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So, here’s the straight sizzle: 2013 was merely a practice run for the Bootleg Tapes dynasty. Dynasty? Yeah. Have you been asleep? It’s time to wake up, ‘cause 2014 is going to open dem ears and Bootleg gonna continue to give you that porn-punk cyber-scuzz mixtape love in ways you cannot imagine.

And as a year-end send-off, the Bootleg prophets are here to give you new split between instant TMT legends LAMPGOD and Susan Balmar. Zones get weird, fries get eaten, and blast-offs were meant for a previous future date, marked in the blood of dimensional beings. Seers of loops scratch the sidelines of tape and digital. Noise and ambient flesh between the human, and existence of sound is so solid in texture you falter at the notion of, “What is momentary and momentous?”

Your answer is NEO​-​OEUVRE by Susan Balmar and LAMPGOD, streaming below:

• Susan Balmar:
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Zachary Wilson

Faded In The Future

As the hologram of Zachary Wilson becomes Faded In The Future, his production, composition, and thrust programing continues to shake hips in disco museums around the globe. The year is probably way beyond now, the future looks about the same as ever — maybe a few more inventions — but everybody is poppin’ that psyche-wonk Mr. Wilson had listeners BEGGING for during the beginning of this century. As he stepped out from behind his colaborative projects Wilson Daniels and Andy & Zeus, Zachary forges a new pathway in the light of all this dance-til-you-drop-ness. But as tour guide to the advancement of all crystal aquarium hustle-club dance floors, and although his said hologram has become Faded In The Future, Zachary’s tape is NOW available (in limited of 15 [OMG!!!!]), so grip it, reel on out, and submit your body to the art of rhythmic movement.

Forget Fade2Mind or Oil Gang or 100% Silk. Grip on Faded In The Future now and peel ya mind with this Plastic Arts 001 cassette! And if it ain’t making you nod ya noggin, then there’s something wrong, tell your neighbor, and they’ll dial 9-1-1. Chances are, while waiting for help, you’ll have a change of heart, and Zachary Wilson will be your new foot movement and stress melting guru!

Listen to Faded In The Future below, and grip on the cassette here.

• Zachary Wilson:

Agathe Max

“Live in Milan, Italy” [URSSS]

I get it. Birkut (in a way) called me out on always looking up photos of Yolandi Visser and Rebel Wilson at work. Mayyyyyyyyyyyyyybe. But I’ll tell you what distracted me from my obsessive Goolge Imaging: Agathe Max “Live in Milan, Italy,” captured by none other than the legendary URSSS. Here, Max get’s length and twitchy in south Europe, bowing out some exploration in the electroacoustic range, and being all that is adventure.

Max got feverish earlier this year with her fourth album Dangerous Days, so give it a listen for some sizzle. And after, if you’re WAY strung out on 2013 releases, sort through the URSSS catalog. I guarantee you’ll find something there of interest as you wait in anticipation for 2014. Hi!

• Agathe Max:


“glimmers of light”

The pebbles, wet with sleet, bounce off the exposed strings of an abandoned piano.
I pelt them faux-lazily, embarrassed to admit the growing obsessiveness of each throw, never quite on target.
If I get my aim right, I might just be able to play “Chopsticks”.
It’s that time of year when daylight is just one long sunset. I squint harder with each hour, but never make a tune.

According to Boomkat, N.Racker is “a well known producer operating incognito.” He makes thick dry-stone walls of sound, with all the horror of a pagan Perchtenlauf, but seeped in the dark cynicism of the “desolate north.” While the sounds share certain sonic commonalities with some rightfully praised recent Engravings (TMT Review), this is a darker, sparser affair; a lone Rapper dancer grinding swords in the dark of a moor, not a forest.

N.Racker’s debut album Flock Toxicant came out last year on Pre-Cert Home Entertainment, a label run by the similarly doom-ladenDemdike Stare and Andy Votel (of Finders Keepers). Here’s hoping “glimmers of light” will make it onto similarly beautiful slabs of vinyl soon too.

• N.Racker:

Cream Juice

“Oh Oh Oh Oh”

The ultimate orgasm exists within all of us! Whether it involves fingers, clamps, balloons or feline plasty or pure Man Feelings, we all have the capability to push out the perfect climax. Maybe. However, when mE dear pals Keith and Seth get bumpin’ boots, it’s typically of the Cream Juice variation. As they pissin’ in panties and smackin’ up mammies, the duo reach eye-gasms everywhere with “Oh Oh Oh Oh” on this side of visucopia. And what’s so great about it is you can sing along, kinda. It’s sassy in a natural way. Sexy on a level of sizzle. Yet all that is man.

Legit, I weirded the FUCK out at their label’s showcase recently, and had the pleasure of cornering Keith while giving him my a capella “Oh Oh Oh Oh.” That’s possibly exactly how it sounds. And I kissed Seth on the way out. You can tell I’m proud of these fellahs. So look out 2014! Cause there’s talks of a Digitalis Cream Juice release in the midst, and sommmmmmeBODY is already wet. This guy. Pants. Cream Juice.

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