expectations. Two things: I’ve lived twenty-four years and am afraid of everything because anxiety is weird [Editor’s Note: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]. But this crowded dance tribute show was different: it was religious. Absolutely, I was shivering with fear, but that doesn’t matter since the show was in honor of Icelandic royalty Björk, who – until I sat down and watched the Spike Jones-directed “Triumph of a Heart” last month – I simply knew her as a pop enigma and not as the only modern wonder of the world. It’s was like searching for the answer when it was being suggested by everyone you know and influenced by; everything coming out of your half-working car stereo. I can’t ask forgiveness, but, Björk, if you’re hearing this over whatever MC Ride is yelling to you about, I am offering LLLL as penance.

They’re this heavy, driving j-gaze meets j-pop crew based in Tokyo who put an apt-titled stream of Paradice up on emerging internet-via-California label Zoom Lens. If you’re feeling it, Björk, you can preorder the debut full-length here. Please, you are a queen.

ILY Björk.

• LLLL: https://soundcloud.com/lllltokyo
• Zoom Lens: http://zoom-lens.org

Auburn Lull


What in relax’s name is this? Oh, perfect. Not only is the musician/band title Auburn Lull, but the release title is Hiber. As well, it’s on the label Geographic North (a.k.a. FUCKING COLD). So they covered all their thematic basis via name-sake to match sound. Again, perfect!

And what a better time to get frosty and lax’d than end-of-Spring-and-into-Summer. Legit, this tape will reel nicely anywhere outside on a humid or muggy or scorching or just-right day out. Tongue frozen synth licks that stick for such a length of time, you begin to wonder where the pole begins and your mouth ends.

Specifically, this release reminds me of the winter ghosts that follows me around on summer nights when things get JUST a bit to chilly and I do nothing about it but wrap myself in a blanket and call it a tee-pee. So skrill up some wampum for Hiber by Auburn Lull via Geographic North ASAP, and scope the stream of it below as you wait:

• Auburn Lull: http://www.auburnlull.com
• Geographic North: http://geographic-north.com


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