Bitchin' Bajas

Hideout Residency [excerpts]

In the most polite way possible – via sound, of course – Bitchin’ Bajas stole the soul of the entire Chicago, Ill. during their Hideout Residency. Luckily, Bathetic Records caught a recording of this mass exodus and now YOU can hear it in a three-cassette collection of pure temporal grave stones. Etched in the grain of hiss, Bitchin’ Bajas expands melons past the threshold of fruit. Mush and pulp have never been as burdened in pure sound and mystique. A drop of a coin. The lick of an afterthought. Metric within measurement of why we stopped exploring space.

Jon Hency been runnin’ a tite-ass ship at the Bathetic Records office. Hideout Residency comes out along side Angel Olsen’s Burn Your Fire For No Witness (TMT Review) cassette and a split from Rale and Lolly Gesserit. As well, Bitchin’ Bajas just can’t quit, as they released Bitchitronics (TMT Review) on Drag City, a split with Shockwave Riderz, and Krausened on Permanent Records and Golden Cloud Tapes. So grip they’s first 2014 release Hideout Residency ASAP before it’s all gone from Bathetic Records’ inventory. In the mean-time, fuzz out to excerpts below:

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switch hitters

It seems by the time I get back around to thinking to check the PARTY TRASH Bandcamp page (yeah, still haven’t caught onto the whole “Follow” thing), a new release has been posted. And not just a song or four demo tracks from a new EP. Thirty-something song tracklists. Perfect vignettes of party trash. Last night’s playlist resembled the ears of that guy who blacked out three times in total. Young drunks not knowing how to throw ‘em back. “What’s happenin’?” Thirty-five shots? Someone get this kid to the fucking hospital.

Three bones for switch hitters? That’s only eight-something cents a track. Upturn the couch cushions. Take back last night’s cans. In fact, get rid of all this PARTY TRASH and let’s clean up a bit, while we’re at it.


Guest Mix: Ba Da Bing & Northern Spy

SXSW 2014 Showcase Mix

Last year, Tiny Mix Tapes had the pleasure of throwing a big party with Northern Spy at SXSW called Unisex Earplug. This year, TMT’s sitting this one out due to a torn ACL, but Northern Spy’s back in Austin once again to fight the good fight, this time putting on an official SXSW showcase with like-minded Brooklyn label, Ba Da Bing. Their showcase features a tasty experimental-/psych-leaning lineup of Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger (Sean Lennon & Charlotte Kemp Muhl), DVA, NYMPH, Slothrust, Cloud Becomes Your Hand, and Cross Record. Watch the trailer for the “best showcase if you just wanna be held” here, and then RSVP to the whole shebang here.

In anticipation for the showcase, we’ve asked both Northern Spy and Ba Da Bing to create guest mixes. And they did! Check them out below, and if you’re out at the clusterfuck that is SXSW 2014, then check out their showcase this Friday at Palm Door.

Ba Da Bing:

[00:00] Arnold Dreyblatt & the Orchestra of Excited Strings - Group Velocity
[04:00] Helado Negro - “Mamember”
[11:06] Heaven’s Gate - “I’m Forgetting”
[13:30] Slothrust - “Magnets Pt. 2”
[18:18] Fall of Saigon - “The End” [The Doors]
[27:25] Cross Record - “Cups In The Sink”
[32:05] Phurpa - “Emanating the Retinue of the Deity”
[38:10] Circuit Des Yeux - “My Name is Rune”
[43:12] Cüneyt Sepetçi & Orchestra Dolapdere - “Karsimila”

Northern Spy:

Since December, Northern Spy has been booking a weekly series (Thursdays!) at Trans-Pecos, a performance space in Ridgewood, Queens. To highlight the incredible bands that have graced the non-stage, we put together a lengthy mix. Many of these bands are local Brooklyn/Queens/NY, a few are from out of town, all deserve your attention.

