Major Lazer

“Lose Yourself (feat. Moska & RDX)”

I shit you not, I am actually in this video for “Lose Yourself (feat. Moska & RDX)” by Major Lazer a couple of times. There, right there in the trees. That shack there too. It all happened when I ran into Sean Paul, who’s on the second track “Come On To Me (feat. Sean Paul)” off the new Major Lazer EP Apocalypse Soon. Apparently he had read my piece on his single from last August and wanted to get to know me a bit more. We got to talking about Ukraine and cassettes, Jerry’s Kids and his kids in relation to Jerry’s Kids, religion and grades of tequila. All sorts of shit. And then was like, “What’s your e-mail?” He axed me in return if I knew who Major Lazer was, and I was like, “Diplo? The Block Party fucker off Pier 11? Yeah, owes me $12.” Sean corrected me, telling me all ‘bout how Diplo wasn’t really Major Lazer and that Block Parties were for Cubans. When I questioned him, “Aren’t YOU of Cubano decent?” he quickly changed the subject and offered me some [hidden] fan shots in the new Major Lazer video being filmed behind us conversing, featuring Moska and RDX. “Did you just sneeze?” I asked, which he clarified that Moska was Columbia and RDX was Jamaican.

Scope the video above for Major Lazer’s “Lose Yourself (feat. Moska & RDX),” and visually featuring me and Sean tucked away in the background. You can find the track on the aforementioned Apocalypse Soon EP Major Lazer is coming out with in May, but available for pre-order with -like- a bunch of other swag that got kids skrilling out MAD dinero. More adventures with Sean to come too, I’m sure. Enjoy the video above!

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Rick Ross


Ever wondered what Kanye West sounds like impersonating Young Thug? Me neither, but Rick Ross’ new Yeezy-/DJ Mustard-produced track “Sanctified” gives a taste anyway, and dammit it’s actually sorta kinda working. Aside from the obvious triplet spits and stuttered trap jabs, Kanye even gives his best attempt at harnessing Thug’s off-pitched wails, all of it atop smoothed-out production that’s highly reminiscent of — surprise, surprise — one of Thug’s breakout hits, “Danny Glover” (a.k.a. Kanye’s jam). Doesn’t have the same grit, of course, but what can you do.

Big Sean’s got the hook, and Rick Ross has the last verse. Check it out here:

“Sanctified” is off Rick Ross’ sixth LP, Mastermind, which is finally out March 4. Stream the whole fucking thing via iTunes here.

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“Climbing The Corporate Ladder”

Just spitting what I’ve been shown: not only is Sam Benanti feeling the vibe in this here video of last year’s NMESH single “Climbing the Corporate Ladder,” but I also think the writer is picking up where listeners last left NMESH visually in the DREAM SEQUINS® trailer. FUN!

Yet, as the moisture stirs in every office environment, it’s purely a mystery how one can entirely and continuously try justly reaching for the top. Let’s figure morality, here. We got plenty of this clowning and joshin’ going ‘round, but when it comes down to it, your co-workers merely just want to do the dance better than you. But actually, Jan and Steve are your fucking husband and wife, and the corporate sector has replaced all three branches of the U.S. government. Rick in the corner is technically your son, but 35 years older than you. Having to shit every thirty minutes with the other employees feels like it might just be the coffee. Vacations to Puerto Rico are taken via pill under the basement stairs. Nothing is as everything seems.

Catch NMESH on the fly-video scene with new visuals for the sizzle-snap beat of “Climbing the Corporate Ladder,” off new AMDISCS release DREAM SEQUINS®. Shoot, maybe the fellah should just go Beyonce and pop off videos for the entire next album.. Orange Milk into this idea?? #hints #hi


Virginia Trance

“Your Guru”

As the 70s cowboy would walk in more modern boots, Virginia Trance (Scott Davis) rides that same strut-stride along head-nodding first single “Your Guru.” Just truckin’ on by, really, slick guitar, acoustic rhythm, walking bass, beaten up drums, and smooth-but-slightly-tattered vocals. Set up camp, though, ‘cause traveling this far within the Virgina Trance, one finally finds their inner-self OR, “Your Guru.” Mountain tops and rustling bushes. Branches stretching from the mind to the melt. That noggin stewin’ up a good batch of brains, sizzling between each bubble of imagination bursting between nods. Yet, it’s kept contained and calm. You weren’t sure just what you were buying, but it’s all good. Eyes closed. Focusing on that owl cadence in the trees. Pine cones falling gently onto bushels of needles. Maybe you’re next. Maybe it’s New York or Memphis.

Need I continue. Feel “Your Guru” via Virginia Trance will help listeners grip the depths of their inner drip. Prior to Virginia Trance, Scott Davis road a horse named Images and spent a yearlong tenure in Psychic Ills. “Your Guru” comes off Virginia Trance’s FIRST release, a 7-inch with the track “Something in the Air” on the b-side. Tracks were mastered by Matt ‘MV’ Valentine, mixed by Tres Warren, and recorded at Big Snow Buffalo Lodge. You can purchase here to fully enjoy your inner moments.

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When asked, I told a lady I was, “enjoying the break in the weather,” standing “PROUD” at the register near the tall windows at the front of the store at work. The sky was grey with the breathe of winter, but my apartment wasn’t frigid when I woke up this morning, my cat not cradled under the radiator for the bowl-full-and-no-more of heat it fed the space between the peach-colored walls of “daPlace”. The lady responded by telling me to enjoy it before the snow started falling, as it was in the forecast for later that day. Sure enough, I walked out of the break room at the end of my meal break later on, and what once was a grey sky, soft enough to suggest it could turn blue, was falling between the blurs from quickly descending flakes of snow. !”!mor’green!”!

B-4a*Spring is right. Check it out at the NBKB Bandcamp page, and buy the album for the low(?) price of ¥222. It might help alleviate those winter weather blues, greys, whites…



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