食品まつり a.k.a FOODMAN


Thoughts: where’s Mukqs at on this one? Huh? Pshhhhhhhhhh, nevermind.

Words: the majority of my friends listen to Warren Zevon and other shit I politely smile through (Ah, no fucking way. I moan the whole time, fer realz), and I’m also subjected to the radio at work, so when I finally get some alone time, and the mood is just right, dipping into some “mo” is like taking that first big stretch after a long car ride, or maybe even getting that knowing glance from your sister after your Mom goofs up an actress’ name. It’s the relief of pocketed community, in other words. And I’m not saying fucking up names or liking certain (shitty) music is below/beyond me. Just saying 食品まつり a.k.a FOODMAN is my comfort food. He warms my belly. Maybe Zevon does this for you. Hopefully not though. Whatevs.

Facts: “mo” is off the freshly available HOT RICE, care of Patient Sounds.

James Booth

“Human Rites”

As the sweltering, hedonistic vibe of summer gives way to the cold, (seemingly) never ending darkness of the winter, it’s natural that we turn our attention from summer club bangers to lush, mid-tempo, and rhythmic spinners. Mancunian producer James Booth, unleashing his second release for 100% Silk, hits nice and soft with Human Rites, a six song cycle that’s front to back a smooth ride of crisp house for the groove heads. The title track, streaming below, is the most mellow of the batch, more for the slow comedown of the party than for the euphoric highs, but nonetheless it’s a killer tune. The entire EP, recently unleashed alongside a new Cherushii EP, spins straw into SILK GOLD, and adds to the slim yet impressive discography of Mr. Booth. If you need me I’ll be gripping my copy of this record, tossing it on the Hi-Fi, and getting my dance on at club home : ) : ) : )

Dried Spider

Wounded City EP

Hmm, this Wounded City EP is interesting. I typically am not so easily accepting of new/unfamiliar groups that garner lyrical/vocal releases, especially if they condone singing styles that are akin to various other bands, but Dried Spider does something intriguing here. Other than them contacting Tiny Mix Tapes because of a reference from underground angel Barnaby Bennett, but Wounded City mingles such a colorful array of styles into their overall sound that is portrayed more like a collection of travels than something considered “all over the place.” Even if one could loosely define Dried Spider’s newest EP being “all over the place,” their left field antics never sound too experimentally overdone and the accessibility of their sound is akin of what I’d expect my moms to listen to while chillin’ on a west coast beach of Mexico.

As one experiences the video for Wounded City, Dried Spider doesn’t come off cocky or egotistical either: they’re not all jamming out to the soul of song, or even casually walking and singing, NO! They all seem proud of their work, standing and chatting and chilling atop of the land they breathe upon, flushed with casual happiness and unintimidating swag. The same sorta swag that draws me into Dried Spider’s variety of song structure and EP fluidity. Songs switch time signatures like mad, piano sounds scattering through, bass and drums doing they jorb on the random-at-random, guitars echOOing throughout, synthetic sounds bursting on the low, trickles of imagery of travels and life, and -overall- pure joy. Experience Wounded City by Dried Spider entirely below:



Now, I don’t necessarily agree with the above, but the (questionably) honest nature of the quote is interesting, wouldn’t you say? And it seems to me, that with LAMPGOD (AKA Bryant Canelo), I always find myself asking whether or not I should be enjoying the music. Like, is it okay to be into this? Am I in on the joke? Is there a joke? Should I shut the hell up and just listen to the music (yes)? And THEN you’ve gotta consider the title of this new joint — SHROUDED HELLA? C’mon. The fuck is up, Bryant? Wait… is up actually down?! No, wait: down is down. Up is up. Okay. Phew!

But then, just when you think you’ve got some shit figured out, things get flipped. Gone are the old, gnawed-at sound collages LAMPGOD once made. Now, aerated and filtered synths clouding around pulsing repetitions are the name of the game. White noise, turned and lipped at, populates the space, too. Welp, I dig it, even if old Bryant thinks no one will. Does that make me a nobody? Oh great, more fucking questions.


“Creep in the Shadows”

Ah, creepin’ in the shadows. FINALLY I get to write about something I’m an expert in! Heh, heh, heh…

Wait. What? What I meant to say was: behold this trippy, sparse, groovy, dark little music video unleashed today from the British bleak-pop duo known as SPC ECO (it’s pronounced “space echo,” but you knew that already) for the tune “Creep In the Shadows.” That’s all I meant. BACK OFF. Okay?! :-)

Anyway! “Creep In the Shadows” is from bandmates Dean Garcia, and Rose Berlin’s new album called Dark Matter, which drops—like a sad gaze onto some cool shoes—on November 20 via Saint Marie Records. Totally not inspired by me, the song instead “examines friendships, in particular those you once considered to be very close, you think you know someone really well and then by a series of their actions, intentions and manipulations you realize that you never knew them at all.” And the video, created by The AB Collective
Edited by HKG, manifests this idea “by exploring opposing personalities and the blurring in-between.”

But enough chit chat about how creepy I’m definitely not. Just check out the hypnotic video for yourself down below, and once all the opposing personalities inside of you stirred up by this song are all done fighting it out, whichever version of you comes-out on top can feel free to pre-order the album on vinyl and digital before Friday if it’s so-inclined.


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