VANISHING VISION [album stream]

It’s only been roughly a month since we premiered INTERNET CLUB’s last full-length, DREAMS 3D (out now on Ailanthus), but the enigmatic producer has already dropped its companion piece, VANISHING VISION, an 11-track album of boardroom jams screwed so slightly that you’d be forgiven for mistaking the listening experience for a corporate training video. But as we continue to immerse ourselves in the hyperreality of this empty music, the wide-eyed optimism gives way to an existential dread, a vanishing vision, a prolonged experience of financial lows and downturns helped little by the superficial bounce of the music.

Stream the track “RENDERS” below, and download the entire album for free here via Sendspace.

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1 [album stream]

Wacky, weird, wonderful vibes coming out of mysterious L.A. artist Exaveyur in association with Duckhouse Recordings, and seemingly the only thing associated with Duckhouse Records entirely. From lazy dance licks on “Goth Party” to zoned-out guitar musings on “Home And Alone,” Exaveyur paints an easy-going yet detailed soundscape for the peak of summertime chill. And it’s all fo’ free!

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“(from Sacred Tapestry)”

情報デスクVIRTUAL, a subsidiary of LASERDISC VISIONS/NEW DREAMS LTD., recently released 札幌コンテンポラリー, a massive 25-track, 70-minute album of early-morning seminar jams, staff-meeting jingles, and pre-boarding lounge tunes in the key of e-Asia circa 1995. Similar to the cassette version of Macintosh Plus’ monumental Floral Shoppe (OMG) — 情報デスクVIRTUAL’s other release from late 2011 (digital) / early 2012 (physical) — the mysterious entity behind these various projects has recorded another outstanding bonus track, this time to go with the limited-edition CD version of 札幌コンテンポラリー.

Titled “(from Sacred Tapestry),” the track sees 情報デスクVIRTUAL appropriating the intro to a song that, well, I won’t name because it’s funner that way. But it’s soooooo fucking good that you sorta have to watch the video multiple times.

The physical version of 札幌コンテンポラリー is out this week on Beer On The Rug. There are only 150 CDs available, so act quick.

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Tunnel virtual violence pro-no. Deeply rooted wire-string tapping. “Oh, fuck. She’s home.” Desire stripping digital flesh. The recycling bin on your computer. Tracking beyond the screen before you. Never finding the right body to be complete. Insertion that trails on and continues to rattle. International living room party camera. High internet dealer on the low. Reality is pussy versus snake, universally. Crossing over dimensional boundaries via breaking rules. Shattered scattering shards suspending self selection. Closing your eyes to a loading screen. Feeling the ping surrounding ear drums. Bandwidth your mind to “EXECUTION.” Click 18+ to enter. Washed down smoove with that “REMI RED” frying at the core.

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Sweet Valley

“Total Carnage”

Whooooaaa. That dude Nathan from Wavves has gone 404! Which basically just means he put down the distortion pedals and joined the ranks of white boys making beats in their bedroom. Pretty good, though. I like that 45 at 33 sound. I think that’s another genre on the rise.

Listen to “Total Carnage” below. It doesn’t really sound like total carnage. Maybe he meant Maximum Carnage. Who knows? That would certainly be relevant, by which I mean 90s. Buy it from Fool’s Gold using a real currency on August 7, and expect to hear some rapping over it in the coming months.

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