Hiss Tracts

Shortwave Nights

It’s all fucking drastic that’s indescribable for a premiere, appropriately. But IT has mostly something to do with all the late nights, spiked hair, mood stains, assholes, discord in youth to [what?], transitional nothingness, shadows, and shit. It’s all about not getting sticky. And I’m takin’ my time with this introduction, ‘cause Hiss Tracts does the same. This first track on Shortwave Nights goes into a deep realm lethargy where all them decade-old post-rock bands (Godspeed, Explosions, Mono, Boris [even], etc.) left off. Like, fuck the time gap between the last time you felt up Mr. Beast and listened to this here. Shortwave Nights is so far from your comprehension now that it’ll never matter quite the same again. Don’t believe me….

Why do you think it’s different every time you go to your hometown in suburban USA? It’s because (a) you don’t want to listen to the music you listened to THEN, and (b) the music you listen to now does NOT fit that environment. Thus, Shortwave Nights by Hiss Tracts is exactly the remedy you need for any future hometown visits. Think of when Explosions in the Sky did the soundtrack to Friday Night Lights. Not to relate any bit of your youth to celebrity or reality television, but you encapsulate every moment of your teens as a figment of imagination, at this point in your life. Would you like guidance through this trivial crisis in terms of knowing that all hope ISN’T lost? Shortwave Nights is your key to that spirit trail.

It’s honestly a melt on your backyard lawn. Having thrived over mowing and raking it all earlier, there’s an appreciation in the air that’s thicker than the smoke you’re blowing, classically as your parents are asleep. The next-door neighbor also puffin’, but on a thick cigar. He calls you to the fence for a toke, you oblige, and it’s like he hasn’t lunged a load in a minute. A violent cough or two later, you’re alone again, and stars have never been brighter alongside them Shortwave Nights.

Hiss Tracts is David Bryant (Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Set Fire To Flames) and Kevin Doria (Growing, Total Life). Oh, holy shit, I LOVE Total Life, nice! Shoot, I guess you can hear all these bands influenced in Hiss Tracts. WHOA!! I also forgot about how deep Set Fire To Flames was too. GRIP Shortwave Nights by Hiss Tracts on Constellation Records a week from today (May 13, next Tuesday). And scope out all it’s goodies here, including CD and 180 gram LP (‘cause Constellation don’t FUCK around) and their first single via Decoder!

• Constellation Records: http://cstrecords.com


p. y . t.e . p

You never know what you’ll get with Satanicpornocultshop, the batshit crazy Japanese group who takes juke/footwork/appropriation/plunderphonics/etc. to new, extreme levels. Some of it’s funny, some of it’s not. Some of it’s downright breathtaking. Their latest assemblage is called p. y . t.e . p (P.Y.T EP), and it pays homage to Michael Jackson by violently cutting his music up and reassembling it, John Oswald-style, into a perverse monstrosity whose aesthetics are more in line with tripping on the sidewalk than dancing in the circle. The loops are wrong/right in all right/wrong ways, resulting in a confusing yet wild void-filler.

• Satanicpornocultshop: http://satanicpornocultshop.bandcamp.com

Rob Magill


So, cool. Rob Magill found a location in California that sounds like an orchestra when only playing one saxophone in a tunnel. THE “Tunnel.” And it’s all about feeling out the sounds and textures of it. It’s less him exploring sounds within instruments and more in terms of geography. Thus, what better way of showing your location as an artist by utilizing it sonically, and I’m DEFINITELY not talking about some random fucker from Brooklyn who moved out to the borough and acts like THEY is the only underpaid, unsuccessful mother fucker who lives in the area. NAH! Magill gets in there and digs until the job is done.

In Rob Magill’s newest experiment “Tunnel,” the west coast s’axe prognosticator conjures up much more than just a baby’s breath of air. Some people can breathe within the dimensional divide of here and then and forever. Rob IS that sort of people. His lungs stretch beyond what we are capable of thinking. Even himself. Yet, in the end, it’s real nice that this dude got the brain capacity to harness that shit himself. Scope “Tunnel” above and get lost!

• Rob Magill: http://rob-magill.bandcamp.com
• Weird Cry Records: http://weirdcry.com

DJ Nigga Fox


That ol’ Nigga Fox is back with another kuduro mind-flip. “Old” features classic DJ Nigga Fox elements: jagged beat combinations rooted in functional Angolan dance, slightly offbeat accents a hair away from precision, and narrative twists so jerky it’s dizzying. It’s reminiscent of “Hwwambo” off his brilliant debut — last year’s O Meu Estilo EP on Príncipe — but the story here is more amorphous and more intoxicating, bringing a raw, rough, and rugged edge to his experimental dance music.

DJ Nigga Fox is constantly reminding us why he’s a force to be reckoned with in Lisbon’s thriving Afro-Portugese scene. Let him fuck you up:

• DJ Nigga Fox: https://soundcloud.com/dj-nigga-fox-lx-monke
• Príncipe: http://principe.bigcartel.com

Astral Swans

“You Carry A Sickness”

Yo, so I realize this video is nearly a year old, but swooner Astral Swans JUST popped out a 7-inch last month, and I don’t want y’all to miss out. Actually, one side of that tiny piece of joy includes the fellah’s “You Carry A Sickness” ditty, that was passed along to me by my good pal Barnaby. And shit is cute too. I mean, ironically of course. The video is dopely fucked visually. But the track is pleasant in an ignorant way. Like, if you were to just hear it in passing, it’d sound like a sentimental bit of sound taking it’s sweet time singing. Then that line “Terrible power” rings out, your thoughts started heading in all directions, and the life of Astral Swans’ “You Carry A Sickness” begins to grow inside minds everywhere.

Scope the sister label of Arts & Crafts called Madic Records TODAY for your new copy of the beautifully devastating 7-inch by Astral Swans.

• Astral Swans: https://www.facebook.com/AstralSwans
• Madic Records: http://www.madicrecords.com


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