Here’s reason enough to give NRIII a spin: the “experimental blackened psych-noise” duo, whose name originally stood for Nihilist Richard the III, was started with an abstract ambition to “book country clubs, five-star restaurants, and other like-minded venues for shows and charge $100 at the door for tickets. Only to then ridicule and mock the audience through by presenting an exaggerated version of themselves.” This, I learned by reading an extremely informative 2012 interview with NRIII and NEON DOOM founder Ryan Reno.

Another reason to listen to NRIII: their song “Stand” sounds exactly like the pay-off of the imagined scenario described above, that moment when the country clubbers realize they’ve been had, their panic, our catharsis.

Streaming below, “Stand” appears on The Algae, NRIII’s first LP (but their seventh release if you count CDrs and cassettes), which is out now on PRISON TATT RECORDS in a limited run of 100 copies. Enjoy or endure … whichever suits you.




S’ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what, Miles Bowe. Bigggggggg deal premiering Boris’ new video “Vanilla” off their new album Noise on Sargent House June 17. No, dude. It’s HUGE. I’m seriously, bro, you’re killin’ it! Stereogum better be letting you sit ALL over their face. Need help? I got e-mails and handcuffs. And a bed from Ikea which I spent my first tax return on. Seriously, you’re the only person who’s ever been kind to me. I gotta watch this BULLSHIT new St. Vince live performance on SNL right now ‘cause bitches gotta eat, ya HEARD?

Best concert I’ve ever gone to was an Oren/Boris/sunn 0))) show at the Mershon in Columbus, OH, and Oren was late, so Boris and sunn 0))) played for two hours each, it was on the stage, floor boards we shaking for both bands, and two people fell over for Boris and four people for sunn 0))), either because of dehydration, knee-lock, or dimensional drift. Anyhow, I’m stoked on the new Boris Noise album. And more stoked on the tour dates listed below:

06/14 Tokyo, Japan @ Fever (2014-2015 World Tour kick-off, playing Noise in its entirety)
07/24 San Diego, CA @ Casbah !!
07/25 Phoenix, AZ @ The Crescent Ballroom !!
07/26 Tucson, AZ @ Club Congress !!
07/28 Dallas, TX @ Trees ++
07/29 Austin, TX @ The Mohawk ++
07/31 Atlanta, GA @ Terminal West ** &
08/01 Carrboro, NC @ Cat’s Cradle ** &
08/02 Washington, DC @ 930 Club ** &
08/03 New York, NY @ Bowery Ballroom ** &
08/05 Boston, MA @ Paradise ** &
08/07 Toronto, ON @ Lee’s Palace ** &
08/08 Buffalo, NY @ Tralf ** &
08/09 Detroit, MI @ Magic Stick ** &
08/10 Chicago, IL @ Bottom Lounge ** &
08/11 Milwaukee, WI @ Turner Hall ** &
08/12 Minneapolis, MN @ Triple Rock Social Club ** &
08/14 Missoula, MT @ Stage 112 &
08/15 Spokane, WA @ Big Dipper ^
08/16 Seattle, WA @ The Crocodile #^
08/17 Vancouver, BC @ Rickshaw Theatre #^
08/18 Portland, OR @ Doug Fir Lounge #^
08/20 San Francisco, CA @ The Independent #
08/21 Santa Cruz, CA @ The Catalyst Atrium #
08/22 San Luis Obispo, CA @ SLO Brew #
08/23 Los Angeles, CA @ FYF Fest

!! w/ Mustard Gas & Roses
++ w/ Ceremony & Special Guests
** w/ The Atlas Moth
& w/ SubRosa
^ w/ Master Musicians of Bukkake
# w/ Marriages

• Boris:
• Sargent House:



It’s always too quiet on the WHY BE front, no matter what the Copenhagen producer is doing. These days, the man’s been mixing his heart out, the latter in fact featuring a mixed-in version of his latest flip/chop/upload. He calls it “BITCHES AINT SHIT YB R.I.P.LEY CHOP,” a mutant rap track that destroys Ty Dolla $ign’s original juxtaposition of violent lyrics and serene production by matching its words with distortion, aggression, and noise. The result is an amped-up track that shoves you into a state of surreal, ecstatic brutality.

L I S T E N T O I T H E R E :

WHY BE’s last “release” was the fam EP from last year, which featured one of my favorite tracks of last year. Here’s hoping something else is in the works, including more of this and this.



Much Less Normal

Vancouver’s very own LNRDCROY is here and whispering the softest electronica into listners’ head-clearing zones. In his latest full release on the ever pumping and popping 1080p Collection, Much Less Normal is totally a practice in personal bubbles. Like, the dude leaves enough space between you and the music that it’s not obtrusive, yet it’s 1080% NOT background or filler music. The consistency of LNRDCROY’s vibe that just keeps pulsating and moving is relentless, but in a way where someone is fanning you just right, so your sweat turns into a suit of chill on the hottest British Columbia beach. Swirls of sound encounter clouds of melodies that bounce off rays of buzzing that tan even the smallest of ear drums. Even if you fall asleep, Much Less Normal won’t burn you, but steer your REM into heaven.

Much Less Normal just came out today, and 1080p is MORE than stoked to present it to you. It’s not summer YET, but the wait just got a little easier, thanks to LNRDCROY. Also, be sure to check out other recent tapes on 1080p, because the label is crushing it like a big-timer, and they just began -like- last year, right? DAMN! Tru-Gz employ Tru’r-Gz. Get deep on LNRDCROY’s
Much Less Normal streaming in FULL below, and grip it on 1080p Collection TODAY/NOW/ASAP/FUCK YOU DOING STILL READING?!??!?!?! hi <3


• 1080p Collection:

Kevin Gan Yuen

“The Emerald”

If Bay Area avant-metal noiselords Sutekh Hexen just aren’t prolific enough to satisfy your insatiable deathlust, I bid you cast your eye over the great plains to Utech Records. Milwaukee’s finest doom emporium, whose catalog has featured the likes of Locrian, Suzuki Junzo, and Fushitsusha (!!) throughout its ten year existence, has issued a piece of solo music by Sutekh Hexen member/album art guru Kevin Gan Yuen, entitled The Emerald, on 8-inch lathe cut record.

If the piece starts in legible six-string territory, with effected field recordings and ominous drones draped over pinprick arpeggios, the decayed remains of your sanity really hit the fan when Yuen begins to conjure quavering swathes of granular synth-like dark energy from his guitar. “The Emerald” drifts through a remarkably diverse palette of sounds and concisely encapsulates Sutekh Hexen’s mind-fuck strategies into six minutes of static-seared aggression, mastered to speaker-splitting clarity by the mighty Rashad Becker. Like spiritual forefathers Coil or modern-era Ulver, Yuen maximizes the deliberate pace of his studio practice to dial in finely detailed tones before layering them into the overarching composition, distilling hours of patient manipulation into a single burst of cinematic terror.

The Emerald is available only as a promo item from Utech Records, and will be included randomly in orders from the label while supplies last.

• Kevin Gan Yuen:
• Sutekh Hexen:
• Utech Records:


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