[00:00] Bob Bellerue & Philip White - “Live at Trans-Pecos 2/27/2014”
[16:44] Gnaw - “Worm”
[21:22] Invisible Things - “Rockets”
[27:38] Helado Negro - “Lechuguilla,Bassapella”
[31:41] Dva - “Durango”
[34:40] The Kinematics - “Asterism”
[39:12] Ancient Ocean - “Diamante”
[46:03] The Dreebs - “Baby Shower”
[49:36] Josephine Foster and the Supposed - “(You Are Worth) A Million Dollars”
[56:16] Sam Kulik - “Bellarthur an Albino”
[51:57] Alien Whale - “5 Oz. To A Gram Exchange Rate”
[59:56] Platinum Vision - “Pinot Grigio”
[60:02] Horse Lords - “Wildcat Strike”
[78:18] Blood Warrior - “Snake Seer”
[81:24] Andrew Barker Trio - “Inner Vortex”
[85:21] Marry Lattimore & Jeff Zeigler - “White Balooon”
[88:29] Deblase/Fisher/Millions “No Mind”
[97:54] Notekillers - “Braindance ‘Splosion”
[105:11] Sunshine Soldier - “Liek (excerpt)”
[107:10] Peter Kerlin Octet - “Bulbs”
[113:00] A.M. Gems - “Married Girl”

• Ba Da Bing:
• Northern Spy:

Abdu Ali

“Mad Ambrosia”


“Mad Ambrosia” is pissed! Channeling his earthly frustrations through a virtual storm of saturated, Post-Yeezus synth distortion while he wriggles his way through a matrix of shapeshifting etherchromes lined with flossy technicolor ectoplasms (courtesy of video artist Helen Jackson-Adams and cinematographer Corey Hughes), Ambrosia throws his head back in abandon, half-overwhelmed and half-exulted, lightnight bolt synth crackin’ thru his fuckin’ mind and out into the network. So Ambrosia, y u mad? [Editor’s note: OH, DAMN! oh, snap?]

“Three shots in the head/ I ain’t dead/ Instead/ I was fed/ Red wine and coco bread.”

Trauma. Pacification. A cycle of hope and doubt. Abdu Ali, the Baltimore-based rapper/performance artist/scene figurehead behind all this madness, has this to say about his incarnation as Ambrosia:

“mad ambrosia; a furious feral fucka, who’s blessed to be a blessing to humanity,by provoking visions in the visionless, a voice in the voiceless, and giving weight to the weightless. ambrosia can not be mad too though. in this song, ambrosia is very frustrated and fed up and almost at a quits, yet ambrosia finds the fire to keep blazing, like weezy f bb. ambrosia will be young money. no ambrosia will be bby money. trust and believe.”

Bless up. Stream and download PUSH + SLAY, the mixtape to which “Mad Ambrosia” belongs, here, and look for new ish from Abdu Ali on the not-so-far horizon.

• Abdu Ali:

Exoteric Continent

Primera Norma [Promo Mix]

You’re by a lake. You’re by a lake in the hills and the sky is darkening across a melted sun-lit horizon harnessing a log hanging mist in the trees long the landscape. Face painted the color of war and you’re running toward a well-moving highway. Licking off bullets gains you “Accés” to the pathway before you to seep pure evil into the surrounding city and suburban areas.

The “Primera Norma” to driving here relies on manifesting as much fear in the bubble that grows around you, so feel free to continue flinging as many slugs out the window as you own. Slowing down is never an option, your heart is about to grow hands and rip itself out of your body, and the pulse in your neck, thighs, wrists, and eyes feel as though a beat is steady through pistons and gunfire.

Cast yourself out to society. Become the violent “Cap de turc” people come to expect from you now that they’ve seen you on the news and every television screen for the past hour, having robbed six corner stores and run over and/or shot enough people to fill a hilltop cemetery. And less is more, but all the while having everything is not as expensive as it always seemed.

But to break it all down, gaining momentum to the inevitable tragedy to all this, the “Sinòpsi d’una crisi” seems to be darkness. Now that it’s nearly black outside, even the red and blue blaring light in all directions is nearly visible. Maybe just overrun the ramp, hit those clear mountain tops, ramp, dive out, and see if your parachute takes wind. So does it?

Hospital Productions put out Exoteric Continent’s latest reeler Primera Norma, and a [Promo Mix] was made of it, which is streaming below. The mix misses the violence of length that the full-length tracks bare on the release, but the preview is worth listening too. Only bad part about owning this tape: you have to flip it over half way through. But putting it on repeat is essentially welcomed.

• Exoteric Continent:
• Hospital Productions:


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