r u s s y


There’s something beautiful about defying odds and growing in climates — worldly or social — where negativity and shitiness is everywhere and you’re just a seedling who wants to live in an under two-minute visual for a song called “bleach.”

The above how-to video for defying all odds is from r u s s y’s excellent ( body ), one of two separate albums from Surf War Tapes. The label, co-run by r u s s y and Skelly Sküll, is a SoCal imprint with r u s s y manning a raw storm of glitch and Skelly Sküll laying pop-driven waves — hence, the surf war. The two released ( body ) and Underground Pop respectively on December 28 and New Year’s Day on their Bandcamps. So there isn’t a communal digital space where the beat friends can call their own yet, but we’re getting there. Both albums are becoming tactile and will be out on tape soon via said site.

To celebrate IRL on February 21, San Diego’s Visual Urban Art & Supplies Shop is hosting the physical releases with a coinciding zine release of LOST CAUS and SEXTING, SHAME & SUICIDE’s collaboration. Get more info on the flyer.

• r u s s y: https://russy.bandcamp.com
• Skelly Sküll: https://skellyapexrealm.bandcamp.com
• Surf War Tapes: http://surfwarpresshouse.tumblr.com

Diamond Terrifier

“Castles” (ft. Eartheater)

In 2014, we had artists like Lorenzo Senni and PC Music taking us to the limit of what we thought we could allow ourselves to consider “serious music” and, in the process, showing us that that hesitation was nothing more than our own preconceptions preventing us from enjoying entire sonic palettes. “Castles” by Diamond Terrifier (Sam Hillmer of ZS) combines elements from several oft-questioned genres (free-jazz, EDM, middle-class-girl-internet-whisper-rap) in innovate ways that produce stunning results.

I keep worrying the track’s about to go full-on EDM (spoiler alert: it never does), but it stays delightfully right on that edge, teasing, playing, building its allure. The track’s backbone is a bubblegummy ping-pong synth loop, with occasional percussive jolts that, quite selflessly, never take over the rhythm. There’s also a lot of synthy whooshes, tucked-deep vocal aahs thrown in for texture, and, not inconspicuously, a shredding free-jazz sax straddling melody, texture, and rhythm all at once. Eartheater carries us through the home stretch with a #GuestVerse, smooth-operating in stark contrast to Diamond T’s (no less enjoyable) atonal skronk. Hushed, hazy words flow out of her mouth like e-cig vapor, hanging in the air, catching the light and changing the vibe of the room into something silky and lucid.

TL;DR This track rules.

This is also a good time to mention that ZS have a new album, Xe, out next Tuesday on Northern Spy.

• Diamond Terrifier: https://soundcloud.com/diamondterrifier


“New Life” / “Mars”

Not one but TWO new tracks from lords Brint Brint and Edaan Brooks, the duo now sporting a leaner Bonglestar moniker (formerly Bonglestar Galactabong) from way out in North Carolina. Rough rumors of a proper release forthcoming from Noumenal Loom, label co-operated by TERRORDOME cohort Holly Waxwing. I’ll let the details on that sort themselves out, while I spend the rest of my life swishing around in this digital dishwasher.

• Bonglestar Galactabong: https://soundcloud.com/bonglestargalactabong

Juliana Huxtable



This is DANCE MIX WATCH. Bimonthly, I’m posting the best mixes coming in right now.

DMW #1 comes from New York DJ Juliana Huxtable (of the always inspiring House of LaDosha and Shock Value), who delivers an eclectic mix (i.e., Korn and Strict Face and Madonna in the same tracklist) that isn’t afraid to use anger. Huxtable provides a space where the listener/dancer can access their anger and channel it kinesthetically (and thus productively). Hardest to believe, though, is how many genres Huxtable uses in one mix without sacrificing the quality of the actual mixing, because this sounds so clean and polished while still feeling gritty. [Tracklisting here].

• Juliana Huxtable: https://soundcloud.com/julianahuxtable


PC Noise Mix @ PARTY 2012 FOREVER

Of course this was going to happen.

PC Music ≠ PC Noise [GIRL].

The NEW/OLD was always the OLD/NEW.
Simulation is the most imitative form of sincerity.

Dipole Fracture. Pedicure. Chaos reigns. MAXX UNLIMITED.

Thick is the life for mere. Thick is the life for mere. Thick is the life for mere.
Thick is the life for mere. Thick is the life for mere. Thick is the life for mere.

“You deserve it!”

• Zovi: https://soundcloud.com/zovi
• PC Noise: http://pcnoise.bandcamp.com


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