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Jintana & Emeralds


After the bombastic glitter-bursts of their breakthrough 2012 single, Jintana & Emeralds are back with a rhythmically sparser but no less dreamy trip to the “Moon” with all its spicy magic. Nostalgia is ever a sicky-sweet affair, so it stands to reason that these fresh-faced Japanese neo-doowoppers — Jintana Emeralds (steel guitar, Pan Pacific Playa), Kashif Emeralds (guitar), Crystal (track maker), and singers Toi Emeralds, Chao Emeralds, and Mami Emeralds — infuse their sound with a feverish sort of drift. Sure these are some chill sounds, but I’ll be damned if I don’t feel a little drunk on them. The image of someone gracefully evaporating into a chaise lounge comes to mind, as does the blessed simplicity of David Lynch’s shared affinity for all things nifty. Once one gets over the garish quality of the pose, this song overflows with a beautifully disorienting sort of charm. Much like their patchwork Takashi Aoki-designed outfits, Jintana & Emeralds are as curious as they are sleek and seductive.

In all its gently-bent splendor, “Moon” is a pretty cool place to dip one’s toes — and it’s yet another reason to be excited for their full-length debut, Destiny, out this week on P-Vine. The future is always a dream, and the past (not necessarily our own) is filled with moments we’d like to turn around in our hands and savor like an ice-cold, tapered little bottle of pop: cold light of day flit through as it may. Lucky for us boundless, insatiable music lovers, Jintana & Emeralds are here to set things spinning.

• Jintana & Emeralds: http://www.p-vine.jp/special/jintana-emeralds
• P-VINE: http://p-vine.jp
• Pan Pacific Playa: http://panpacificplaya.jp/blog



El Sereno Records, the label responsible for dubbing tape gold from the likes of Family Event and TONY FERRARI have dropped their first release of 2014, and this time it’s nothing aaronmaxwell related. No, ESR006 belongs to Japanese producer Yagi, and is filled to the shell smooth piano samples and world guitar licks, all overtop that El Sereno bed of mid-fi vinyl hiss, quick drops, and filter sweeps. Gotta love a label that sticks to its guns, no matter what part of the world its material is being sourced from. Unfortunately, in the time between me finding out about the release of Moments and writing this post you are now reading, the tape has red-lettered (sold out). Sorry. But I feel this is an opportune time to tell you about Bandcamp’s new “Follow” feature [Editor’s Note: OH, SWEET!!!]. Located in the upper right hand corner of an artist or label page, you will see a Follow button which allows you to add any new activity from that page to your central Bandcamp hub, so you can just log in, scroll down, and catch up. So, what do you need me for, you ask? Good question.

The good news is that Moments is still available digitally for however much you think it’s worth to you, so you haven’t missed out entirely. You’re welcome, you ungrateful prick.

• Yagi: https://soundcloud.com/yagi1987
• El Sereno Records: http://elserenorecords.bandcamp.com



I’m tryna figure out if these images in the new “OCR” video complement the mood OR the art of what Alex Gray brings in his D/P/I project. The aesthetic of “on the fly” with these images is definitely on par with his sound structuring. And for the most part, I’ve always considered D/P/I (and most of Gray’s music) to be location-less. As if it comes from nowhere, but pure entity. Though, this aesthetic of “Chance Images” is ULTRA fun! MOST of these pictures here in “OCR” are not very a-typical to certain destinations, and not having direction in D/P/I is like… well, what it’s all about, right?

Imagine if the fellah (Gray) GAVE you directions somewhere in Calif. No DOUBT they’d be solid – hold the bum-steer – but he’d probably give you all landmark directions: “Hit the corner down the street where the taco vendor at, grip some food for three-bucks, then head left on that corner until you hit a BP with this dope graffiti you NEED to witness. Go right from there on the main boulevard and scope the skyline. Come BACK the way you came, pass the BP, and if you go far enough it’ll start to look like the country, and there’s this dope fountain that….” LOL <3

ANYHOW, fools!!! D/P/I is releasing a total tease on Leaving Records next Tuesday called RICO EP, which is VERY MUCH worth the listen, but definitely leaves you wanting more. More to come, though? MAYBE! Keep on your location-less game, continue checking back in, but in the mean-time, ride every D/P/I wave you can to remain!

• D/P/I: http://chanceimag.es
• Leaving Records: http://leavingrecords.com


“Hackle Scam Populator”

Enter the media which is working you over, to be sculpted by its strange geometry. And in becoming that thing, leave it behind: this here “Hackle Scam Populator” is a bit like a piece of Software.

Enter its soft wares and let its norms be yourself: tiny digitaelia bristle over the brain-hood, digesting us through a bacterial cleanse of kaleidoscopic solipsism (say that shit five times fast), trained to erase the distinctions of “analog” and “digital,” “real” and “fake,” “technological” and “biological,” “low” and “high” and other useless qualifiers: this is a zone of 100% yes. This is Membrane Pop. In this keen programmed biology you will get the BIG PICTURE through the lens of that which has programmed you – sculpted you, massaged you, become you.

Sculpture’s Membrane Pop is out May 12 in the UK and May 13 in the US via Software.

• Sculpture: http://tapebox.co.uk
• Software Records: http://www.softwarelabel.net


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