Somewhere between Grammy Award-winning disco revivalism and disco committing Promethazine-assisted suicide by bathtub drowning is the sound of Flamingosis, the self-titled album by Morristown, New Jersey’s Aaron Velásquez a.k.a. Flamingosis, whose name is taken from a freestyle frisbee move that was invented by the artist’s father, a former champion of the sport. At first, I thought the name was pronounced as one word, like halitosis, but then I thought maybe it’s pronounced flamingo-sis, but now after watching this video, I’m thinking it might be pronounced flaming osis. It all depends on how you hear it, I guess. Coincidentally, the same can be said for these tunes. Are they sample-based electronic pieces, straightforward beats, retitled remixes, or something else? It all depends on how you hear it. No matter how you do that, though, if track two, “1978,” doesn’t pump some life into your head, neck, and extremities, then you need to check yourself.

• Flamingosis: http://flamingosis.com
• KEATS//COLLECTIVE: https://keatscollective.bandcamp.com

Alex Cobb

“Rain At The Fete” (excerpt)

Frame-by-frame my memory recalls Jeriah and Jackie’s wedding of ‘07. “Nah, the weather will never get that bad. Forecast says the clouds will even be missing us,” I remember Jeriah explaining why they’ve no canopy while feeling the first drop of water on my head under a darkening sky. And as I had imagined at the time everyone running away, everyone just-so-happened to have brought their umbrellas, and are guarding them and their loved ones from getting damp; the best man is the only one getting wet, as he holds two umbrellas for the bride, groom, and officiator. The rain is loud, there’s a bit of a rumble in the clouds, but the initiation is fairly audible. Sun light continues to appear and disappear, beaming upon the ceremony and audience members. I can even here a few people crying and whispers of, “She’s beautiful.” But everyone exclaims in joy as they kiss, and clapping becomes louder than the umbrellas that haven’t been dropped.

Alex Cobb gives us a glint of his newest LP Marigold And Cable through an excerpt of “Rain At The Fete.” As head fellah of Students of Decay, Alex Cobb has a good background on trailing and droning sounds. New LP Marigold And Cable is limited to 500 copies, was mastered by James Plotkin, and the first 100 copies include a chapbook of poetry written specifically for the record by Peter Gizzi. Pre-order here and get a taste of “Rain At The Fete” streaming below:

• Alex Cobb: http://www.discogs.com/artist/763002-Alex-Cobb
• Shelter Press: http://shelter-press.com

Bobby Draino

“Sean’s Beach”

L.A.’s 100% Silk is the real. The label is consistently shelling out eternally smooth beats, from Octo Octa to Ital to SFV Acid. Their latest output is a 5-track gem from Bobby Draino, Brain Drain. The lead track “Sean’s Beach” is soaked in an acid deep fryer, crunchy and chewy with a warm center. My hunger might be a parasite to my metaphors here, but perhaps that’s a nod to how satiating the track is. Overdriven drums and heavily saturated leads make me feel like I’m in the middle of sautéing a thick steak, lifting it up and slowly pressing the fat down in a sizzling catharsis — with my kitchen as the club. Definitely a heater. You can cop this delicious EP here.

• Bobby Draino: https://soundcloud.com/bobbydraino
• 100% Silk: https://soundcloud.com/100percentsilk

Philip Grass

“All I Need”

Philip Grass gets me. First, they do that increasingly popular play-on-names thing to subtle perfection. Then, they get caught up in all of that rain-heavy Pacific Northwest beat culture, which continues to drop gems. And, lastly, with every new hint of prolificacy-by-way-of-SoundCloud-embeds, the Portland duo continues to filter current tendencies in hip-hop through their Seasonal Affective Disorder approach to beats as fully formed songs in themselves. Take “All I Need” from their upcoming Dropping Gems release Find EP, for example. How it places those piano keys into the mix like raindrops sinking into the dirt. New age flutes slide on gusts of wind through the leaves on the trees. The drums are practically an afterthought until halfway through the track when they begin gently pulling everything else back down to the surface of the Earth.

If “All I Need” is Philip Grass, then I can work with the first single streaming below:

As XLR8R pointed out earlier this week, the entire four-track Find EP is out March 4 on Dropping Gems.

• Philip Grass: https://soundcloud.com/philip-grass
• Dropping Gems: http://www.droppinggems.com



Turning off Canal onto Mott, I find a tape squeaking out under a pile of shattered tile. On it reads SIMULATOR and GLASS BRIXX VOL1. So, I pop it into my shitty Walkman, and Chinatown turns into a wonderland of chopped up goodies and misspelled graphic tees. Deep in trash bags along the side roads await the brand of choice: Bootleg. As the forger is just as good, if not BETTER than the original artist, then SIMULATOR takes self-critique and by-standards into a new realm of sampling the old into a beyond-new. But swagging out for about $50, walking out from (potentially) an apartment above a fish market, and knowing there’ll be a foam rave there in about four hours gives you good lax time to prepare the perfect hacked outfit.

SIMULATOR (LAMPGOD & **Ł_RD//$M$) be breaking them GLASS BRIXX VOL1, and I’ve been slackin’ on the straight macin’. Feels like my ears are a bit behind. Catching up on the low, feeling all that high, and grainin’ on that wood. Stream the (second) newest CS GLASS BRIXX VOL1 by SIMULATOR on Bootleg Tapes below, and feel the back-door vibe:

• Bootleg Tapes: http://bootlegtapes.bandcamp.com


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