DJ Rashad / DJ Spinn

“On Site” [Kanye West rework]

It’s cool that Kanye West has been hitting up producers like Arca and Evian Christ lately, but I’m still surprised he hasn’t hit up DJ Rashad and DJ Spinn yet. These Chi-Town footwork gods are obvious fans — Rashad did an amazing rework of “Niggas in Paris” on TEKLIFE Vol. 1 (“Welcome to the Chi”), and DJ Spinn took on “Mercy” on TEKLIFE Vol. 2 (“Mercy”) — and both Rashad and Yeezy did flips of Gil Scott-Heron’s “Home Is Where the Hatred Is” (Rashad has done two, actually), while both Spinn and Yeezy flipped Otis Redding’s “Try A Little Tenderness.” And with Kanye on the lookout these days for adventurous producers, seems like a hometown collaboration would be a no-brainer.

But until that day comes, we have a new rework from Rashad and Spinn. On this outing, the boys chuck Yeezus’ gritty intro track “On Sight” through the footwork grinder, turning the aggressively chopped-up, synth-heavy track into a nasty club banger, a perfect battle track for Kanye’s own footwork. Check it out below, and someone please get these guys in contact with Yeezy.

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“Slow-mo late night clubbing vaporwave.” – Paul-OH!!!

“I cant listen to it right now.” – A-Tone Down

“Makes me want to go to a hot spring.” – That P

“Good music for the time it takes to transfer trains at Tokyo Metro.” – L.O.

“Sorry gotta plow through some jobs at work” – Crawf Blood

“[New Rraro] taste just like Haribo’s gummy bears, but are in round format.” – jMic

“Sounds like background music to an R&B track that never really takes off.” – Mickey Smallz

“FACTmag was calling it sinogrime a la Fatima, but I’m hearing more LA g-funk.” – Squeo

“Yooooo, I can rock to this.” – LAMP

“Tiny Mix Tapes is seeking new writers and Chocolate Grinder needs a wealth of ‘em, so apply here!” – EVERY FUCKING DAY


Yung Lean

“Gatorade” (Lido Remix)

I’m trying to study for a biology test. I’m not even a biology major. #LiberalArts. Evidently, I’d much rather be a sad-boy sipping Gatorade and/or Arizona. Shedding some tears to this passionate reedit of a post-consumerist/young-ironic classic, however, is giving me fleeting moments of emotional release from memorizing how whole wheat pasta finds its way to my blastopore. Because I learned how to read as a young one, I know that the producer of this silky creation calls himself Lido, and hails from Oslo. It’s a relatively short track, but will have you daydreaming of daydreaming on exponential thread counts with red stains around your lips from Gatorade and/or lipstick. Better still, Lido shows us how to climax like a moneymaker, without a Lex Luger sample kit. It’s pure composition: cinematic, cathartic, and other positively illustrious adjectives that start with a c. Yung Lean makes me want to consume anything he name-drops, and Lido only makes it easier. If you’re Yung Lean and are tryna chill/pay for my flight to Sweden, hit me up. Other than that, enjoy the beauty below.

PS: Lido and Drake need to link. Also, Lido has an EP coming out through Pelican Fly soon..

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Xiu Xiu

“A knife in the Sun”

Oh, cool! Xiu Xiu actually took a normal route here with their music video for “A knife in the Sun.” Noh mask? No big deal. Harsh shade of the typically pleasant color pink. Strawberries hanging and casual chewing. All chill. I imagine this is what one of the closets behold in the Xiu Xiu practice space. They call this person inside “A knife” – which I heard directly from a good source (not really) that s/he was the influence for the masterpiece Knife Play – and that closet is called “the Sun.” THEN, I heard when “A knife in the Sun” looks outside, s/he sees itself in the real, black and white from that pink effect, and always climbing shit. Whatevz. ALSO, Xiu Xiu practices in the middle of nowhere and is super secret about their music. Like, did you get a leak of Angel Guts: Red Classroom prior to its release? ‘Cause I didn’t think you did. Who is this? I’m Xiu Xiu. You are C Monster. So what about the WE?

It’s probably somewhere with “A knife in the Sun.” But, for more [“GREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN”] answers, snag that new Xiu Xiu LP Angel Guts: Red Classroom off Polyvinyl Record Company. The word “relentless” used to be in the Xiu Xiu title before they started doing festivals in 2002. PEACE!

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Alley Catss & S Olbricht


Erratic propulsion!
Implied Speed!

I wouldn’t let this Alley Catss kid take my daughter for a drive.
Partly because he is actually a kid (15?!) and partly because he has no respect for the conventions of plurality in English grammar.
But mainly because I don’t have a daughter.

But if I did I’d say, “No, Penelope, you can’t go on that gap-year train-trip to Budapest, you’ll stay here and help with my failing cheese and wine business.”
But she’d go anyway. I’d get conciliatory postcards smelling of bad perfume, flecked with Malibu vomit.
I’d make endless phone calls to the Hungarian embassy, imploring them to, “Send out the national guard!” and “Catch these damn kidnapping hooligans!”

They’d put me on hold.

And all I’d hear is the bluster of a gale blowing through the switchboard, the vast sucking wormhole of a rural back-road in the dead of night.
The speed of the bluster would flutter through my ears, down to my twisting stomach.
My body would be spinning so fast that by the time the sounds contorted into a radial JUNGLIST abandon it would feel like a relief.

Can I speak to the senior British diplomat, please?
You’ve had me on hold for 17 minutes here!”

Opal Tapes released the new split cassette by Alley Catss & S Olbricht on 20 April. You can pre-order it from their Bandcamp.
Alley Catss also had a rather excellent 15-track album out last year on Sewage Tapes.

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