Stage Hands

“Adaptive Lines”

Yo, you know what? Unintentionally, I did the best thing I could for Stage Hands’ new single “Adaptive Lines,” which was waiting until Monday to write it up. As it had been posted by my boii Dwight @SecretDecoder last Wednesday, and one-half of Stage Hands, co-creator of My Idea of Fun Brandon Locher sliced me a few days before, sitting on this track was totally worth the wait. Like, it fits perfectly in light with Monday morning, going to work on a holiday, and feeling the build up of the day.

Weather is brisk and rings out a hollow chill that warms as vibrations bounce back and fourth, as does clothes against skin and hair against heat. Stage Hands help me grip my wheel and flick on their new track “Adaptive Lines” through my car stereo. Typically I’m listening to Beyonce’s new album by this time cause of the bass, but WAIT, duo Gerald Mattis and Locher both banging this beat into new horizons as my work blues melt away and give me room to breathe, GAT DAMN! And Sean Jackson on that KORG MS2000 melodying out some nasty-nice is like massaging my brain of all the toxins of the weekend, ready for new ones I’ll recieve via e-mail throughout the week.

Follow the My Idea of Fun homepage and SoundCloud for updates on new release, cover art is called “Mazes to the Motherlode XXX” by Locher, but in the mean time, flee your anxiety by streaming Strange Hands’ single “Adaptive Lines” below:

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“For Sale”

Australia’s naps is preparing the release of his first “long-player,” a lush 14-track tripper for This Thing. Entitled Hydrate, the album does much more than satiate my love for the deep and aqueous. It has a powerful transcendence radiating from the depths of its meditation. The single “For Sale” is a lo-fi, gooey sonic exploration. It bubbles and tumbles along via rickety percussion smoothing out a steadily jelly synth, milking and winding ‘til we expect some sort of a drop. Instead naps gives us an introspective slew of arpeggiated nostalgia. The effort is an evolution for traditional “beat-music” which can become all too often redundant and unexplorative. Naps resolves any superfluity with ingenuity, elevating contemplation to a next level. Next level things are cool. Naps’ new album is cool. If a=b, and b=c, then a=c. Listen.

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Chocolate Grinder Mix 101

I Know What Died On That Cross

I Know What Died On That Cross.
I’ve Got Blood In My Eyes.
All I Care About, My Whereabouts.
Bop To The Right, Bop To The Left.
This, Right Here.
The White Man, I Say To You Over And Over Again.
No Guns, No Mask, All Pain, Red Eyes.
No Smile.
I Know What Died On That Cross.

Stream below, and subscribe to our podcast here.

[00:00] E+E - “Moth”
[00:54] a i r s p o r t s - “Transgression”
[04:00] Perera Elsewhere - “Bongoloid”
[05:16] Dean Blunt - “Viper”
[07:20] Dlow - “Dlow Shuffle”
[09:16] Bloody Jay Feat. Future - “Nothing But Some Pain”
[10:55] Blackhoods - “Doomhound”
[12:49] DJ Maboku - “Instrumental Pe”
[13:55] Chief Keef - “All I Care About”
[17:43] Color Plus - “Pretty”
[20:17] Lil B - “Smack”
[22:50] Dean Blunt - “Whip”

Greg Fox

Betsy Cohen Interviews Greg Fox

Legendary thinkers of yore earned the “polymath” distinction by demonstrating world-class knowledge in multiple fields: Goethe could philosophize, wax poetic, criticize, research botany and anatomy; Da Vinci painted, sculpted, invented, made music, drew maps, and did math. Centuries after these men broke their ground, as the scope of human knowledge and the selection of extant “skills” to master expand into previously inconceivable new realms, have the grounds for polymath consideration evolved accordingly? Can we, for example, nominate Kim Dotcom for polymath status based on his unrivaled accomplishments in online piracy, Modern Warfare 3, and terrible music? Or Farrah Abraham, for her mastery of teenage motherhood, adult cinema, and incredible music?

Many of us know New York’s Greg Fox as a peerless drummer/shredder in ensembles like Guardian Alien, Zs, and previously in Teeth Mountain and Liturgy. Under his given name and the solo moniker GDFX, Fox has demonstrated exceptional abilities with drum machine and synth hardware, systems of oscillators, and DAW-based composition. For Mitral Transmissions, his most recent solo release, he worked with Milford Graves to compose music that channels the natural rhythms of his own heartbeats into lush, sample-based percussion arrangements.

Scope out Greg Fox’s interview with psychic medium Betsy Cohen and you’ll learn that his unique talents extend well beyond music into the disciplines of spiritual communication, psychic divination, performing music with apples, Ableton Live, and mind-control of aviary species. If this isn’t grounds for polymath consideration in the modern age, what more you could ask for? As his biochemical changes trigger fluctuations in the live feed of his samples, Cohen and Fox discuss the nature of his internal struggle, and experience something of a revelation.

Mitral Transmissions is available to order now on plantable download card from Data Garden.

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James Ferraro

”(変態 k-town”

For real, I know NOTHING ‘bout this new Rraro track “(変態 k-town.” Allz I got was Rico Shade is still on the loose and LAPD plans on “dealing with it.” I’m not running today ‘cause I forgot my towel. And I’m NOT going near Florence and Normandy. Even if i collect rocks and bottles and sticks for my basement museum only three people have seen IRL.

Yung Rrar here picks up from them 3AM vibes, is way less grumpy, and way more boppy. So, yeah, I just wanted to share this with our readers since our content is low today, I’m just “GRINDING” on through new shit, and TMT just gotta always be on that fucking cusp. Trick is: FACEBOOK. Give it up! But… don’t. K? “(変態 k-town.” James Ferraro. I am James Ferraro. You are James Ferraro. Cut your haircut.

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