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As reported by the man himself, a 20 minute DJ Rashad mix from Japan has allegedly leaked. Though it’s totally unclear where, when, and why this heater of a mix comes from, its qualification as a “Japan Mix” is no wonder given the Teklife god’s heroic prominence there. The 20-minute mix seems to be part of a larger set of sorts, relishing any thirst for footwork divinity in a surefire means of body juicing. Followers of Rashad should recognize a few prime cuts popping up in the mix’s progression, though if your not keen on his juke wave, it’s never too late to get your feet wet, and ultimately vibrate uncontrollably. If you’re nice enough, you can catch DJ Rashad on the rest of his glorious international campaign here. Be sure to bring some clean Adidas. Stream DJ Rashad’s “JAPAN 20 MIN WORKOUT” mix below:



Oh, shit! Weird Cry gettin’ a bit “retro” on listeners with this here Fly by Run, recorded in 2002. Takes you back to them harsh nights on the west coast. Garage amp warmth. Sweated out snare pops. Blistering electronics. Harsh zones of reality. Parents screaming down stairs ‘cause you’re not really in the garage, but the basement. The word “scene” is something that still exists as a clique, and y’all revere it. Never accepting anything less than actual album status. Saying no to every chance you got to be put on a compilation. It’s for the art, yo! Fuck off and cry. Weird Cry? ‘Cause that’s who’s unearthing these past-jams of shattered recollections. Now, Run is getting the attention they once deserved: flailing out them riffs after dousing spliffs and feeling the wave of gazed-out fried Ventura charred noise-punk rock. They felt it all together on Fly, and are now sharing it with you. New eras. Old recordings. I don’t see how that’s in any way different. So snag Run’s Fly CD now at Weird Cry and GET SOME BELOW:

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Jeff Markey

The We Hours

Do not fear the drum, good fellow. The drums are your friends. Go to them, embrace them, let their pulsing beat guide your steps. You will see. Oh yes, you will see … and hear and feel and smell again. The sterile surroundings of corporate quarantine have dulled your senses, especially that of rhythm. There you’re atrophied, paralyzed even, but not yet castrated. There is hope for you yet. Find it in the drum. Trust in it … and for the love of avant-garde, stop trying to convince yourself that vaporwave is good. It’s unlistenable drivel and you know it. Let’s move on already.

OK, now that that’s out of the way: Jeff Markey is a Brooklyn-based beatmaker and one half of the production duo Surface Tension Beekeepers (the other half being Reservoir Sound founder A.M. Breakups). Apart from his instrumental hip-hop work, Mr. Markey’s production credits include Armand Hammer’s “Native Sun” and “Black Ark” and Hype Wonder’s “Wake,” the instrumental version of which rounds out The We Hours EP streaming below. Press play and remember: the drums are your friends. They will love you if you let them.

• Jeff Markey:
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Having someone think you’re always watching them makes mental paranoia excruciating. Especially if it has nothing to do with context or content, reality or meanderings, or fucking. Check it, though: home-boii Acemo got all that straight on the chill. The world-building in Boarders feels like your silently running through the cold streets, peeking into windows, gathering a muffled mixture of sounds and colors, while beholding the mentality of voyeurist freedom. The context and content are all jumbled at the core, but mixed into a swelling of pleasantries your mammi would love listening to. Reality comes in cracks of meandering beats and vocals, functioning in (maybe) the natural world, or sweltering existence. Fucking. Fucking is all about people wanting to live. And life pinned to the Boarders is Acemo’s agenda here.

Figures this Acemo fellah would be poppin’ Boarders via Bootleg Tapes. The reel warp is there and fleshed out. Mixture is all transitional, but heavy on metamorphosis. And the pleasure of Kermit and textured rhythm.. good enough to close ya eyes on a snow-shit day like today. Lean back and enjoy. This Acemo Boarders was exactly what you needed today. Grip yourself a limited cassette and while you wait for delivery, stream it upon your conscious below:

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• Bootleg Tapes:

Alex Tedesco

Blended (Round 1)

Mashup music is a tricky game, you guys. Too often, artists exploring this genre rely on hyperactively juxtaposing one style over another for no reason other than sheer gimmick. However, the best mashups are usually achieved when approached with John Oswald’s plunderphonics in mind. Oswald was all about combining and warping readymade music into something completely new yet recognizable. Basically, plunderphonics and mashup at their best are all about elegant deconstruction and re-contextualization. The reconstituted product should make listeners familiar with the original sources realize something new about those sources while creating something strikingly original enough to enjoy when removed from context.

Alex Tedesco’s Blended (Round 1) is one of the most deftly executed and inventive mashup records that I’ve heard in a long time. Tedesco manages to tastefully blend top-40 pop with various strains of experimental music in a striking manner. Consequently, Tedesco exposes both the hidden strangeness of mainstream pop and the inner structural workings of noise music. Every track is incredibly strong, but some particularly memorable moments are: opener “Bad Girls for the Victims of Cold Mission “where M.I.A, Logos, and Penderecki combine into a haunting minimalistic chant that resembles a creepier version of Marina Rosenfeld’s most recent work and the otherworldly “Peacock Lightning” where a pitch shifted Katy Perry and Coil combine into a desperate paean. Throughout, Tedesco’s experimental pop background shines through on each track’s expert formal structuring and reharmonization. As a result, the whole record plays as a surprisingly complete and singular album despite the disparate sound sources of each track.

Blended (Round 1) is available as a free download from Tedesco’s bandcamp. You can stream the record in its entirety below:

• Alex Tedesco:


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