Various Artists: Opal Tapes


In early Winter, amid the foliage and flotsam of fringe tiki, my pal, a rum-centric bartender by trade, had a dream inversion. Everyday barback tasks failed to go off without a hitch. Blenders broke and membrane-red slush overflowed, staining Aloha shirts. Garish garnishes wilted; unsteady jiggers fell and wasted free pours of top shelf like sand in an hourglass.

He awoke in a sweat, with a feverish tropical disease, fearful of serving the next round lest the simple task go awry. The only way he could expunge his nightmare of stormy bartending was to act out the dream in public, making improvised messes colorful as the vomit outside of Pat O’Brien’s. This performance sublimated his mild fears and anxiety about his dream clumsily coming true.

Cambiare, a compilation on Opal Tapes, collects 14 grim and minimal tracks evoking a similar sublimation of “the job gone wrong.” Simultaneously sinister and mellow, this well-calculated sequence plays out like an occupational thriller, where small dangers lurk around the corner. Tame fears anticipate impending on-the-clock disasters. Slow-motion “fantasy street” beats conspire with straight-lined and cinematic minor chord accidents. Artificial searches down digital hallways yield no concrete results. The ever-present epidemic of repetition triggers slight increases in stress levels.

The musicians prepare us well for these twists and turns (cleanliness is favored over clutter in these efficient arrangements), yet we can’t predict them. Their sources are mysterious. The recitation is slow, turning the alarm-clock twists into character studies and heightening the suspense, before they are faded back in line. In order to keep their job, they’re going to have to play ball.

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There is no way caer-bien, maker of S/T, has ever been to Earth. S/he’s been on the moon, drawing on the surface with gloved forefinger, notching out symbols on crater walls while surrounded by unforgiving space. Debris passes by; notes are maybe, maybe not taken. Hale-Bop swung by. caer-bien saw it and admired it. S/he heard Marshall’s speech too, and drew a little picture for a reminder: don’t get too caught up. Just make a representation and move on.

caer-bien’s self-titled c25 is out now on San Jose Tapes in a limited run of 35 copies.

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Daughters Of The Sun

“Ride To Die”

Spoiled on road kill and rubber, Daughters Of The Sun are back and ready to rip. After a few years of piecing together their newest joint Ride To Die for the Not Not Fun catalog, the trio is finally finished, and the Minneapolis and Los Angeles divide between the band mates JUST got WAY louder. “Ride To Die,” the title track off the new album, takes LEGIT documentation from Daughters Of The Sun’s last roadie/biker tour and made a compilation video, complimenting the band’s excessive freedom.

Only, not really. The video was put together by Chris Hontos of Food Pyramid/Dreamweapon with old film/stock/television footage, but it’ll DEFINITELY burn your hole psyche toward more idealistic vows of independence. Just in a totally freeing way: so you feel violent/gaseous/irreverent/…like a new hair cut. It’s all PVP in the IRL world of “Ride To Die.”

Imagine if Daughters Of The Sun had the modern-day equivalent of Hell’s Angels do free security during their first European tour this October? Then, every time “Ride To Die” flares off, the crew would too, and crowds would peak at this natural abundance of freedom. Minds would evaporate from their provided brains. People would transfer beings from one another. The feeling of flight would from then-on be a permanent thing. Like trails, but a bit deeper.

Daughters Of The Sun’s LONG awaited Ride To Die was mastered by Sonic Boom and will be released August 19 via Not Not Fun. Scope the title track’s video below:

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Various Artists: PEACHBOIZ


Pour up a double cup of AriZona peach iced tea and watch a 100% speed run of Pokémon Snap. The 26:08 record is v cool in all (s/o RaikerZ), but I can’t help feel for my boy Todd Snap. He’s not about that shoot ‘em up, get paid corporate work ethic. The kid is an artist (e.g., @YUNGDARWIN). Yeah, he does freelance work. He shoots from the hip. Definitely, film > digital. Photo-renegade all the way.

You say, capture a whole poké-filled island in 26 minutes? And, only 60 shots per stage? C’mon, that’s fucked! Let the dude pack an apple, toss a couple Pester Balls into the hot box, and let his trigger-happy fingers fly. Is there even a proper sound system in this ride, btw?

PEACHBOIZ VOL 1 is your SPF420-ready Pokémon Island playlist, whether you’re cruising on Rainbow Cloud or R-boosting the ZERO-ONE for world champ status. A sweet and juicy summer peach gushing with Poké Flute melodies and giddy N64 beats. A peach you can eat for hours.

“Wonderful!” - Professor Oak


Tabs Out: Laser Focus #6

Hausu Mountain

Tabs Out is an all-cassette podcast that’s been documenting the prolific tape underground with joyful obsession and humorous expertise since 2012. Tiny Mix Tapes has teamed with Tabs Out for a show called Laser Focus, in which tape aficionados/fetishists Mike Haley, Dave Doyen, and Joe B hone in on a specific label or artist. Check out the archive here.

With the abundance of cassette labels out there, it can be hard for fresh faces to get noticed in the crowd. Being overlooked was definitely not an issue for Chicago heads Max Allison (who writes for TMT as Mukqs) and Doug Kaplan, who began releasing jams on their label Hausu Mountain about two years ago. Right from the get-go, it was painfully obvious that these dudes were doing something dynamic and compelling in both the sight and sound departments. The overjoyed/menacing logo on their tape spines began to replicate on my shelf. I found myself describing other labels as “sorta like Hausu Mountain,” which is totally insane for such a young operation. But hell, they were killing it, and showed no signs of resuscitating it. We talked to Hausu Mountain about their tremendous Mugen series; tapes past, present, and future; and various eras of Best Buy.

Tapes included:

- MrDougDoug / Mukqs - Mugen: Volume 1
- D/A/D - The Construct
- Moth Cock - Twofer Tuesday
- Jerry Paper / Andy Boay - SPLIT
- Derek Rogers / Good Willsmith - Split

Painting of Hausu Mountain logo

Artwork for Mugen Volume 8: Witchbeam / Mr. Matthews

Hausu Mountain incarnate

Hausu Mountain office

Artwork for the Jerry Paper / Andy Boay split

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