“Do Whatever You Want All The Time” album teaser

We love Ponytail. From now on, every time they’re mentioned, you will be forced to remember that we put them at FUCKING 29 on our decade favorites list. But that was last year. Now we have nearly three minutes of new music from their upcoming album, Do Whatever You Want All The Time, in the form of an “album teaser.” This video is already my favorite album in life. (via Altered Zones and Get Off The Coast)

• Ponytail: http://www.myspace.com/ponytailtunes
• We Are Free: http://www.nowwearefree.com/

Dylan Ettinger


I love this line from David Morris’ review of Dylan Ettinger’s New Age Outlaws:

Like so much of the new psych, New Age Outlaws is less about imagining than about remembering what it was like to imagine.

It’s true; in the past year or so a lot of time has been spent on memory – personal, collective, societal, distorted, old, new, fabricated memories, displayed abstractly through hazily appropriated retro sound and visual art. The question still remains: will this peering backwards through a skewed looking glass create an unrecognizable future? Or will we just re-frame the past as our present until the difference, musically, between them has lost its meaning?

• Dylan Ettinger: http://dylanettinger.bandcamp.com/
• NNA Tapes: http://www.nnatapes.com/

In Bb 2.0

A YouTube Music Collaboration

Using only user-submitted YouTube videos as “instruments,” Darren Solomon from Science For Girls has put together an interesting little “collaborative music and spoken word project.” Contributors submit videos featuring sound in the key of B flat (or spoken words), and then the videos can be played in any order, simultaneously, with YouTube’s volume controls on each video. It’s basically a YouTube mixing board, but it makes for a pretty cool ambient piece and it’s a totally unique experience per listen. Check it out here.

Solomon is also involved in a similar project with Northern State University in South Dakota called marker/music that’s definitely worth checking out as well.

• Darren Solomon: http://www.darrensolomon.com/
• In Bb 2.0: http://www.inbflat.net/

Tyler The Creator


The new vibe for rising stars in America. Goblin is out in April on Odd Future.

• Tyler The Creator: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Tyler-The-Creator/208977538477
• Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All: http://oddfuture.tumblr.com/

The Stepkids

“Shadows on Behalf”

Stones Throw have signed The Stepkids. The group’s self-titled, reel-to-reel, futuristic electro-soul debut is due in the fall. It’s coming out on Stones Throw. Did I already mention that?

• The Stepkids: http://thestepkidsband.com
• Stones Throw: http://www.stonesthrow.com

[Photo: Chad Anderson]


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