Bobby Conn

“More Than You Need”

Bobby Conn has a new album called Macaroni, a politically-charged, 10-track screed that continues one of his longstanding goals as a songwriter, performance artist, and general dude: to critique and subvert the Continuous Ca$h Flow System. Lyrically, single “More Than You Need” gently touches on this darker side, but musically it’s all happy flowers and bouncing rabbits over throwback rock progressions and cliché instrumentation, with the kind of tongue-wagging guitar solo that’s so anachronistically silly that it would seem near impossible to execute with a straight face. But that’s the thing with Mr. Conn: it’s always been hard to tell if this genius fabricator and hyperbolic prankster ever had a straight face to begin with.

Fire Records, home to Archers of Loaf, Jad Fair, Josephine Foster, Wooden Wand, and now Mission of Burma, will release Macaroni on May 1.

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“Identikit” / “Cut a Hole” [live]

Radiohead launched their 2012 tour last night in LeBron’s neck of the woods (no, not Cleveland). They played two new songs. Check out “Identikit” above, “Cut a Hole” below, and other amazing content to your left and right. There are some fantastic ads, too. (You are a target market, etc.)

“Cut a Hole”:

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Did they call the Renaissance “The Renaissance” during the Renaissance? I am referring mostly to the one that started in like the 14th century or whatever, but there is also that Harlem Renaissance that happened. I think maybe they knew that one was a Renaissance. But it’s hard to tell; I mean, maybe we are in the midst of one right now — at least musically? I mean, shit sure is changing. Half the world is scared that music is dying because music on the radio sucks, when in reality it is bigger and stronger than ever, thanks largely to this wonderful thing the internet, in which we are sitting at this very moment. Case in point: super-productive producer Ohbliv has just released the B side to his work entitled New Black Renaissance, and whether he means it or not, I am now convinced that we are knee deep in hot steamy Renaissance — and it is indeed black. In fact, Ohbliv released eight albums last year, including one last month, so this guy may singlehandedly start and finish the entire revolution.

On “Awaken2theNuu,” sliced soul vocals serve as an intro to one of the tastiest bass lines I’ve tasted in a while, which charges a team of lagging synth cymbals and a rock-hard kick drum. You can listen to and purchase the whole thing on the dude’s bandcamp.

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Heat Wave

Sweets [mixtape]

HOORAY! Deep Tapes owner Alex Gray and his Heat Wave project are back with a new mixtape titled Sweets. It’s already his second mix since the year started, the first being Fuckd in Tha Game. I went kinda nuts over one of his mixes from last year, and I’m happy to report that the two latest mixtapes are equally great. Chop-hop beats. Wormy synths. Freeze-dried ambience. Cosmic hand claps. Cocked guns. Bathdub. Cyberfuck. Poo-Smur. Infra-Pop. DELICIOUS.

Check out the official videos for “Scum” and “Drone Music,” and listen to the full Sweets mix here:

Meanwhile, Heat Wave has a 7-inch out on Cauldron, a new micro-label from Pooh-Bah. It’s limited to 300, making it all Cerberus-like. First 100 copies come with a limited art book, so if you want a copy, order now.

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Death Grips

“Get Got”

Death Grips, who are releasing two new albums this year, has just unveiled a second new song, “Get Got.” It’s clearly the fastest track in Death Grips’ catalog, but MC Ride has never sounded so subdued. (It almost sounds like a different MC until 2:06!) The track will be off their first full-length of the year, The Money Store, which is due April 23 on Epic. No joke.

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