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Pour up a double cup of AriZona peach iced tea and watch a 100% speed run of Pokémon Snap. The 26:08 record is v cool in all (s/o RaikerZ), but I can’t help feel for my boy Todd Snap. He’s not about that shoot ‘em up, get paid corporate work ethic. The kid is an artist (e.g., @YUNGDARWIN). Yeah, he does freelance work. He shoots from the hip. Definitely, film > digital. Photo-renegade all the way.

You say, capture a whole poké-filled island in 26 minutes? And, only 60 shots per stage? C’mon, that’s fucked! Let the dude pack an apple, toss a couple Pester Balls into the hot box, and let his trigger-happy fingers fly. Is there even a proper sound system in this ride, btw?

PEACHBOIZ VOL 1 is your SPF420-ready Pokémon Island playlist, whether you’re cruising on Rainbow Cloud or R-boosting the ZERO-ONE for world champ status. A sweet and juicy summer peach gushing with Poké Flute melodies and giddy N64 beats. A peach you can eat for hours.

“Wonderful!” - Professor Oak


Tabs Out: Laser Focus #6

Hausu Mountain

Tabs Out is an all-cassette podcast that’s been documenting the prolific tape underground with joyful obsession and humorous expertise since 2012. Tiny Mix Tapes has teamed with Tabs Out for a show called Laser Focus, in which tape aficionados/fetishists Mike Haley, Dave Doyen, and Joe B hone in on a specific label or artist. Check out the archive here.

With the abundance of cassette labels out there, it can be hard for fresh faces to get noticed in the crowd. Being overlooked was definitely not an issue for Chicago heads Max Allison (who writes for TMT as Mukqs) and Doug Kaplan, who began releasing jams on their label Hausu Mountain about two years ago. Right from the get-go, it was painfully obvious that these dudes were doing something dynamic and compelling in both the sight and sound departments. The overjoyed/menacing logo on their tape spines began to replicate on my shelf. I found myself describing other labels as “sorta like Hausu Mountain,” which is totally insane for such a young operation. But hell, they were killing it, and showed no signs of resuscitating it. We talked to Hausu Mountain about their tremendous Mugen series; tapes past, present, and future; and various eras of Best Buy.

Tapes included:

- MrDougDoug / Mukqs - Mugen: Volume 1
- D/A/D - The Construct
- Moth Cock - Twofer Tuesday
- Jerry Paper / Andy Boay - SPLIT
- Derek Rogers / Good Willsmith - Split

Painting of Hausu Mountain logo

Artwork for Mugen Volume 8: Witchbeam / Mr. Matthews

Hausu Mountain incarnate

Hausu Mountain office

Artwork for the Jerry Paper / Andy Boay split

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Chris Brokaw

“The Rule of Ten”

Chris Brokaw is a cool guy. He co-founded sadcore experimenters Codeine, founded Come not two years after, worked with everyone from Liz Phair to G.G. Allin, and his solo work is as prolific as they come. Along with releasing scores of small-run cassettes through his label Capitan Records, he’s taken up an interest in scoring art-house films like Road and I Was Born, But… in recent years. Chris’ latest, for Jason Cortlund and Julia Halperin’s drama Now, Forager, feels born wrapped around the trunk of an oak the way Six Organs of Admittance always has.

What’s great about Brokaw’s soundtrack is it, like any great soundtrack, can exist on its own. What added another layer of depth and drama to Now, Forager adds another lifelike release to Brokaw’s repertoire.

“The Rule of Ten,” accompanied by a nervous visual from the hands of Roddy Bagawa, hovers around the banalities and benefits of going outside. A bright fluorescent ruins what we’ll assume was a lakeside dream; we step through our complex to the forefront of storefronts, down alleyways, surrounded by stiffs. It’s disheartening; mannequins always scared me. With only shivers left, we’re flashed through scenes void of people that contained life. It was perfect. The red tablecloth meant everything. Watch below:

Chris Brokaw’s June Tour:

06.13.14 - Chicago, IL - Bohemian National Cemetery*
06.14.14 - Louisville, KY - Dreamland
06.15.14 - Louisville, KY - Dreamland
06.19.14 - Detroit, MI - 555 Gallery
06.20.14 - Indianapolis IN - Radio Radio
06.21.14 - Chicago, IL - K’s Dugout (morning)
06.21.14 - Chicago, IL - Berelli’s**
06.22.14 - Chicago, IL - Saki Store**
06.23.14 - Chicago, IL - The Burlington

* Wrekmeister Harmonies
** Martha’s Vineyard Ferries

And watch out for Chris opening up for The Lemonheads in the fall.

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King Tears Bat Trip

“Stolen Police Car”

King Tears Bat Trip is a seven-piece operating out of Seattle, and after having their debut record see release on cassette and digital, it is soon coming out on a beautiful picture disc courtesy of Debacle Records. “Stolen Police Car,” the 18-minute first side of the record, pummels your senses with an amazing amount of Neil Welch’s twisted saxophone work, coupled with the crushing percussive work of not one, not two, not even three, but FOUR drummers! Part heavy metal, and with equal bits of noise and otherworldly ballroom jazz, King Tears Bat Trip are tearing it up with this one. After debuting the LP live at Debacle Fest back at the end of May, the group is set to release the record in the next week, but you can pre-order that vinyl right now.

• King Tears Bat Trip:
• Debacle Records:

Young Chop

“All I Got”

Yeeeeah Young Chop Pretty MF dropped the only track you’ll find him rapping on this year. In the studio with his own Chop Squad DJs, we get a soft toned boast from the drill scene pioneer. “All I Got” leaks early off official producer of rising emcee Lil Herb and now incarcerated Chicago rapper RondoNumbaNine: DJ Bandz and his #WeMeanBiz compadre DJ Victoriuz upcoming Chilanta mixtape.

All I Got, All I Got. That’s Money and Music That’s All I Got, Chop breathes throughout a muddling mix of 808 fan fair and concert hall strings. Chop’s in a long line of producer-gone-rapper and his quiet demeanor and infrequent trips to the booth are worrisome for those thirsting for more, but the dude is still on top of the production game. So there’s that.

Chilanta drop date is TBA.

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