James Ferraro

”(変態 k-town”

For real, I know NOTHING ‘bout this new Rraro track “(変態 k-town.” Allz I got was Rico Shade is still on the loose and LAPD plans on “dealing with it.” I’m not running today ‘cause I forgot my towel. And I’m NOT going near Florence and Normandy. Even if i collect rocks and bottles and sticks for my basement museum only three people have seen IRL.

Yung Rrar here picks up from them 3AM vibes, is way less grumpy, and way more boppy. So, yeah, I just wanted to share this with our readers since our content is low today, I’m just “GRINDING” on through new shit, and TMT just gotta always be on that fucking cusp. Trick is: FACEBOOK. Give it up! But… don’t. K? “(変態 k-town.” James Ferraro. I am James Ferraro. You are James Ferraro. Cut your haircut.

• James Ferraro: https://twitter.com/LIL_ICEBUNNY
• Rico Shade: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMBGYEDSzAV5E2BpwcJwCwA?feature=watch

Xiu Xiu

“Black Dick” [NSFW]

“Black Dick” “Black Dick” “Black Dick” “Black Dick” “Black Dick” “Black Dick” “Black Dick” “Black Dick” “Black Dick” “Black Dick” “Black Dick” “Black Dick” “Black Dick” “Black Dick” “Black Dick” “Black Dick” “Black Dick” “Black Dick” “Black Dick” “Black Dick” “Black Dick” “Black Dick” “Black Dick” “Black Dick”

Papaya FWD’d me the text below this morning. Follow it’s instructions. I totes got a nine. And by nine I mean 11, so I’m totally in unknown territory, yo:

Y’all just got a Valentine kiss. Forward to all FRIENDS that you love and see how many kisses you got back!

1 – you’re lonely
3 – you’re cute
6 – your hot
9 – “Are you really still single?

Also, I haven’t watched this video because I’m stuck at work in an editorial department full of “SHHHH!” prudes. However, I did delete my Internet history, so maybe I’ll be okay. Totally getting fired because of this publication, no doubt. Anyone hiring? My boy Miles got me on the hook up, right? Daddy gotta eat.

• Xiu Xiu: http://xiuxiu.org
• Polyvinyl Records: http://www.polyvinylrecords.com


The Lovers Pure

I sign into my e-mail this morning, and a chat window pops up from the mysterious software/musician/algorithmist 회사AUTO, and all it says, “1 day only” and a link to The Lovers Pure. Seriously, that’s all the information I have on this mix. Dunno why I tried axing a computer program, “What do you mean? What is this? Who are you? Where do you come from?!” But I did. Anyhow, to all y’all lovers out there, 회사AUTO is “thinking” of you today, and demands you to get a groove going. It’s Friday. It’s Valentine’s Day. Get your heart pumping!

ALSO - it’s Mr. P’s fucking birthday today. So, P, if you’re reading this, lemme hear ya say “UGHHN.” And, if you turn around today because you feel someone eating peanuts out ya butt, that’s probably me. Enjoy!

Love always,


PS: E-mail me, maybe?

• 회사AUTO: http://auto-7.bandcamp.com


The Warhol: Silver Studio Sessions

Prior to their newest LP on Night People Records, THE GARMENT DISTRICT (lead by multi-talented Jennifer Baron) was invited to perform for the Andy Warhol Museum’s new Silver Studio Sessions, a performance of stripped-down sets from their Sound Series artists. In this sesh, they play “Nature-Nurture,” “Only Air,” and “Bird Or Bat,” three tracks off their 2011 tape Melody Elder. Performing all up in this black and white, Lucy Blehar flutters out lyrics and keeps that beat, Greg Langel ditties on them bones (keys), Dan Koshute strings up the licks, Corry Drake plucks a steady walk along the pavement, and (of course) Jennifer backs up the vox, taps a bit of a beat, HANDles sweet-key song direction, and winds some melodica. But this is only the beginning, 2014. Prepare for more. THE GARMENT DISTRICT has a slick new LP on the horizon, and they’re looking for listeners. So enjoy this video and keep on the lookout for a new batch of Night People vinyl soon!

ALSO, lest I forget, THE GARMENT DISTRICT released a NEW SONG for ESOPUS Magazine for their 10th anniversary CD! And Happy V-day.

• THE GARMENT DISTRICT: http://thegarmentdistrict.bandcamp.com
• Night People Records: http://www.raccoo-oo-oon.org/np/index.html

a i r s p o r t s

“Bossman’s Cave”

A lonely blue feather floats, slowly spinning in the pastel-colored atmosphere. Giant shiny medallions tumble gently through space. A fresh digital doughnut oscillates in the rainbow infinity. Monochrome staircases, ladders, squiggly lines and other familiar items revolve and wiggle deliberately in place, stuck in the oily abyss. These are just a few of the sights you can see in the new video for a i r s p o r t s’ newest jam “Bossman’s Cave,” the first cut off the recent EP from AMDISCS: Future Reserve Label, titled Strobe Light Logic. The cyber psychedelia accompanies the soft-spoken house music from Oregon-based producer Dylan Howe. “Bossman’s Cave” (alternately titled “No Light From Day”) is a ticking time-bomb. An anxious Casiotone beat, a steady but heavy piano pulse make way for glittering synthesizer textures and minimal vocal samples on the lead-off track from the new record. The track and video serve as a tantalizing introduction to a delectably soulful and genuinely psychedelic album, which is available now from AMDISCS and also available to stream on Bandcamp.

• a i r s p o r t s: http://airsports.bandcamp.com
• AMDISCS: http://amdiscs.com



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