In the midst of enjoying a resurgence with 2012’s full-length and last year’s flat-out brilliant Wave Lair 12-inch, atmospheric pop troupe Landing – active since 1999(!) – is… well, I don’t think they’re on another hiatus by any means, but between releases, two of the core members have split off to form a new duo called Tinniens and have created a cassette tape meant for nothing more than our aural delight. Launching its debut release under the Geographic North banner, Tinniens is out of the gates with a set of tunes that takes off right where Landing (you know) landed with Wave Lair, converging disparate elements into steady, measured patterns, using minimalism as a base upon which to develop beautifully melodic pop music, and revealing the complex geometry of simplicity itself. Tinniens especially varied and syncopated approach to the low end is what gives “Veer” its relentless forward motion, and no matter the twists and turns the tune takes along the way, the band retains an uncanny and uncompromising focus.

They call the tape Dub Guns, by the way, and it’s one of those musical artifacts that you can actually buy, own, and listen to a million times over, which is something I plan on doing as soon as I click the “submit” button on this article in a few seconds here.

• Tinniens: https://www.facebook.com/Tinniens
• Geographic North: http://geographic-north.com

DJ Goulet

#NutHeat [preview video] (NSWF?)

Facebook LIKE emperor Paul Bower slipped me a lil bit of #NutHeat this weekend via e-mail, and I was happy for the release. Visually, this preview video made by Paris Group Intentional for the #NutHeat mix by DJ Goulet. And the video is totally PG-X rated. Like, if you were watching this at work, it’d appear to neighbors that you are watching pro-no, but really, the only thing that’d make them think that is the people in the midst of desirable ecstasy videoed. Personally, I’d just pop this puppy out during the party and shoot up to **$$EXT8PE, but that’s just me. Obviously USA Today, Harvard University Press, and Jon Bon Jovi never heard **$$EXT8PE either, but here’s what they had to say about the preview video:

“An extremely graphic exploration of lust and love in modern America” - USA Today

“Paris Group Intl delves deeply into subconscious carnal desires under the influence of society, and the eternal human contradictions between liberating sexual impulses and erotic enslavement.” - Harvard University Press

“An extraordinary tale of sexual obsession that will continue to please decades into the future.” - Jon Bon Jovi

~~~~~~~~~~~DO SOMETHING WITH YOUR LIFE~~~~~~~~~~~

• #NutHeat: http://www.nutheat.net
• DJ Goulet: http://www.djgoulet.com

G Herbo (a.k.a. Lil Herb)

Welcome To Fazoland: The Motion Picture

G Herbo (a.k.a. Lil Herb) has finally dropped his debut release, Welcome To Fazoland: The Motion Picture, a steely transmission from “the warzone” — a.k.a. Terror Town, a.k.a. Chiraq — that sees the Chi-town rapper mixing his flow with characters like King Louie, Lil Reese, Nascent, Lil Bibby, Lil Durk, Da Internz, and others. It’s a family affair, but a family unfortunately made one less when his bud Fazo died in an alleged gang-related shooting at 18. Quoth G Hebo: “I feel like it’s real rap. It’s real lyrics. I am telling real stories.”

Welcome To Fazoland: The Motion Picture comes out today to commemorate Fazo’s birthday. Check out the mixtape here:

• G Herbo: https://soundcloud.com/gherbo

Cane Swords

“Le Synchroniseur Luminescent”

Somewhere in the overlap of the world’s Venn diagram of “tomorrow” is tranquility. A fog, thick with the Eastern and Western sphere’s worries that we will or will not survive, respectively. And in the middle of it, a heavy static clarity. The smoothness between the blades of the double-edged sword. Pure, curious exploration achieving lift with the wings turned up. A formless chamber where every repetition is entirely new, sitting atop the weight of every stroke of binary from the master cartographer’s pen. Rereading the chapter about verse-chorus in history books, unable to comprehend its simplicity. Up here, the tradewinds are lit and guided by gravity-heavy synchronization pulsing from the moon’s luminescence. The fish have wings and burn like comets through the emptiness. Field Hymns rising from between the blades of grass, ascending through the holes in the atmosphere, creating invisible rings of silent sound, spinning like tape reels over the surface, casting magnetism outward and reeling it back in.

Temple Swords, the new Cane Swords album, is out now on cassette via Portland’s Field Hymns label. Stream the album’s last track “Le Synchroniseur Luminescent” below:

• Field Hymns: http://www.fieldhymns.com

Lil B "The BasedGod"

Basedworld Paradise

Bottom line: Lil B is impossible. He swag tugged on Kanye with that album cover. 05 Fuck Em went beyond extreme entertainment. Speaking volumes as post-deity; clarity and foresight further than his own: BASED. Believing in everything he spits, including the notion he’s BASED every recording. Lyrics as fucked up as the bloodiest of MMA matches. Playing them reality television politics while calling himself out; being everyone but himself, including himself; deBASing all other rappers thinking they swag on him, NAH!

Lil B’s duality of self is dimensional, the perfect blend between cis- and transsexual being. Ego smashing its head against Lil B AND BasedGod’s heads. But he’s Reggie Miller, Danny Glover, Martha Stewart, Fabio; he fucking your bitch RIGHT NOW! RE: Fmbn, TYBG, gor, BGYCFMB. Do as you do while submitting your faith to the BasedGod. Find the time. Make the time. Be on his time. Pop off in Basedworld Paradise. It’s best less on RANDOM, but mix it with the rest, and you’ll reach based dynasty! Grip below:

• Lil B “The BasedGod:” http://www.datpiff.com/profile/LilBtheBasedGod



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