Tyler, The Creator

“Tron Cat”

“Tron Cat,” another song from Tyler, The Creator’s forthcoming album Goblin, leaked late last week. Check out these recent tweets from Tyler regarding the leak:

“Aww Man, Some One I Know Personally Leaked Tron Cat. That’s Fucked Up. I Know This Cause Only OF Had That Version Of It.”

“Damn, That Actually Is Like Fucked Up, Not Even The Album Version. Fuck.”

Tyler, The Whiner? JK. Goblin’s due May 10 through XL Recordings.

• Odd Future: http://oddfuture.tumblr.com
• XL Recordings: http://www.xlrecordings.com

Madlib & Frank Nitt

“What Can U Tell Me (feat. MED)”

Finally, the missing piece of the puzzle: Madlib’s Medicine Show #9: Channel 85 presents Nittyville, a concept album about a fictitious TV station, is seeing release May 17 (CD) or May 31 (LP) via Stones Throw. Yeah, yeah, Madlib has already released entries #8 and #10, so the purity of the series’ chronology is effectively ruined, but I dare you to care as you listen to Frank Nitt drop his rhymes over Madlib’s hot-as-always production. As one SoundCloud user put it: “Damn Son Its Neck Wrenching!”

• Madlib: http://www.myspace.com/madlib
• Stones Throw: http://www.stonesthrow.com

Moon Pool & Dead Band


Here’s a clip from Moon Pool & Dead Band’s tape/CD-R release on AA Records. I have to admit, it was the record’s insane cover that caught my attention, but it turns out the music within – a mixture of distorted arpeggios and live/programmed drum work – matches the warped sci-fi cool art. Hear more on the group’s Facebook.

• Moon Pool & Dead Band: http://www.facebook.com/moonpooldeadband
• AA Records: http://www.wolfeyes.net/aarecords/

John Wiese and Zen Sekizawa

Commercial for LD Tuttle, a boutique line of women’s products

Now this is deliciously weird and unexpected: Noise hero John Wiese has teamed up with artist Zen Sekizawa to direct a commercial for LD Tuttle, “a boutique line of women’s designer accessories and shoes, trend shattering women’s handbags, belts, accessories and shoes.” Expect an accelerating gas pedal, popped balloons, shattered glass, and a provocative bedroom scene.

Meanwhile, no word yet on a new full-length Wiese album (his last two featured collaborations with Kevin Drumm and Gerritt), but we’ll keep you updated.

• John Wiese: http://www.john-wiese.com
• Zen Sekizawa: http://www.zensekizawa.com

Chris Corsano & Dredd Foole

Live @ Feeding Tube Records in Northampton, MA

Check out this amazing collaboration between drummer extraordinaire Chris Corsano and 60-year-old-plus Dredd Foole. The performance was earlier this month at Feeding Tube Records in Northampton, MA. Corsano has scattered shows coming up — take a peek here.

• Dredd Foole: http://www.myspace.com/dreddfooleandthedin
• Chris Corsano: http://cor-sano.com


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